Golden Corral opening soon

Golden Corral opening soon

“This time is especially busy for us because we are shipping a lot of material all over New York State actually and all over the Northeast and other greenhouses that are starting up. And what you see in the STARTED TO SHOW SOME COLOR. NICOLE: IT STARTED AS ONE OF YOUR STORIES, BUT NOW, AFTER YEARS OF WAITING, GOLDEN CORRAL WILL OPEN IN SYRACUSE ON MONDAY. SOME PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND THE EXCITEMENT, BUT MANY OTHERS HAVE CALLED OUR NEWSROOM WONDERING HOW SOON THEY CAN LINE UP. ONLY ON NEWSCHANNEL NINE — ANDREW DONOVAN TAKES US INSIDE. ANDREW: but we’re getting our first look inside the restaurant.” Allan Lavelle: “They say when you opening, opening, i say ten, they say be here at ten, i say be here at eight, so you can be in the building at ten. the lines are going to be long, but we seat a lot of people.” Andrew Donovan: “We’ll take a tour with the general manager coming up. In Syracuse, Andrew Donovan, NewsChannel Nine.” NICOLE: THE RESTAURANT OPENS AT TEN ON MONDAY — AND THEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK AFTER THAT. ADULT BUFFETS ARE SIXTEEN

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