Golden Corral Standup Comedy – Comedian Zenneth Nevers – How to Deal with Racism – Funny

Golden Corral Standup Comedy – Comedian Zenneth Nevers – How to Deal with Racism – Funny

Uhh to tell you a little bit about me I’m a
comedian, I run a children’s charity but when I am really living the dream I’m
serving tables at Golden Corral… I love you guys already you guys are douchbags… Cause you guys just cheered more for Golden Corral than the children’s charity… Huh we’re gonna have a good time. I actually don’t serve tables anymore at Golden Corral cause now I’m touring nationally as a comedian… Plus I got fired at Golden Corral… I
remember what happened when I went to go visit. I went to go visit the old Golden
Corral that I used to work at; and I saw a bunch of my old co-workers and some
new immigrants too… and the funniest thing happened I saw a
lady knock up on the glass, “Excuse me, excuse me, Hi is this gluten-free here? Is this
gluten-free”? The lady says, “No free you have to pay! She was so angry. I
was dying laughing. It reminded me of why I got fired. I got fired because I
went up to a table and I said, “Hey welcome to Golden Corral. How are you doing today sir”? first word, “I’m doing pretty good
cept for these damn Mexicans taking all our jobs”! Whoa! That was his opening line… The first thing he said to me
and remember I’m Cuban Thank god I’m not Mexican but: Cuba is like Mexico’s good
looking cousin… Offensive… So the gentleman orders a sweet tea. Of course he orders a sweet tea cause he’s racist… Which let me clarify I’m not saying that
if you drink sweet tea you’re racist, I’m saying that if you’re racist you definitely
drink sweet tea… It took me like 10 minutes to come back with the gentleman’s sweet tea, he was mad. He was like, “Hey man, I ordered this like ten minutes ago”. “Uhh you should
have hired a Mexican, I’ve heard they’re good workers”…

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