Golden Corral suspect’s letter from jail

Golden Corral suspect’s letter from jail

Jacksonville man who’s awaiting trial on charges he killed his girlfriend by setting her on fire has written a letter from jail it appears he’s asking a judge for the death penalty this is Daryl Whipple just moments before prosecutors say he lit Carole demons on fire as she was working at a West Side Golden Corral in October of 2016 Demonslayer from her injuries Whipple is facing the death penalty if found guilty but this letter could delay the start of his trial the judge has ordered a mental evaluation he’s for Jax reporter chinise harris reviewed the eight page letter and the effect it could have on the trial Jenice Mary this is a copy of that letter depending on what doctors find during the mental health evaluation it could save him from the death penalty October 2016 surveillance video at a Golden Corral Scheels Darrell Whipple woke up to his then girlfriend Carol diamonds he pours a flammable liquid on Dimon’s and then sets her on fire with a lighter a month later she died from her injuries Whipple pleaded not guilty at the time now there is this new court document two years later Whipple appears to be asking for death in this 8 page letter of metaphors and accountability on page 5 Whipple writes quote like Luke chapter 23 verse 40 through 43 I accept the imminent three nails also on page 7 quote willing to pay the ultimate price for the indicted offense why can’t I also on page 7 quote I only want but to finish my course the letter was filed on November 9th then 10 days later a judge ordered a mental evaluation attorney Jean Nichols not affiliated with the case says these words sound like a death wish this is probably what triggered the court and the state and the defense to get this man evaluated as we review this document what we see in here is it appears he is asking to be put to death the confusing language of this letter could be evidence that Whipple is not mentally stable and with this type of case this could potentially save his life potentially so at this point in time it does not appear that his competency whether or not he can even stand for trial has been evaluated or questioned now a doctor has to determine what is really going on in Whipple’s mind and I reached out to Dimon’s family but their phone numbers have since no longer work they’re disconnected we’ve also posted this letter on our website so you can look at it to it news for Jax calm whipple will be back in court for his next pretrial date on December 18th Jenice Harris channel 4 the local station

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