Golden Crane Awards Ceremony

Golden Crane Awards Ceremony

Hi and welcome to Cure Brain Cancer’s Golden Crane Awards ceremony. Congratulations to all your gorgeous
people who won awards. I know you’ve all been doing your bit for people with
brain cancer and you should be very very proud of yourselves. Today we are joined on the Google Hangout by Darcy and Jack Thomas, Ella and Alexandra, and Sophie, who couldn’t be here
in person. and I’m proud to be joined in the office
by Jarred and Nalani Anthony, Hanah Taraf and Sean Reynolds. And my grandchildren Hamish and Chloe. Welcome everybody. What we are going to do now is taking in turns to tell everyone what you did to earn your
nomination for the award and share the stories. Darcy Thomas took part in our TV advert, as a patient, and he wanted to help people with brain cancer. He even shaved his head! So, hi Darcy! How are you? Good. Fantastic to see you. Yeah. Hello! And Darcy is on holidays up in the sunshine and he joins us on the hangout from Byron Bay! Some of you might have seen our the TV advert, which we filmed in a real operation theatre. and we asked some children to help us. Darcy, you starred as the patient… and did some pretty brave things! How are you? Good. What was it like to act in a TV ad? Uhm… scary! And kind of fun as well. Well, you did a fantastic job! And you looked amazing so well done Darcy. Thanks! Jack, Darcy’s brother was there as a fill in, so congratulations to him for being a supportive brother and also for being part of our commercial. (applause) Now finally, before we leave Byron Bay, Darcy’s mum, Catherine Stace… who is actually our CEO, and I refer to her lovingly as Catherina… at Cure Brain Cancer. Cath, do you have a message for all children here who have received the awards? Yes, definitely. First of all thank you so much for being there, it’s obviously a very special day for us. and for all children who have been doing their bit to raise awareness of brain cancer. As you know Darcy was in the TV ad and that was a fake ad, it wasn’t real. And that was scary enough for me, as a mum. And he was brave to do it. and I can imagine people with brain cancer are a million times as brave. And I congratulate all of you for all you, all the children doing everything to can to help cure brain cancer We are certain we can find a cure for brain cancer. And please keep it up. Thank you! Thanks Cath, thanks Darcy, thanks Jack! Thank you. Hi, next we’re going to another part of
Queensland to speak to two of our young supporters: Ella and Alex. Hi! Ella, I know you wanted to fly to Sydney for the event today but that wasn’t really practical, was it? and you girls have been raising money for Cure Brain Cancer in memory of your Nana Kay who died from brain cancer. Girls, you recently walked 10 kilometers in the Bridge to Brisbane for us. What was it like doing that? It was very hard. But you did it for your nana and she would be looking down on you, wouldn’t she? She would have been very proud of you. I’m a nana and I know I know I would have been proud. Are you being shy? Are you a bit shy today, girls? Well, you’ve done a fantastic job. and well done both of you and I know your
nana would be very, very proud of you! (applause) Now, I have next to me two beautiful young people: Nalani and
and Jarrett who lost their sister Dainere very sadly in June last year from brain cancer. I first met them in Canberra, earlier this year at a brain storm function… and I was touched by their passion for what we are doing. and they have done a lot of work to raise
awareness and funds for research in her memory. So now, Jarrett, Daniere did an awful lot to raise awareness and help others before she died. Tell us a bit about that? Well, I’ve been doing middle and long distance running… Since I was about 12. Daniere always used to put a lot effort in fundraising and I wanted to help her out. So we thought, what’s something I could do? I heard about people doing all these fun runs So Daniere and I both decided, to help out, I could run City to Surf last year. We all planned that and got the page set up but sadly she passed away before the actual race, but the total of what we raised was just over $52’000 which still amazes me until this day. (applause) That is an amazing effort. Fantastic! I know she would have been on your shoulder, pushing you all the way. Nalani, well done to both of you and well done to Daniere also, who has been awarded a Gold Crane for all she did. How did you help your brother set up the foundation in Daniere’s name? And what’s it been like? We set up the foundation to raise money and awareness. and so far it has been great. We’ve had great response from people and we’re so glad to share what we’ve done and what other people can do. And also experiences we’ve had and put that back into the foundation. and just to help raise money and awareness. Well fantastic effort and your mom
should be so proud of you and I know Daniere would be to. Thanks for coming today and congratulations on your efforts. (applause) Now I have another little princes next to me, her name is Ella-Lue Jones and she was part of our TV ad she’s got her fists up. It was a fantastic effort for her to be in that and difficult I think, for little people to be dressed up as doctors! So what I’d like to say: congratulations to you Ella Lue and thank you for coming in today tell me what was it like to be part of the
TV commercial? Scary. Scary because people would watch it. Well I agree with you, but you did such a fantastic job! And you look so fierce with your hands up. So well done and thank you for taking part and helping raise awareness. (applause) Now I have a very special little
girl here next to me Looking beautiful in her pink dress. and that’s Hana Tarraf. I’d like to say: congratulations darling for being here today. Hana has helped to raise awareness by talking to journalists about her story. That’s very grown up
things to do! Was it scary doing that? What was it like doing the newspaper? Did all your friends see you? -Yes – And did they say you looked fabulous? You are very very brave and you love drawing don’t you? Do you like using colours? What’s your favourite colour? I can tell that, because you got a beautiful pink dress on! We have one of your pictures in our office and we look at it and say: ‘that’s the beautiful Hana who did that for us!’ We’re very lucky. Thank you for coming in today darling. And thank you for doing that lovely story in
the newspaper And well done on your award! Thank you! (applause) Now the next person who’s here with me today is the very handsome Sean Reynolds Sean very kindly agreed to be in our in our TV ad, didn’t you Sean? What was it like filming? It was funny when I first watched the commercial. Was it? And did it take a long time? – Yes – Did it? Did you get bored at any time? Yes. Did you have lots of fun things to eat between filming? – Yes – Fantastic. Was it weird seeing Darcy with his head shaved? – Yeah – And have you ever been in an operating theatre before? – No – Was that scary? Only a little bit. Well thank you so much for
helping us raise awareness You did a fantastic job, so well done! Thank you. (applause) Now our next little person is a real favorite of mine Sophie Smith, she started fundraising for her uncle Anthony when he died from brain cancer and she’s with her grandparents today so
hi grandma and grandpa and Sophie! Sophie, you’ve done amazing things! So you’re doing us from beautiful Victoria. and I know that you’ve been working very hard to raise money since your uncle died. You’ve even turned your nine-year-old birthday into a fundraiser! How did that work? Well, I asked all my friends that came to my birthday party to, instead of a present, donate $9. Because it was my 9th birthday. And they didn’t mind you doing that? No, they didn’t, because most of them knew I was donating. That’s a fantastic thing to do Sophie! And some people paid $10. Wow! That’s great. And I’ve seen all the postings on Facebook about all the things you’ve done raising money
for that so well done and congratulations and you really deserve this Gold Crane award. (applause) Now finally, before we go I would like to say well done to my grandchildren who are here today, Chloe and Hamish At the last walk we attended, we had to stop Hamish running He ran so many laps for his grandfather, and we raised about three thousand dollars that day, we tried to beat Charlie but unfortunately we didn’t. They did raise some sufficient funds and they always wear their brain cancer t-shirts whenever they can they’re really driven like I am to find a cure
for brain cancer so I’d like to thank them for coming in today What have you got to say for yourselves? Are you both excited to be walking for brain cancer this year? Yeah, I’m really excited. We need to raise awareness. Because brain cancer is the biggest killer of children. That’s right. And who are we walking for this year? – Zizzie- What is the team called? Super Stan! And Chloe, what about you? Well I just love raising money, because it’s such a nice cause. It is the biggest killer of children Well thank you both very much for coming in. (applause) Well that’s the end of our Golden Crane Ceremony Google Hangout. As you can see it was the inaugural one, I made a few mistakes So please forgive me. Thank you everyone for taking part and more importantly, thank you for all the things you’ve done to raise money and awareness for brain cancer research. (applause) Before we go, we will leave you with
some of our winners, who sadly couldn’t be here today, but they’re here in spirit and we congratulate them on their fantastic awards. (applause)

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