Golden Egg Pendant

Golden Egg Pendant

In this video, we are going to manufacture a rose gold egg pendant We have done this in our workshop in Birmingham UK These are the materials that we are going to use to make the gold egg pendant. Pure metals for rose gold, rubies and diamonds. We draw and cut two 20mm discs Cut to scissors to avoid losing metal cutting with the jeweller’s saw. With the disc cutter, it is a bit complicated because of the thickness. We melt the metals to make 18K rose gold We have made 3mm thick plate We draw and cut two 20mm discs We give spherical shape You heat the metal and we deepen the sphere We lengthen one of the spheres so that it looks like an egg, not a sphere We make a hole so you can breathe when we weld it to fire The welding does not have a trick. We rectify the shape I invite you to comment if you have any questions We draw the pattern We distribute the stones and make the holes In our channel you can find many videos with this operation in detail If something is not clear, you can always ask We start to set the stones This operation is also in detail in other videos of our channel We clean by where we have mounted the stones Thanks for watching our video and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Coly


  1. Meeen )) I like this video ,,the gold the stone setting the music that matches with work process )) its amazing ,,you are not only a good setter but a movie producer ))
    thanks for good video ))

  2. Hi, I did not quite get it going from a round sphere to the egg shape. I know, strange shapes are turned by lathes and rollers but could you do it just with your drill and a needle file?
    …. I missed your dog.

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