GOLDEN FREDDY’S SECRETS | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 7

GOLDEN FREDDY’S SECRETS | Joy of Creation: Story Mode – Part 7

All righty, then just wait foxy, AYE! Hello, everybody My name is Markiplier and welcome back to the Joy of Creation Story mode now This may be one of the last videos I make about this game but there’s one more mystery in this game that I wanted to solve, and it has to do with the newspapers, So you guys told me, Someone gave me a hint-( Not really a hint.They kind of explained it pretty much)- that in every level Golden Freddy is somewhere, and I was wondering about that because in the first game or the first time I found a newspaper Was in the office, and in the office I didn’t really recognize it at the time I don’t even know if I called it out in video But I encountered Golden Freddy and didn’t really realize it when I was opening the doors in the opening sequence That’s how I got the paper when it opened up, and there was Golden Freddy there it looked Just like Freddy would, but then immediately after that I found the newspaper And that’s just because I was spastically going around the whole room. So in this episode I’m gonna to find all of the newspapers By this method and so I’m going to go through each of these ones that I have not done yet. Which is all these Except and even the ending. I don’t know where in the ending it is because there is Golden Freddy in the last one, but I don’t know where the newspapers So that’s probably going to be the hardest one to actually find but let’s go through this one at a time and see how we do looking for Golden Freddy and only the opening dialogue and then See where it goes from there. Sound good? Let’s do this okay bye. What’s that? Whoa, what is that? OH! That’s from one of his other games. That’s something from either Five Nights at Rachel’s or was that Pop Goes? Is that what that is? I’ve never played Pop Goes… My guess is that Golden Freddy appears where Freddy normally appears because that then the (Wait for it….) Oh, there he is oh my God! That was how was in the-the-the-oh hey hozit goi- Oookay, *honks* That was fantastically easy that was rapidly fast…. But I’m right soooo That’s what that is a-boo Can I get out of this? Oooo! Quit to menu okay? I don’t even need to die!*under breath* Maybe I need to beat the level *normal* NOO! I got it Oh my God “In real life I tend to have waking nightmares, meaning that I walk in my sleep, Etc.” “One night” “I dreamt that Bonnie was in the hall outside” “my door. As I jumped out of the bed and rushed to hold the door shut I” “discovered that the door was locked” “and it filled me with dread. In Five Nights at Freddy’s, when the doors don’t work it means something is already” in the room Interesting alright, but carrying on well that’s only one of them. We got three more to find but uh I don’t know where in the basement. It would be we in the basement. I think I do know where that would be because Golden Freddy appears on the screen there he appears on the screen that moment when the three doors open Then I’ll get to that when I get to it, but that’s just something for the future I know, I know what’s that is. Michael: You are dead, do you understand that that, ma’am? It is very important that whatever occurs, just don’t let them see you. all right? I… Michael: I know, I know. Look, just- You’re in the living room, right? (Mark: Oo, what is that?) Try to focus on the three entrances behind you (Mark: Hey, what was that?) The exit to the house should be locked and they won’t come through there. Wait… wait a second. How do you know my husband’s name? (Mark: What if you… What if you just stare into this keyhole for a while?) I was there when he found you, Michael. He never said his name. How do you know? (Mark: I’m almost outta time.) Michael? Michael?! Michael?! Okay, so it’s not staring into this, cause I was staring into that for a while. Alright, so- yeah- I’m sure it’s in that opening sequence because otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense. 3, 2- wOaH Peekaboo, hey how’s it going Don’t mind me! Three, two, one! Bing-bong! Come on, Three!- Aww come on. That’s making me look bad. Uh oh. Lemme just stare into his l- eyes Here jus- hey buddy. Hey how’s it going? Oh you’re breebadin. Let me ask you something. Do you know where- uh- do you know I can find myself a Golden Freddy? Have you, uh, any inkling of where that might be? No? Alrighty then just wait for Foxy- Aye! Ohh, ow. Michael: Keyholes? Yes keyholes! If any of your doors has keyhole you could peek through, keep checking it (Mark: AYE, WOAH OH MY GOD OKAY) Just trust me Oh, OOoH Michael: Yes, I- I can’t stress this enough, if anything comes through those doors, hide. Just hide anywhere in the room. (Mark: so what I-) Oi, urfh Okay, all right. All I did was I.. I wait I went over and looked as soon as he said “keyholes”. So like right when he said “keyholes”, I went over there. I think that was the timing. Okay, I got it. Oh man. That was again. What happened. It’s like Oh that was easy. “New horror phenomenon has massive success with young children. Every kid knows about Freddy.” “He’s like Santa Claus or King Kong” Great comparisons to make, but what what kind of puzzle is this making? Like are these connecting to something or other? Why are they here, is the question. There must be some deeper meaning to all this. So the thing about this one is that it has no intro sequence so, and- and Freddy is not here. There’s a poster of Freddy But I’ve already checked that poster many many times, and I don’t think it’s there. So there’s got to be something else hidden away. There is that Golden Freddy sequence in number four, but if it’s before that…? I have no idea. Hey buddy. How’s it going friend? Okay? So it’s got to be in the fourth one It’s got to be in the fourth one. It’s gotta be. If there’s like, what if, oh, wait um Bite of 1987 nope 1983 1984 All right, that’s not it There’s no poster, you can’t get up there, so that’s oOh, what’s that? Hello? AWW, I thought that was it. I thought that- aw, I thought that was it. Aw frick Alright, I don’t see it. If it’s here, I missed it but I don’t think it is, I still think it’s in.. I still think it’s in the other area. I’m just trying to be thorough and double-check everything, Aaaand nothing Can you pull back? Oh you can go back, I didn’t know you could go back What’s happens if I go back? Is there a newspaper in here? Newspapy? Newspapy! No? Ah, tooties, What happens if you- Hmf, what happens when you walk backwards through this thing? Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about this Oh, “Keep going” Well already looking back. oh god, Eugh, Eugh. If I were to hide something, it would be.. It would be looking back, wouldn’t it? Ah shit, Nope. I think it’s just death. Death here. Naw. AYE! Oh god, how did I get turned around? Wait what? Wait, what the fuck? How did I get turned around? “Don’t stand around, danger is always nearby”. Did I get turned around? Did it turn me around? I was walking backwards, I thought I was. I bet, no, I don’t think I did get turned around. I think it just spawns behind me. So I can make it all the way back to the bathroom, and if I do, make it all the way back to the bathroom and I go in there after I get caught, then maybe there’s something in that bathroom. You know what I mean? Either way, just to- just to be sure, I’m gonna- alright. You did that. “Don’t look back”, too bad. Turning around, looking back. Eugh, Oh, AH! OH GOD Oh god, Okay?? Ohh! Okay, then, but I got it. That wasn’t- I had a different thing in mind, so it did turn me around, okay, All right good thing I experimented. Oh my God. That one took forever, by the way, holy shit. Good now I just got to find the last frickin’ one. Which I don’t know where I’m gonna find it because Golden Freddy is literally everywhere there. It may just be Scattered, and no, not that. I’m gonna look at the- It may just be scattered somewhere in that office. I have no idea though. That one’s probably gonna be a bitch to find, too. “Serial arsonist arrested. Man suspected for multiple forest fires in the state is taken into custody after latest incident” Well, in the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, there are a lot of fires that get started. A lot of fires. All right. Let’s do the attic, Eugh! This one’s gonna be pure brain power, So, Golden Freddy sometime spawns behind me, right? That’s a thing. So there’s nothing there… WOah, there’s Thats Freddy! What- Does that mean anything, is the question. Is there like, any, It would be physically here, right? It wouldn’t be in the cameras. That wouldn’t make any sense for me to reach through the cameras, right? So, Golden Freddy appears And then what? He’s moving fast He’s moving faster than the fire, to be honest. Wait, nothing is even on fire. Wait, what does that mean, nothing’s on fire? Yeah, nothing’s on fire. Is that good? Whoa, there you are. All right. Well, I see you Why are you- why are you there? That’s the thing about this one. Like, Golden Freddy’s everywhere. So, does it actually mean anything? Woah, there’s Golden Freddy. Nope, honka. There’s Golden Freddy again Well, hey buddy. Oh, it’s uh it’s Come on in! Wipe your feet! Hope you had a lovely day. We got dinner prepared for you. Turn my back. Alright, so , I didn’t find it. Where? There’s only so many places you can look, so you have to do something. Right? You have to do something get it. It would be like- you can’t shock here, You have to- You would have to do something, right? So it doesn’t matter if there’s a fire or not Shit, ah, fuck. So Golden Fre- it’s always been about Golden Freddy, right? Golden Freddy in the cameras, Golden Freddy in the attic. It’s got to be something to do with Golden Freddy in here. Not Golden Freddy in the cameras, the reason for Golden Freddy being in here. Is that Nightmare I see? I thought I just saw something on the wall there. The two eyes right there. I think that’s actually Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. That’s super cool. Anyway. So, it’s gotta be something about Golden Freddy here. [repeated booping of Freddy’s nose) [ded] I thought I was doing something there. I thought I had something done. I thought I did something. Hahaha, okay. You know what, just come on in. [ded] Hi, friend. How you doing? Welcome to the party. Okay, Golden Freddy’s right there. If Golden Freddy’s there, maybe I honk- Welp, no, you’ve gone away Ok, you’re here now. What does that mean? He was there, then- honk then- here. So if you honk when he’s in the camera? [ded] Alright, it’s just you. I thought something magical was about to happen. Honk ’em, not shock ’em. Honk ’em. -Markimoo 2017 There he is. Honk, honk, honk Hello? [creepy laugh] No? Okay. oh oH Okay Alrighty then. Did I do the- was i- wait, did that happen? Did I do- aY aye go away All right, I got it. I think I got it. I guess I could just die then. Oh boy, here comes death! [ded] Okay, okay, so you had to find Golden Freddy and then honk instead of shock, an indeterminate number of times. Okay, [stutter] it depends on if that was. That didn’t even look like a newspaper clipping. What was that? Said like “come back” or something. oH. “Come back to us, Nick”? Nick Nikson? Nick Nikson? I don’t know what that means. What does that mean? What are these- so was Nick the arsonist? So they’re looking for this missing man, “wake up” Some newspaper clipping talking about Five Nights at Freddy’s New Horror Phenomenon, Uh-huh. “Police fail to find man” “Serial arsonist arrested” “Come back to us Nick” these animatronics are called the ignited, These are the fallen. These are the ignited, These are the fallen. Arsonist, “Come back to us Nick”, something that looks like Golden, Freddy or Freddy in the outline, But what does it mean? Is there some other piece of the puzzle that I’m missing here? What does it mean?! That took forever!! Aw man, fuck. Anyway I didn’t do that alone, obviously, there was the huge hint of “Look for Golden Freddy” and without that I wouldn’t have been able to, but with number four, I thought it would have been, uh, uh, with the basement I thought it would have been in the room where Golden Freddy appeared on the screen, and maybe there’s another piece of the puzzle right there, but I’m not 100% sure. But anyway, that is the end of the game So, thank you everybody so much for watching, let me know if there’s something about these newspapers. What does this mean? There has to be something else to this, right? And if there’s a compelling enough reason, I will force myself to Do both of these modes, but I’ll probably just do it in one more episode, because I don’t want to like, milk this out, or anything But this was fun. As with all these puzzles I want to know what the answer is, and this doesn’t provide an answer. So thank you, everybody, so much for watching. Let me know how I did in the comments below, and as always, I will see you in the next video. Buh Bye!!! :DDD *Mooosic* Captioned by: Isabelle Dragon, edit by Tarbowarden


  1. yeah thats totally right imean the cutscene with the phone it can reveal something a secret or something or even how Emrald Rocking sad that anwering the phoe it might have changed the ending at all so yeah thank you a lot and love you ll and please likethis cmment so Mark can see and hm to say his point of view about this

  2. The paper that said that bonnie outside was actually true scott cawthon actually has waking nightmares and one them was bonnie outside and he ran downstairs to hold the door shut but he was filled with fear because the door was locked and he thought bonnie was inside his house but he woke up alive and well

  3. I was thinking that Nick was one of the staff of the regular Five Nights At Freddy's. While the note said "Come back soon Nick" Like if you would agree

  4. Mark, there is a good ending to the game that you get by pressing accept, on the call from Tobias. Do this please

  5. 5:09 That's a quote from the 1994 film 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' though in that film, Heather Langenkamp is referring to Freddy Krueger.

    And I just realized. Mark, in a way, foreshadowed this. Look back to the first episode of the entire LP for JoC:R

  6. i fell asleep when the jump-scare at 4:30 happened and i woke up and was like mark screaming WHOSS THEREEEEEEEE??????????????????????????

  7. 5:09 that’s a reference to a nightmare on elm street movie “Wes Cravens New Nightmare” and in this very meta movie taking place irl has a nurse criticizing Heather(the actor who played Nancy in the other movies and playing herself in this movie) about letting her son watch nightmare on elm street since the kid is afraid of Freddy where Heather snaps back saying “Every kid knows about Freddy! He’s like Santa Claus or King Kong!)

  8. Bonnie just fucking decks you in the face, Freddie breaks your neck, Foxy stabs you, and I do believe Chica pecks at you to death or somethin (classic chicken shit)out of all of those I like Bonnies killing scene the most because its just " SCREECH " then a loud " THUNK " to the noggin

  9. Anybody here realise that the living room newspaper article is a direct quote from Nightmare on Elm street Wes cravens new nightmare, or was it just me, look at 5:08

  10. I accidentally scratched my headphones and got so scared ;-;
    i was trying to scratch my ear cause it was itching and all I hear is a scratch and got so scared ´-

  11. The arsonist is Micheal. He "looked like he came from a campfire," implying his clothes were charred or covered in soot. Nick is the kid (night 1 "hey little Nicky!) "Come back to us Nick" is all about the animatronics beckoning an old pal that escaped from them. The only other mike we see in fnaf is Mike Shmidt but seeing as that was a paycheck, Mike is probably not the same as the Micheal we see here.

  12. I think the same newspaper text were in here, we're on the same newspaper from the one in fnaf 3 it was a story by Scott telling us about him seeing Bonnie and the dread he felt and more and more

  13. Wait Nick is the name of the Character that you play as in the bedroom while Michael is referred to Michael Afton which is William Aftons AKA SpringTraps son while his sister is Elizabeth Afton AKA Circus Baby plus his Mom is Ballora (I don't know her real name I just Call her miss Afton)

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