Golden Goal – Boblefotball – Bubble football/soccer (w/English subs)

Golden Goal – Boblefotball – Bubble football/soccer (w/English subs)

Welcome Sarpsborg 08 and Fredrikstad
to this prestigious Funball-match. I’m going to play for Fredrikstad.
Henrik will play for Sarpsborg. You are playing for Fredrikstad because
your mother was born in Fredrikstad hospital. I have a link to Fredrikstad. I have never been in Sarpsborg.
But I’ve heard it’s nice there. The ref is Ole Hermann Borgan. Welcome. Can you explain the rules? Today, hard tackling is allowed. So just go for it. How hard is it…
– As hard as you like The ref is ready. Come on. We have started – and there’s a shot. He got back up. Nice, Golden. Incredibly low tempo game, this. How is that possible? Golden – track back! Or you’ll get subbed! That’s half time. We’ll be happy with
0-0 at half time. You had a couple of chances towards
the end. But we dominated the game. Ok guys, this isn’t good enough.
We’ll take the man before the ball. When the ball is coming, look around you.
If there’s a man close to you,
take him out, then get the ball. Go for it, Henrik. What a save! That’s good goal keeping! And that’s in. That’s so deserved. And it’s
Henrik Elvestad who is the architect. In the middle, right in front of the goal! We see the difference between a top trained
athlete and a TV show host. Go Henrik, go! Is it a penalty? Yes, it is! For some reason the ref has started to punish
players who ram others with their baloons. Is Golden the taker? Please, please, please… Yes! And here comes the dancing! And that’s the end signal. We have won! We have beaten Sarpsborg. We’re the
best local team! So this is the first time Fredrikstad has
beaten Sarpsborg? No! We beat you here in the practice match? Yeah, but this is an official game. The
practice game wasn’t. Oh, oh. Of course not…


  1. i'm guessing the person that took this through post-production doesn't speak english. a very interesting backing tracking with very interesting lyrics 🙂

  2. Sånn passe merkelig å se dette i 2019. Flere FFKere på 08 sitt lag i dag og mange fra det andre laget i FFK

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