Golden Goal – Elektrosjokkfotball (Electroshock football/soccer with English subs!)

Golden Goal – Elektrosjokkfotball (Electroshock football/soccer with English subs!)

Henrik, we are always trying to find ways to make football even better But this time we’ve tried to see it from a spectators perspective How many times haven’t you wanted to affect what’s going on on the pitch? You’ve wanted to tackle an opponent, punish an awful player… …or make the ref physically aware that he was wrong. We’ve found the answer, and it looks like this. This is a collar that has been made to dicipline dogs. The owner, or in this case, the despot… …have got this remote, and the dog has got this around the neck. You can use the remote to shock the dog through the collar, to teach it things. There are different levels of shock. It scales from 1 through 6. I represented the white team, so I was responsible for giving shocks to the green team. And I represented the green team, so I could shock the white team, with Jan Åge Fjørtoft– Don’t hold it in that longTHE REFEREE This is going to be a lovely game between TV2 (green) and Viasat (white) Good luck with the shocking. Okay, let’s go Viasat! Go TV2. Oh, look at this, they shoot right from the kick-off. I’m wondering if I should give… Claus Lundekvam… where’s his remote. There. I’ll give him another one. There we go – straight to the ground. He scores a goal. I don’t like that. Lars! I don’t like that. There. Bohinen, take that. Move away Andrè. Jan-Åge… I liked that. Even if he’s in my team. Lundekvam… that is way too good. There you go. Back off. There. That’s him done. Morten Bakke is almost non-responsive. That save was way too good, Morten Bakke. I’ll give you a 5. Nice, Morten!– Hey that was mean! Of course it’s mean. Oh Mini! Oh hell.
– Ouch, f**k. Claus again. He reacts so well. Is it out? Good.
That ball has gone out,ref! Ref! Make the call, ref! Yes…oh no! Oh my God! F**k, Tina, that is not allowed! (whispers) Just keep shocking him. Change the throw in taker. Get rid of the ball! Throw in to the other team? No! Take that, ref! Stupid call, ref! Oh, Morten…
– Yes, Jan Åge! Brilliant! I love to see you score goals and I love to see you get shocked. We’ll shock Mini for pressing the defender. That’s a good ball, Thomas! Get to the ball, Tina! The zap timing was so good there. Nice play, Mini! Good save, Thomas! Thomas. Don’t do that again Thomas!– For f**s sake!HALF TIME
Let’s go down and have a quick chat. How does it feel?
– It’s painful. You’ve tried level 6 and handled it. Jan Åge, you’re whining like you always do.
– Yes. I whine on level 1. Don’t think about what you’ve got strapped around your leg. Just block it out. This is very good. What do you think about my zapping?– Yes I think so. Can you please stay away from…
– What? These? I’m just…2ND HALF
Let’s go, TV2! They’re trying right from the kick off. Jan Åge on the ball… nice! That was level 2. He can’t take anything. Jan Åge Fjørtoft is so incredibly whiny. Give the man a chance! Good throw, Andrè!
– Nice play, Claus! That’s a nice try!
– I got her while she was in the air! Nice save, keeper! Penalty! Don’t touch the ref! That was a stonewall penalty. Undo that decision, ref! Your goalie doesn’t react to being shocked! Fjørtoft is really struggling…
– You guys are mean… Sorry, Fjørtoft.
– It’s ok. I’m starting to notice that the players are starting to…
– Yeah, we’re starting to piss them off. Get in! Fjørtoft! Give more to Fjørtoft.
– Shoot! Screw you, Mini!
I’ll give you a 6 for that. Shoot, Claus!– Satan, Golden(the host with the hat) Nice save, Thomas! Don’t think about the pain. Go on, Petter! Yes! No, Andrè!
FULL TIME (whispers) Let’s get the ref just to wrap it up. Good game. Congratulations on the win.
– This was fun!


  1. Чего-то, я все больше волновался за девушку, чем смеялся… Непонятно, зачем она играла в такое. А так – очень познавательно, пора вводить )

  2. can you please add subtitles to more? There are only a few on your channel, and no other channels have subtitles. Thank you for the ones you have done


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