Golden Goal – Virtual Reality Football (Hilarious) *Subtitles*

Golden Goal – Virtual Reality Football (Hilarious) *Subtitles*

Sandefjord And Mjøndalen, welcome to the worlds first game in video-glasses football. Today we are going to play a game of football equipped with video-glasses When I put on my glasses I now see thru a camera in the roof up here So I see the pitch from a birds perspective, a bit like an old video game. We also have a referee; Ole Hermann Borgan Hello Welcome, Hermann Thanks Welcome You can put on these, because you will also wear glasses today Oh, well How.. What do you see? Well, It’s My vision is bad Really bad Like usual with other words? Yea, as usual Just a quick question: If you are going to give out any cards Are you sure you will recognize the color of the card you are handing out? Nope, so the card I show will count, no matter what. Alright Glasses for you, feel free to adjust them as you want There you go I think its important to have them… Like they dont fall off There is someone behind me, looks like hes about to walk onto me Its hard enough to just walk, so I think the football will be 2nd priority Come on, boys! Take the kick off! Yea, come on. Well done Im almost unmarked in front of the goal Anyone making any runs? Thru the flank Good job! Is it a throw? Yes Who’s pushing me? Who’s this? Its me Ok, so thats you. I thought you were on my team Someone is attached to me now Coward Was that the throw? Right on target? Keepers ball Go into him! This is dangerous!! Clear it out! Come on! Defender!! Goalie!! Go out and get it, goalie!! You must. Come on shoot! No!! Shoot! No! Now I think we only have the keeper to beat! Shot to the right!! Where is it? There it is! Ey Go in and take the ball with you I got it away Where am I? What about me? Ref, you have walked off the pitch I think Yeah, I think so as well. Yes yes yes! Thats dangerous! Goal! YES!! Ha ha! Oh, yes! Where are you guys?! Lets celebrate We are here boys! Where. There you are!! Eyyyyy!! Someone getting sea sick? Im not feeling good myself Oh, this is our chance! Come on!! The whole ball needs to be in the goal! Put it in! What now? Is it in? Shoot the ball for fucks sake! Get it in! Get in… Come on, take the ball! It’s just lying there on the line! The whole ball needs to be over the line Get it out! Good! Straight up Lets counter attack Move, ref Shoot! Yes! Shoot shoot shoot! Come on, shoot! YES! And we’re off Oh, shit Get it in, get it in! No! My goodness, 3 players in front of the goal Thats the half time whistle Can we take the glasses off? Sure The second you feel you got control of the ball, shoot A shot on target, will go in 2-0 splendid! I think.. goalkeeper huh? I like what I see Come on boys. Come on! Where the fuck is the ball? Get it in here! Oh, the ball is still there! Still in the middle where we left it Whoa, thats a great shot! Bad luck, boys That was a good shot You got it? Get it up here Yes! Was that a goal? Yes! Here! 1, 2, 3 Penalty! Nooo! What are you doing, ref? He, he holds like this Im more than happy to take the kick Mads, stop it! A norwegian referee calls for holding, its never happened before, ever You got a card Stop crying Hey, its a penalty kick He got a card, dont know what color, but Ok, well. Thats interesting But we dont know either, just as you know Alright Whatever, he at least received a card for it There, thats the ball Please shut up, boys Yes! Fuck! Right, get it over here again! This direction Shot Ok, thats you Yes Shot There we go! Oh, that will go in! YES!!! Who’s this? I dont know where I am Yes! Nooo! Take it! Get it out! Out! Fuck, is it here? Where is it? Goal? Well done, boys! Yes! No! Good game Oh wait, there Good game Good Game


  1. Дайте нам джойстики и наденьте на них костюм который будет подавать сигналы, что бы они понимали, что делать и как, мы будем играть ими))

  2. OMG, the lag is real, folks! At least for some players… (green goalkeeper in particular). I think this sport NEEDS to become real. Sport + comedy gold… xD

  3. Surprised to see so many athletes with such horrible spatial awareness. Even with a couple second delay, it's like half of them didn't know their right from their left, or who they were from overhead for that matter. Maybe I just have an advantage being a gamer that has played tons of overhead games like Zelda and Gauntlet (1985).

  4. Hahaha can't stop laughing with this. It is epic! They must have major lags though for missing the ball so many times and by great distances.. 😛

  5. ㅋㄱㅌㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅁㅊㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ골키펏싀밬ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  7. Did he just c that middle finger? From a birds eye view? Lol… Modest referee says he has weak vision… Lol…. Epic guy.

  8. Play this at maximum speed 😂
    Sh*t your pants of laughing while watching 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    This is hilarious man!

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