Golden Hand Goldie | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Golden Hand Goldie | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Hey! Who are you guys?
– It is us, boss. Why don’t you turn on the lights and fans?
Man, my shoulder is aching terribly. Oh! Is there no power?
– There is never any power in our office. You blame me even for power outage?
– We’ve power cuts, budget cuts and now salary cuts. There are more cuttings here than in a saloon.
– We can’t find solutions without identifying the problem. You haven’t identified the problem yet?
This Vastu less place is the problem. Vastu says no to weights in north east direction,
but you place weighing scales there. Who makes the main door face the south?
– I didn’t have a compass on me during the construction. Keep cracking those lame jokes and we all will resign.
– What do you want me to do now? Change this place, else we’ll look for work in other places.
– Please, don’t do that. Some miracle should happen
if you expect this place to thrive. Having power alone won’t do.
We should also get some clients. Quite! A client is calling.
Hello? Yes, sir. How is this possible?
– Sure, sir. We’ll work on it. Thank you so much, sir!
– What is going on? The client has given us a project
and has even allotted us budget for it! Excuse me, sir. She is Goldie, a new joinee.
– Hi, sir. – Hi, Goldie! We got the power supply back.
We got back the lost clients. My hand which has been aching
since 10 days is now alright. Goldie, you possess a golden hand. Excuse me, can I use this laptop?
– Sure. Go ahead. What are you trying to do?
– Printing some documents. – That printer doesn’t work. How is that even possible?
– I guess it works. Sir, the printer just worked.
– The printer worked? The girl with golden hand! There is so much work to do! And not a single pen in this office works.
– You mind if I borrow your pen? This pen doesn’t work.
What the.. It is working.
– It is true. You truly got a golden hand. Stop it! What is wrong with you all?
I got a golden hand because the printer and the pen worked? Exactly!
– We got the power supply back we got the clients back
and my shoulder healed. This firm was gone for good
until you came around. So, yes, you got that Midas touch.
– Sir, please, think rationally. There is nothing like midas touch. They’re only coincidences.
– Are you sure? Yeah! In this world of software, you are the boss
of a software firm and you still believe in such nonsense? Then why is everything going so well?
– Sir, my system stopped functioning again. What do you want me to do?
You think I’m some.. Excuse me, Goldie? I want you to do me a favour. All I’m asking you to do is to turn on the system.
– Sir, I’m only a new joinee here. Don’t treat me like I’m some celeb
at some mall’s inauguration. You don’t believe me when I say you’ve golden hand.
If the system turns on, you too will believe. Only if the system turns on.
You’ve to take back your words if it doesn’t. Sure.
– Alright, then. What a vulgar wallpaper it is!
– Shit! Is it true I’ve a golden hand? I just fixed 4 PCs and a printer. Pay me Rs. 4,000 for it.
– Now I know why it turned on. You repaired nothing. It is Goldie’s midas touch
that fixed everything. So, I won’t pay you a penny. So, your midas touch fixed them all? I thought I repaired them
and fixed them. How is your first day at office?
– It was like hell. Why? Were you given tasks already?
– It is alright if I was given tasks already. But they say I’ve got a golden hand.
– Are they crazy? My point exactly.
– Let’s test if you really got a golden hand. We’ve to pay the rent by today.
So, go ask the landlord to give us some more time. If he agrees, I’ll agree you’ve a golden hand.
– He won’t agree. – Let’s see. It is the landlord.
Go answer the door. ‘This will be a fool proof test.’ Hello, sir. W-We are tight on money.
So, we can’t pay the rent today. I’m going out of station for a week.
Keep the keys to my place with you. A week?
What about the rent? You can pay after I’m back.
Alright, see you. You truly got the midas touch, Goldie.
– Oh, shut up! Sir, why am I not in any of the teams
for the project? Since you’ve the midas touch,
I’m alotting you some other work. Screw this! Listen up, all. Goldie turned on
all the systems with her golden hand. So, none of you would get any syntax errors
or bugs of any kind. So, have fun. Follow me, Goldie.
I’ve other work for you. My new phone.
– So? – I want you to unbox it so that my phone will have a longer life. Also, if you could switch it on,
since you have the midas touch. Screw this nonsense.
Wait a minute. This is a new phone, right?
If I turn it on the phone would have a long life? Without a doubt.
– So, it will not break even if I drop it? No. Goldie, no! Please, don’t drop it.
– Since I’ve a golden hand, the phone would still work. The phone would work even if she drops it.
– Sir, quite! Goldie, don’t..
– I told you, didn’t I? I told you nothing would happen.
– Thank God! – Seriously? You sure are crazy! Goldie.. – Yeah?
– The results of B.Tech’s supply exams are out. A friend of mine has been flunking
the supply exams for 3 straight years now. But since you got a golden hand, I want you
to check his results. He’ll pass for sure if you check. Alright. Give me his hall ticket number. He cleared the exams.
– I knew your hand has the midas touch. I’ve to share this news with him. Bro, you cleared the exam.
– ‘Everyone who appeared cleared the exam.’ Everyone will pass but you.
You know why you cleared the exam? Because Goldie checked your results.
– ‘Such losers you guys are.’ Thank you so much, Goldie. If you could check my friend’s results too..
– ‘I can’t take this anymore.’ Every thing is going so smooth.
It is all because of Goldie’s midas touch. Sir, I can’t take this anymore. I’m resigning.
– Already. I can handle work pressure
but not this pressure of having a golden hand. I fear you guys will even build me a temple.
– Actually, I’m planning the same. Sir, please understand.
These are nothing more than mere coincidences. I can’t work under a intellectual like you.
I quit. Goldie, please! Don’t go.
We’ll lose all our projects if you go. Alright. I’ll sign my resignation right away.
Let’s see if anything happens. Goldie, please..
Don’t.. See, nothing has happened.
The systems are working, the power is still on. You didn’t even receive any calls from the client.
– Who is calling now? Is it the client? It is the client.
Y-Yes, sir? Sir, please, don’t do that!
Sir, Mr Jones, please.. Did you say Jones?
You mean Jones Katru? Of course!
Now I get it all. Sir, pass me the phone.
Hey, Jones! Goldie, how come you are there?
You’re working in that firm? Oh, cut it!
Are you still stalking me? You allotted them project
only because I’m working here. Now that I’m resigning, you’re cancelling it.
– ‘Shit! She guessed it right.’ How did you know I was resigning?
– ‘I better flee.’ You think you are doing me a favour.
But you’re doing me anything but that. Stop stalking me, Jones! Sir, you see that? I don’t have any midas touch.
This guy, Jones, was my former colleague. He fell for me
but I rejected him. Soon, he went on to become a big shot
by setting up his own company. He allots projects to all those companies
which hire me. You’ve got projects because he decided to,
not because I’ve a golden hand. Then why did the printer work?
– Because that guy explicitly told he fixed the printer. How did my shoulder ache disappear?
– Maybe because you flexed your hand thoroughly. How did we get back the power?
– I’m done. I can’t convince you anymore. Shobhan, how did she find out?
Find out which company she’s going to next? Shit! Again a power outage.
Goldie, you truly have a golden hand. Hi, all. Like you saw, those were just coincidences.
There is nothing like a golden hand. If you liked this video,
do like, share and subscribe to Wirally. I’ve been trying to get this started for ages.
You just touched it and.. You’ve a golden hand.


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