1. I saw the making of video about this song. Is it safe to press play though? I am unsure if this will open up the gates of hell or create a black hole which will suck me into oblivion D:

  2. I came here only because of Dave… Still, I watched a pi video on this channel before… There was no point in posting this.

    I'm not a big fan of maths.

    But I do know this much of pi off by heart: 3.1415926535897932384626433

    And I know the quadratic equation. Do I fit in here yet?

  3. If you guys want to hear more songs with integrated maths and subliminal patterns, check out Tool. Lateralus, in particular. The lyrics follow the Fibonacci Sequence, the music gets loud a 1:12 (The first three digits in the sequence) The entire song is based on the perfect spiral..
    Just listen to it. You won't regret it.

  4. that's some sick sick duh-jent ya got there…

    Also, TOOL DID IT FIRST… even though it was based on the Fibonacci sequence, but… sane principal…

  5. this is similar to a demo I just uploaded that was written with Pascal's triangle. people who enjoy this video may find what I did kind of cool. sorry to try and promote my stuff here, but i honestly think it's relevant to the video

  6. The style of cycling between singing like an effeminate preppy school boy and a B movie demonic possession needs to die. You disgrace the golden ratio by using a style of singing that completely disrupts the naturally pleasing progression in mathematical sequences. It's almost as bad as listening to Justin Bieber when people sing like this

  7. this video was actually shown in the museum of communication in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in an exhibition about the golden ratio 😂

  8. Epic. I'd love it more if it was more of a power/progressive metal song. But a masterpiece none the less.

  9. Breaking apart the digits of the decimal is silly and doesn't convey the idea of the number in the slightest. Math music should be independent of base. Otherwise it's meaningless.

  10. I came here from Spotify to try and find more of that man’s voice. I’m devastated to find that he’s actually just a math professor

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