Golden Retriever Dog Breed Guide

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Guide

We’ve had retrievers all our married life,
about 27-28 years. Yeah, 28. Yeah. And they’re a lovely family pet. Very loyal. Very loyal. Fantastic temperament, great with children. They pick up on your mood. If you’re feeling
a bit down, they’ll sort of come and make a fuss of you and, you know.
They’re easy to train because they’ll do anything for food. A Golden Retriever is a gundog. There are
two strains of them. There’s the strain that’s bred for gundog work and there’s a strain
that’s bred to go in the show ring. There’s often been the paler ones have been in the
show ring and the sort of reddie-golden one are in the fieldwork. So you’re thinking about
it using its nose, you’re thinking about using its mouth, and you’re thinking about it loving
water. So you’ve got a biggish dog with quite a lot of coat, so if you’re house proud think
about that. Lots of hair as well. And it’s going to hold things in its mouth, so you’ve
got to think about swapping. If you want that thing that’s in its mouth, you’ve got to take
a treat to him and swap it. Otherwise it can lead to some guarding issues. I have dealt
with some aggression in Goldies, so it’s really important that you do your research and make
sure that you’ve got a breeder who’s breeding robust, healthy Golden Retrievers that have
good temperament without any aggression problems in there. They are very, very good tempered. I mean,
sometimes if you get them young, they can be timid. There’s no conflict in them, they
just roll over on their back and surrender really. I mean, there’s no nastiness in them,
there isn’t a nasty bone in their body, I don’t think, is there really? No. Megan’s like that, she’s so laid back
she’s horizontal. They do need exercise and they enjoy their exercise. But if it’s pouring
down with rain you don’y have to take them for a two mile hike. They’re quite happy to
run around in the garden and come back in. But just so long as they’re with you, or whether
or not you’re in the house, in the car, in the garden, they’re quite happy to sit there
curl up at the side of you. They’re quite happy to do what you want them
to do. As long as they’re with you, that’s all they’re
bothered about. Golden Retriever has a combination coat of
short hair and silky longer hair. All we need a Slicker brush and the comb. Brush it on
a regular basis, at least once a week to remove all the tangles and dead hair. Their hair
may shed twice a year, and it clings to everything and it’s hard to remove. You just need a good vacuum cleaner. If you’ve
got a nice carpet, I mean, white hair all over the carpet. But it cleans up doesn’t
it? If they do get wet they do take a while to
dry off because they’ve got two coats. They’ve got an undercoat and a top coat. But they’re
a gundog and they just like getting wet. And muddy sometimes. Yes. Don’t play ball with them too long, if
they get hot they just find the nearest puddle, no matter how dirty it is or how clean, and
lay in it.


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