Golden Retriever Extreme Puppy Bath Challenge! ( Jalapeno the dog )

Golden Retriever Extreme Puppy Bath Challenge! ( Jalapeno the dog )

[Music] you want a bath helping you you want a bath buddy you want a bath you want a bath you don’t want a bath what’s ugly okay you want a back you wanna go outside busted here’s it bad it’s bad time look what I got look what I got you are gonna get a bath buddy a bad oh oh yeah what they’re all right this is the extreme puppy bath challenge I saw guava juice do a video like this and I thought it was perfect because this is jalapeno and he needs a family [Music] you see we’re fostering jalapeno right now because someone turned him into a rescue and someone even rescued him and then two or three days later returned him and said he was too much work I don’t think he’s too much work I think he’s perfect but when I saw the puppy bath challenged by guava juice I knew that I had to do the same thing and give jalapeno his first bath with us I gotta trick him I put him in the bathtub inside and the light I let him run out there but I’ve got this giant bone shaped pool that I thought would be perfect for a bath and one dog one bone donated this to help rescue dogs thank you very much ray this bone shaped pool is going to come in handy for this guy right here yes I don’t know how jalapeno is gonna do in this bath I’ve never given him a bath I mean he’s a five month old puppy who’s never had a home so we’ll see how he does in a Beth but I will tell you this it’s a little tricky because he’s got what’s called mega esophagus which means he can’t swallow we have to put him in a special chair called a Bailey’s chair as you can see right here to feed him what’s with the chair so he has Megan esophagus so he can’t swallow Oh and so when he eats he has to sit in the chair so that the gravity pulls things down so this is his first dog treat whoa yeah yeah you guys want to be a part of it sure here’s your very first Papageno here okay there you go [Music] [Music] good boy good boy and so you can’t actually drink water so we’re gonna have to watch him when we give him a bath but I thought this bone shaped pool would be perfect because we can fill it up just a little bit and give him a bath outside where he can have fun play we’ll do all kinds of toys we’ll have a scavenger hunt I was good even going to do a 24 hour challenge but I don’t know if his attention span will last 24 hours 24 minutes at that okay jalapeno you ready for your bath let’s put some water in here I love baths well see bud [Music] [Music] how are you worried buddy haha you know worried about this are you nervous is somebody nervous it’s filling up man we’re getting there are you nervous what is that you okay bud well you are me crawling what do you think what do you think bud yeah don’t eat the grass don’t eat the grass come on [Music] [Music] okay it’s almost time for his first bath but I thought hey if I was a puppy I would definitely want to have my first bath with a bunch of toys I want to keep his mind off the actual bath and drinking the water so I thought first let’s start with some toys I want to keep his mind off the actual bath and drinking the water I’m drinking the water a second he is a little puppy so I’ve got some minion glasses here or some sunglasses to protect those little puppy eyes let’s see I don’t know if I’ll actually keep these on okay definitely not the minion ones okay so this will help protect his little puppy eyes and I think we are almost ready for bath time oh and hey if you’re new to this channel and you love dogs make sure you subscribe turn on those notifications and leave a comment down below on whether you think Hal’s gonna love this bath or hate it okay here we go it’s extreme puppy bath time da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da oh okay let’s try to distract him with some toys hey girl my man here Tony’s Toys Toys what’s it what’s that was it oh good boy good boy Hey [Music] he’s doing pretty good so far good boy good boy I gotta tell you I love dogs but puppy bath time is definitely the best with a five month old golden retriever dog that needs a home it needs to be rested so if you know anybody that wants a golden retriever as a dog share this and give it a thumbs up so we can get jalapeno adopted come here buddy you’re doing good okay I think he’s doing good I’m not too worried about it getting in his eye he’s not going to crazy or anything so I think we’re okay with the glasses off I’m getting a bath for this too okay give this a thumbs up if you think jalapeno is a good boy [Music] good boy out beanie oh good boy hey he’s doing really good for his first bath good boy good boy [Music] good boy [Music] [Music] I’m getting it bath – oh you did so good for your first bath oh man okay jalapeno you did good now I say we get out of this bath and we have fun okay again great idea guava juice on extreme puppy bath challenge I’ll put a link right up here so that you can check out all those videos of extreme puppy challenges make sure you check it out and I say we do a scavenger hunt with some dog toys because somebody’s been a good boy come on alright this is house toy box and one of his favorite things to do is dig to the bottom of the toy box you ready yep okay scavenger hunt I’m I’m gonna hide you toys and see if you find them come on [Music] but good polling you found it don’t you watch the other way okay okay you’re smart come on [Music] nigga I’ll beat you [Music] much bigger [Music] [Applause] [Music] good boy [Music] puppy bats are a lot of work but it is worth it for this guy because we’re getting ready to do dogs day out that’s my series where we take dogs like jalapeno out on the best day that they’ve ever had to work to try to get them adopted I’m pretty excited that’s gonna that’s gonna be coming up next so make sure you subscribe so you can tune into that and again thank you one dog one bone they have awesome pools like this plush a pool right behind me I’ll put the link down below so you can check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment for jalapeno wishing him luck on finding his new home good boy good boy


  1. Who else thinks Jalapeño deserves a loving home?! Make sure you watch Guava's vid:

  2. if you give a dog a bath make them feel comfortable. lol he was drinking the water while you was talking XD

  3. when he was eating the pupichino you could see the excitement in his eyes they just lit up with joy it was so cute🐶😍

  4. If I could adopt eney dog I would adopt 3 and when the dog fit I would take them back to see their friends and let their friends come for 2 weeks and then fill in the forms to adopt them

  5. I’m so happy his been adopted now it’s so so sad how people can just abandon dogs like that. If I had a choice between dogs or humans I would obvious pick dogs. Humans just ruin dogs life. Love what yourdoing with your life, helping dogs is probably the best way to spend your life

  6. Why don't you ever give this poor Pub a thumbs down this pup doesn't deserve it don't do it comes up all the 91 people that didn't give this video a thumbs up change your mind and give jalapeno thumbs up

  7. Good Thing He/She Returned Her/Him They Never deserved her LIKE How could they said hes/shes to much work?! MAKE THIS BLUE IF YOUR AGRY HEARING THAT

  8. For all those people who disliked you all know that you just couldn’t resist giving 2 thumbs up, so you turned your phone upside down and then hit the dislike.

  9. I would love to have him as a pet I'm love dogs and I never had a dog before my dream is to have dog I know I love to have a pet dog pitbull puppies I love dogs I love animals

  10. Fnhybn jbjj but Happy day you gjfhf is your house ghost Happy hvjfbgfuvn ngng
    Gndbfkg hgb John kfgdgh has helped me a bit to the world

  11. Hal is very cute and he deserves a better home and life.If someone is treating him badly I am going to find them and scream at them!!

  12. Hal is the one of the most adorable and important dogs I have ever seen.He deserves a better home and a safe place in the right persons heart❤️

  13. I would loveee to adopt him, bad thing I live in Spain. He is a cutie pie ❤️ thx for helping dogs rocky you’re the best💖

  14. Do you have the website or anything because I want to get a dog and me and my sister go save homeless dogs cuss you inspired us

  15. I remover when we got my dog she lived on a farm and when she got home from the car she through up so we had give her a bath and she drank the water

  16. I think he's not like that girl that liked it I say😻🐕 I have a daughter named the bells he's awake and dog name Carl but he's away

  17. My dog's name is Rosie and she is a double doodle, so that means that she is half poodle a guarter lab and a guarter golden retriever

  18. 🤣🤣the sunglasses r so cute
    Who else thinks rocky is the best with animals
    👇turn that thumbs up blue if u agree

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