Golden Retriever Puppy Explores Our Backyard

Golden Retriever Puppy Explores Our Backyard

[Whistling for dog] Jeff: Come on! Come on!
Tawni: Come here, Bella. Jeff: She can smell dog … over there. Cameron: Hi! Jeff and Tawni: Come on! Tawni: Come on! Jeff: Come on! [Cameron laughs] Cameron: Hi. Hello. [Windchimes and wind] [Jeff and Tawni laugh] [Tawni laughing] Cameron: So vicious! Jeff: Are you attacking me? Jeff: Attack dog? [Jeff and Tawni laugh] Jeff: You’re an attack dog, are ya? Jeff: Urrrgh! Cameron: Hey! No! Jeff: No!
Cameron: Leave it! Cameron and Jeff: Leave it! Leave it! Cameron: Good dog. Cameron: Good dog! Cameron: You can have the grass, you just can’t have the leaves. Cameron: Leave it. Hey! Cameron: Stay out of there. [Jeff whistling for dog] Tawni: …she has her pig’s ear, but… [Cameron laughs] Tawni: Is this your baby? Is this your baby? Tawni: Do you want this? Tawni: Yeah? Tawni: You know what she wants? Cameron: Huh? Tawni: Because she loves this. Tawni: …she can smell it on it. [Windchimes and wind] Tawni: Will you get a couple pictures of her and send them to me Tawni: so I can–not of me and her, just of her–so I can post them?

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