Golden retriever puppy keeps getting returned to the dog rescue | The Dodo ( Jalapeno the dog )

Golden retriever puppy keeps getting returned to the dog rescue | The Dodo ( Jalapeno the dog )

– [Rocky] Meet Jalapeno. This five month old Golden Retriever puppy is having the best day of his life. Today this Golden Retriever puppy, is the star of a fashion
runway show put on in Hollywood California by The Dodo. And I’ve gotta tell ya, seeing him live his best life, on his very own Dog’s Day Out, puts a big smile on my face. Which is good because
what I’m about to tell you about his life up to this
point, will break your heart. You see Jalapeno, or Hal
for short, is a homeless dog and he has a very serious
condition called Megaesophagus. (sad music) Right we’re gonna get
deeper into that story but first I wanna invite
you along on Hal’s big day. Let’s get started. One dog, one day and one mission. Where I take them out on the
best day they’ve ever had and work to raise enough awareness, to help them find their forever home. I’m Rocky Kanaka and
this is Dog’s Day Out. Hal has Megaesophagus. Which basically means he has to eat, from this special chair
called a Baileys Chair. And essentially what it does, is it sits him up straight, so that gravity can help the food go down. He can’t swallow on his own
so it’s really important. Okay, that’s him having his
first treat, a puppuccino, and I know, it is cute but it’s
a really serious condition. So any time he eats food or has a treat, You’ve gotta sit there
for at least 20 minutes. Massaging the food down his esophagus and making sure he sits upright. Really it just comes down
to time and dedication. So any time he eats, we gotta help work it down his esophagus. Come on, okay, good boy. So Hal is a five month
old Golden Retriever. Someone returned him after
buying him from a breeder because he was sick and they couldn’t figure
out what was wrong with him. Someone even tried adopting him and within a couple of days they said, ah, that’s too much work
and brought him back. When I found this out, I
stepped up immediately. Because I knew I could
bring Hal’s story to you, to the community and you all
would help me spread the word. To share this so that we
could raise enough awareness and find someone who is willing to spend the time and dedication and
give him a loving home forever. Hal is the perfect
puppy for Dog’s Day out, because we can show him, that he will never be abandoned again. He’ll never be left behind. He’s not just trash to be discarded. And in fact, that he’s special. I knew that I needed to
show Hal that he is a star. Such a cool view. That’s why when The Dodo asked us to be models in their fashion show, all to help support Marley’s Mutts, I knew that this would be perfect. So we all packed up and Jalapeno is in his
first fancy hotel room. Who knows, maybe we’ll even
order doggy room service. I’ve a feeling this is gonna
be a perfect Dog’s Day Out. (happy music) Come here. What’s so cool about this
is Hal literally went from being abandoned, being
adopted and then returned, just bottom of the barrel. No one knowing what was wrong with him. I mean, he was on the brink of death, to now this. We’re in this luxurious hotel room. We’re looking right at the Hollywood sign. I don’t wanna spoil the whole thing, but it has to do with models, a runway, Hollywood, fashion. I mean basically all you could
ask for in a Dog’s Day Out. Oh also if you’re new here, welcome. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, turn on those notifications and leave a comment
down below here for Hal and I’ll make sure I
read all of those to him. What do you think man? You wanna stay here or you
wanna go check out the town? You wanna go check out the town. Okay let’s do it. Come on. Let’s go, come on. Come on. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Hey look, I don’t know if
you agree with me or not but I think Jalapeno’s a star. So this whole Dog’s Day Out, is about him getting the star treatment. Seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame, going to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. I mean, we’re gonna do it all because this little man deserves it. I mean, what do you guys think, the next star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame, Jalapeno? What do you think buddy? Come on. He’s available for adoption. – Oh, is he really? – Yeah. – [Woman] I’ll see if we can adopt him. – Yeah, Marley’s Mutts. He’s a Golden Retriever. – Does anybody want a dog. He’s up for adoption. – You really rock, its nice to meet you. You like dogs right? – [Green Lantern] I love dogs. – [Man] Does anybody need a dog. – [Spider-Man] What’s up buddy. – [Rocky] His name’s Jalapeno. He should be a crime
fighter, no doubt, right? – [Green Lantern] Yeah he
needs like his little mask. – [Rocky] Oh yeah, we
could get a mask on him. Spider-Man, Green Lantern. – [Green Lantern] Yeah alright. – Thanks guys. Right so he just ate, he’s gotta spend 20 minutes
in the chair, at least. And we’ve gotta get our beauty rest because tomorrow is the big event. Some of the main things
of Dog’s Day Out is, one to make sure that
Jalapeno has the best day ever and two, helping raise enough awareness so that he can be adopted. So having a big event, where a lot of eyeballs can see him helps. But the biggest way for him
to get the most visibility is from all of you guys sharing and helping spread the word. So, by hitting that thumbs up, by leaving a comment down below. By sharing with all of your friends. That is literally what will
help find him a forever home. We gotta call it a night, ’cause we’ve got a big day tomorrow. Hey, morning. Today’s the big day. Hey buddy, today is the big day. As you can tell, he’s got some energy and he’s pretty excited about it. (laughs) Here he comes. Is somebody excited for
their big fashion day? It’s like he knows. Okay normally when we make up his food, we blend it together
and it’s a certain mix and that way it goes down. Hey, no, come here, come here. Don’t dig that out of the trash. Ah for a while he was just emaciated and he was losing weight
and he wasn’t growing right because he wasn’t getting
the proper nutrition. If you’re gonna stay in a fancy hotel, you’re gonna need room service. Let’s go to your chair, come on. Good boy. Oh good boy. Shut that right there, okay. Right so we’ve got the blender
that can travel with us. We’ve got the normal mix of food. Shall we just start him with one? – [Kellie] Yes. – [Rocky] Yeah, alright chef Kellie. – My specialty. – [Rocky] (laughs) Dog food blending. Yeah and just a little treat. I don’t know how that’s gonna blend. Oh are you ready? It’s like counter service right here, man. Okay, and then we just blend it, yo. Oh he’s so excited. Ah smell it for me real quick. (laughs) The smell is,
let’s say different but– – Hal’s gonna love it. – [Rocky] Yeah, Hal’s gonna love it. At your service Hal. – [Kellie] Wait Okay. – [Rocky] What do you think, man? Eggs and turkey in there, only the best. (upbeat music) Okay, so we’re getting
ready for the event. They’re getting ready to
put makeup on you, right? – You don’t say that. They might trim my beard,
I don’t need makeup. – (laughs) You need makeup. The event today, tell
everyone what we’re doing. – So we are having a fashion show, with Jockey and The Dodo. It’s gonna be live streamed on The Dodo. Our folks and our Jockey heroes are gonna walk in this fashion show. Help raise money for Marley’s Mutts. – So Zach is an ambassador for Jockey and so you’ll be doing this
today in your underwear? – Incorrect, that’s incorrect. – Dang it. – Ill be doing– – Well what’s great is I’m
rolling some pictures right now of you in your underwear. – That’s outstanding. – So just… The cool thing about this is, it all goes to help Marley’s Mutts and if you’ve seen Zach
in any of my videos before you know that the work that
they do is just amazing. A lot of you guys ask
me, well how can we help? How can we support? I’ll put the link down below so that you can get some Jockey gear. Where 20% is going directly
to your organization, right? – That’s right. I didn’t know if we were gonna
drop that hammer yet or not. – Yeah, the hammer is dropped. Because guys, we need your help. So share this with everybody, get some gear, comment
down below if you do. Let us know. – Thanks guys. – But get ready for this. It’s gonna be the best
Dog’s Day Out moment I think we’ve done yet. – It’ll be solid. – Alright. Couldn’t think of a
better way to celebrate Dog’s Day Out with Jalapeno than this. And what I love about it is he’s really part of a bigger movement, to show how important
adoption is and rescue is. And with him being a special needs dog, walking the runway with
all the other dogs, it shows him that he’s just
as good as any other dog. Yes he was abandoned. Yes he was adopted and then returned because someone didn’t
wanna spend the time. But that not what his life is going to be. So an event like this is really cool because it just reinforces that with him and he gets to be the center of attention. (upbeat music) Oh, is this the outfit? – Yeah. – Ah, my wife is a runway model. – I don’t know about that. – [Rocky] Do you wanna
practice your runway? Here hold on, we’ll practice together. You gotta work, work it girl. That’s your walk? You like doing a kick out like that? – [Kellie] I didn’t know I was just… – [Rocky] More. – What do you mean, more? – [Rocky] Like this like. Okay I know I’m goofing off, but it’s really because I’m nervous. One, because I hope I
don’t trip on the runway. But more so, I really wanted this moment to be perfect for Jalapeno. And then something truly amazing happened. One of Marley’s Mutts
dogs, Cora Rose came out. It’s like she just
showed us how it’s done. It’s not that hard. Dog’s can be such an inspiration. And you know what? Her timing couldn’t have been better. Because the guests were pouring in. Zach started the show
and introduced the crew. And let me tell you, this show had it all. From Great Dames to a beautiful woman. Designer dogs and even
a true American hero. And when it came time for Hal and I to walk down that runway, I knew that it was all going to be okay. (muffled speaking) (crowd applause) Because now, Hal was surrounded by people who loved Marley’s Mutts. People in that room, you watching now. Who would do whatever it takes to make sure that he
finds his forever home. I believe that every
dog deserves their day and today Hal had his. But the true moment of happiness, will surely come when Hal is adopted. Here’s how you can help. Leave a comment down below for Hal and I will make sure every
one of those is read to him. Make sure you hit that thumbs
up button and subscribe so that more people will see Hal. And to be even a bigger
part of this channel, click the join button or follow the link in the description. To donate directly to Marley’s Mutts or purchase Jockey gear that helps them. Or for Hal’s adoption application, see the link in the description below. – [Kellie] Oh hey bud. Did you fall asleep?


  1. Thanks Jockey and The Dodo for helping Jalapeño have his best day ever. Check out The Dodo here:

  2. I don't think people understand that dogs know they got left behind. When i got one of my dogs off craigslist she had severe seperation anxiety this girl would scream when I left her for work and she aint no little dog she has lungs on her. I let her follow me around because I know it brings her comfort. I've worked with her and she no longer screams when I leave. Honestly I'm happy the old owners gave her up because now i get to love her and cherish her for the rest of her life and continue showing her the best side of life.

  3. I wish I could have dropped him but my mom works of whole time job and I'm in school and at my dad's house so it's too much maintenance but if I wasn't so busy all the time I totally would

  4. I Hal he is so cute I wish I could adopt him but we already have a dog and a cat tell Hal I love him and he’s a good puppy ps how old is he

  5. I Am A Big Fan Of Your Helping Of These Dogs! I Need To Join You For Helping Dogs!😄😉 Let Me Join You! I Love You Hall! I Really Will Support You Until You Are Finally In A Home Where. They Take The Time To Help You Every Step Of The Day!


  7. Hal u remind me af my dog named missy you are a strong dog I hope u can get out of that thing soon but do not let anyone tell u that you are not strong I believe in u I know someone will I adopt I wish I could adopt u but I live far away

  8. There plenty rich people love dog i am sure they will pity this dog and i am sure rich man around say
    I want adopt dog Ricky.Kanaka there plenty rich loved dog

  9. It is hard to have a dog with megaesophagus.. I understand that. But personally. I would have no problem putting my dog in a bailey chair to eat and assist him in eating. If you would do it for your kid, you should do it for your dog… because your dog would and does do everything they know how to make you happy and make your life great. I promise you that ♡

  10. I love what ur doing and wish I could help u r the most perfect human on earth for doing things like this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Right why would ANY one return him I have a 2 week old puppy and he has the large scofigus to and we are doing what u told u to do and we are using the chair and it is realy working thanks so much <3 love your channel

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