Golden State Killer Suspect Attended Town Hall Designed to Calm Residents

Golden State Killer Suspect Attended Town Hall Designed to Calm Residents

the man accused of being the notorious Golden State killer remains behind bars at Joseph James D’Angelo appeared in court looking dazed and confused but given the fact that he was spotted on his motorcycle just days before the arrest some wonder if that’s all an act he looked out of it as he was rolled into court handcuffed to a wheelchair the accused Golden State killer appeared only half aware of what was happening to him but was it all just an act investigators say it is very possible that Joseph James D’Angelo is faking it here’s Jim or a neighbor’s paint a very different picture of Joseph D’Angelo from the wheelchair-bound defendant we saw in court he was meticulous about caring for his lawn which he did himself he built and flew model airplanes and he was seen riding a motorcycle just days before his arrest the investigators and police tape are gone the house is sealed up and no one is home but earlier a van pulled up with a person we believed to be a family member they loaded up clothing before tearing out former Sacramento County sheriff’s detective Carol Daley he is the greatest actor member he was well trained he was well schooled as a cop do you think that he could be using this as a ploy to gain some kind of sympathy oh of course police say D’Angelo is on suicide watch in the psychiatric wing and can be heard mumbling to himself alone in a Cell we’re now learning that D’Angelo attended a town hall meeting in the late 1970s called to calm fears about the Golden State killer police believe he actually chose two of his alleged victims at a meeting like this one this gentleman stood up and said I don’t believe a rape could occur if a man was in the house and then of course a few months later he and his wife were victims how horrible another Golden State killer victim is speaking today I couldn’t see his face I couldn’t see anything but the flashlight Linda Odell and her husband were attacked in their home in 1977 so here’s the fence I think he came through that fence his main MO was the fear it was more than the physical attack itself it was the fear the the power had over us she says she is hoping to testify against the Angelo [Music] you [Music]


  1. USA court is funny. if he was the one did, than why spend minute in court for the taxpayers money?

  2. This man doesn't even realize how blessed he was to finally be brought to justice. I pray he finds Jesus during his incarceration. It's not too late for him. And, I don't want to hear it from Haters. Everybody can be forgiven. Confess and repent!.

  3. This story is crazy! This guy was just seen by his neighbors riding his motorcycle, now he is in a wheelchair. lol Did he have similar medical equipment in the home? Was he arrested standing up? Did he walk to the door when the police knocked? Its clear he is not unaware since he told the judge he has a lawyer. I believe this guy is going to get off despite the DNA match, I no longer have faith in our system to put people behind bars for their crimes, especially those who have money.

  4. The victims said he has a small penis. Could the attacks be caused by his hate of his small tool? We all know now that he is the killer and rapist with a small peepee.

  5. Yeah he maybe faking it. Why take the chance. Keep him alive to be tried, jailed an convicted. Give those victims their day.

  6. I always thought he must have attended that particular town hall meeting. He showed them that yes, a man could come into a home with a husband present and rape his wife! That man should have never said that! He"GSK" allowed them to live, so they could tell everyone else what had happened to them. BTW, he's a cyclist and all his victims spoke about his legs and how in shape he was. they also spoke about his tiny penis as well.

  7. I wonder how many people he really killed that someone else took the rape for? Wonder how many black men lost their lives because the police tried to beat a confession out of them?

  8. The man is a master manipulator. He faked things at crime scenes to make sure his victims gave information to the police that would throw them off. This is just another act. He is evil.

  9. One of the victims said he has a small penis.  could be why bonnie left him for a bigger man.    I would of laid this guy out with one right hand to the chin.

  10. They should have gave him the name The Little Willie Rapist! why does that remind me of Bill Clinton?

  11. He was a cop he thinks he knows how to play the jury and courtroom…. He is flat out dumb if he thinks it will work

  12. If you've ever seen Vikings, he needs to be Blood Eagle'd. You get him on his knees and take a knife cutting from his plumbers crack up to the neck exposing his spine. Next you hatchet his rib cage on both sides of the spine so they spring open. Spread them apart and pull out his lungs and lay them on his shoulders. Then take the skin of his back and tie them open like wings and hoist him up by the hands and hang him up in a couple of trees so he looks like an eagle. That is really the only punishment befitting a gentleman of his character. If they need someone to do it I'll volunteer. 😇

  13. These killers all try to act sick physically or mentally to escape their justice..keep focused on these victims

  14. It still baffles me they still took this long to capture him when they should have captured him 10 years ago and not wait til he is old to find him

  15. This turd is in shock lol feeling what he put his victims through by 1000 percent and I am loving it. No death penalty for this human turd. He needs general population and a cell with a sadistic rapist.

  16. There must be a reason for Valcanos when the Erupt. Its telling the world tea Time for the killers. Its time to go home. ♨

  17. When they invent the ability to kill someone by watching them on YouTube, these losers will never make it to trial. Sicko pos

  18. Feel free to join us at the Golden State Killer Sleuths

  19. What a fake ass serial killer ! Dude is guilty guilty guilty !!! you can see the perverse behavior in his creepy demeanor ! He is highly intelligent an he chose to go the wrong direction !! I hope he gets raped in prison !


  21. I don't really know why they put him on suicide watch…sounds cold, but if he accomplished it, it would save the taxpayers a lot of money and the victim's families a lot of hardship. I don't think there is any doubt with the DNA matches that he is the right guy.

  22. such a dirty scrubby person
    pretends to be lunatic
    he should get raped a hundred times and then tortured a hund´red times and thats the good thing

  23. Absolutely An Act…. Hear that Voice in Court.. It's the same one on the Taped Phone Calls to his Victims…. You cannot disregard that fact…. It Is Him……

  24. Awww poor guy can’t handle it when he’s the one in the hotseat. He’s a total POS and hope he suffers for the rest of his life!

  25. I know how to work this.
    He is now spare parts. We extract one eye, bone marrow and every scrap parts that's useable. We don't kill him but keep him in solitary confinement wired with powerful speakers. We watch him dozing off and we play loud screeching ear splitting sounds, ice cold water to rain down and torment him with no more than 3 hours of sleep split to 1 hour periods.

    Finally we feed him to a big anaconda and stream it.

    As carlin said, we'll use ad revenue from it to pay for something nice.

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