Golden State Killer suspect linked to Santa Barbara County murder cases

Golden State Killer suspect linked to Santa Barbara County murder cases

the Golden State killers crimes also happened in Santa Barbara County KSBY news reporter Megan abundance joins us live from the sheriff’s office in Goleta with more on this local tie Megan the crime spree started here in the county by 1979 with an attempted double homicide then by 1981 there were two double homicides that were brutally committed now the sheriff says Joseph D’Angelo’s DNA is linked to at least one of those murder cases and he’s a suspect in the other cases a number of counties across California were affected by the Golden State killer investigators from Santa Barbara County are in Sacramento right now working to link additional evidence to all of the murders on December the 30th 1979 44 year-old dr. Robert Offerman an orthopedic surgeon and 35 year old doctor Alexandria Manning a successful psychologists were both brutally murdered in their Goleta condominium two years after that on July the 27th 1981 27 year-old Greg Sanchez and 35 year-old sherry Domingo were also found brutally murdered in a Goleta home that sherry was house-sitting Rodger Aceves serves as a Goleta councilmember but was a Goleta policeman and patrolled the area after those murders they were literally freaked out in the 70s and 80s this was this was a very unusual occurrence we have a quiet bedroom community this never happened to us every time we had a burglary people are wandering whatever there’s connected or not especially nighttime burglaries and that heightened concern can continue to this day the sheriff says they need information from people who may remember Joseph James D’Angelo in Goleta from 40 years ago they say to call the sheriff’s office right away today I spoke with Debbie Domingo her mother sherry Domingo was brutally murdered alongside her boyfriend Debbie has been working countless leads to help solve who her mother’s serial killer is I have joined her on FaceTime today while she was in Texas you know I was when my mom and her boyfriend were killed the case went cold very very quickly they ran out of leads very quickly I know that they turned over every stone they could come up with so my drive really has just been for for all of us to be able to to get to a point where we can sleep at night knowing that it’s really over that you know that the wandering is over that we we know he’s in custody I just wanted to really sink into him that he he thought he got away with it and that’s not the case he’s not getting away with it before today the sheriff’s office says D’Angelo was not a suspect in these murder cases here locally this is the second case in 18 months where DNA has been able to help solve Criminal Investigations here in Santa Barbara County live and local in Goleta Megan Abunda KSBY news all right Megan thank you for that

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