Golden State Warriors should ignore the Chicago Bulls 72 – 10 record

Golden State Warriors should ignore the Chicago Bulls 72 – 10 record

So, in your mind can the Golden State Warriors
win 72 games this year? No, 72? I don’t think that should even be
the goal. Can they win 72. No, they can’t. And the goal is to do a little Gregg Popovich
along the line. Rest Steph Curry. Rest Draymond Green rather
than try to win 75 regular season games. What you want to do is win four, four, four, four
in the playoffs. Those are the 16 games that count. Moses Malone, yes. I totally agree with you on that. And I’ve
said this on Around the Horn on ESPN that everyone is taking a photo out of Gregg Popovich’s
book. If you are a great team or a very good team, you want to rest when you have these
back-to-back games, when you have three games in four or five nights, when you’re on a long
road trip. And the Warriors are following that trend and I know that Luke Walton is
the only undefeated coach in the history of the NBA. Well, riddle me this. Riddle me this. I’m
looking at the Warriors schedule. And you told me just hours ago that you know when
the Warriors are going to lose. So, sage one, tell me when they are going to lose. Christmas Day. Cleveland Cavaliers. They’re not going to lose until Christmas?
Bah Humbug. When you are talking about confidence with
Brock Osweiler. They are just totally honed in. They are not below the radar, they are
way above the radar. If you were to look at it, they have — starting
in the month of December — they have a seven game road trip going back east and I thought
they are going to lose two or three of them. Yes, they are. You’re nuts if you think they
are going to get to Christmas. Except that, look at who they’re playing on
the road trip. A bunch of lousy teams in the east. You apparently have it in front of you. Tell
me who they play on the trip? That trip is against Utah — before they go
east. Charlotte, Toronto, Brooklyn, Indiana, Boston, Milwaukee. Who are they going to lose to on that trip. Toronto, Saturday, December 5th. Write it


  1. I gotta laugh when the moronic idiots say that Jordan's Bulls only went 72-10 because of the expansion era. Hmmm….there's 2 major problems with this dumbass argument! #1 If this is true then why didn't anyone else accomplish this amazing achievement or even come close to it?? #2 Those 72-10 Bulls lost to FOUR of those "expansion teams" that season that the critics, pundits & so called genius experts love to bring up……the Magic, Heat, Raptors and Hornets! That completely destroys "the expansion team argument" into smithereens!! >> (continued)

    With that said…Dennis Rodman didn't play in 18 games that season due to injury, including 3 of the Bulls losses! If Rodman would have played in those 3 games, along with beating those so called "EXPANSION TEAMS", then the Bulls would have most likely went 75-7 that season! Let's not forget the Bulls also lost 3 games by 1 point that season or we could be talking about the Bulls going 78-4 while playing in a brutal EC! The Warriors have 1 team to worry about in the entire NBA and that's the San Antonio Spurs. That's it! The Warriors also have the luxury of roaming free as a bird at the perimeter because of today's creampuff rules w/o hand checking, arm bars or at least a little grabbing to help slow down perimeter scorers. This is why we see so many face-up dispy-doo Harlem Globe Trotter dribbling and shooting in the faces of helpless perimeter defenders in this era. Absolutely pathetic! No resistance at the perimeter equals far easier scoring! This is basic common sense & are basic laws of physics! The league wanted more scoring and they got it! Mission accomplished! The league has now become 1 big 3 point shooting contest & dribbling display! Put these Warriors in the era of hand checking & they are nowhere near as prolific! Winning debates is what I do! #Winning

    Let it be noted that in the Bulls 10 losses Scottie Pippen was absolutely atrocious! Pippen averaged only 14.5 ppg on a treacherous .368 fg%, 7.6 rpg, 5.6 apg 1.4 spg & 0.6 bpg. Meanwhile Jordan averaged 30.5 ppg on .437 fg%, 6.6 rpg, 4.5 apg, 1.8 spg & 0.7 bpg and Kukoc averaged 13.6 ppg on .453 fg%, 3.9 rpg, 2.6 apg, 1.1 spg & 0.2 bpg. Although Jordan didn't shoot the ball particularly well, he was still by far the best player on the court! If Pippen showed a pulse in those 10 losses, the Bulls may have gone 81-1.

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