Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Week 5 / 2017 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Week 5 / 2017 NBA Season

…Sixteenth day of November the NBA of TNT presented by State Farm. The defend… …the game. One of us will gain a road trip to rank 3. Durant, Green, Pachulia Thompson… Good Here we go. …Thompson tried to save it there… Draymond bringing up top… Beautifully done as Kevin Durant, center– Horford and Morris to start the lineup? Draymond bringing up top… Beautifully done as Kevin Durant, center– How long will Pachulia play in this first quarter with Boston having both Horford and Morris to start the lineup? He has not been playing … Took it out of the hands of brown Surprising for both players green and brown on that end missing little chapter eight is enough Yeah, right, but the off before the shot clock expired Those play Thompson who has been shooting incredibly ballsy knocked out of Ferb’s Horford gets an Instruction lesson on buffet Pachulia keeps it Miracle class tops today for the cut to beat his man Shot clock is down a to Horford look come on one hander and again on the moves like that much, but to make it for himself And why wouldn’t you as hot as he’s shooting? Right down the middle Trying to deal with some of the movement from Golden State and Zaza cashes in Baris with an ocean and a fire suppose Curly switch my crown she the Winship I came up with the steal The three not that time Here comes the rent wild into it plate hurry so the Warriors Switch by Nick Young shoot Somebody Draymond Green is on it Final by the first building red yes free to pick you up Davis western just check these balls with that pound Eight of us back Here price war is it ends up with West? Download from last season so 11 new players Nuts up shorty thought he was powered Madonna gets you down at cleaners I Export a bunch of smart asking for the push off and dream on I hear in the same. What a spark Artemis Fowl reads two-thirds Thompson Like this they they’re not cohesive flow defensively that I haven’t seen in Boston They’re definitely the team to beat knees Come playoff time to seat this team barring injury and knows what’s gonna happen here with dirty bag comes equipped column once again able to put on Curry wants to try to put it off the floor. They are too well The Sufis Barbican that changeup a shuck walk by clean Ha nice touch Great defense Crashdown klay Thompson great timing on that block, and it looks like a lot of armed foot bride burgers touch to get picked off And in the NBA Just like in your rec league the ball has to pass all the way through the net so it’s an offensive goaltending Arc is smart so the Celtics lose the field goal Ball spin frankly it’s like buying competitors Second quarter about 15 to 1 1. This is peculiar knocking it down Tough little midriff they can respond here in the 3rd dimension Golden State really locks in at this place There is Thompson able to drill it. Yes, Marcus smart the Warriors break it up Durant fires from deep Freeze When Morrises he was chased down you can see the left hand pushed the dream on felt Tonight even as Katie tried to block his shot. Just earlier Our cost to the front coordinates Three for three yes Fremont 3/4 fascination of the two bitmaps Bush was at bay Ranchos and hopefully to the cross. Oh yes, Kady Then look at the Warriors defensive bucket nice – giggles Let’s go quick for photos. Yeah gets a little skewed in the fourth quarter is a huge Jacob depending on here Just check it throw it away fall short on the car Days end of the quarter the Tatum’s All over collie Can speak to that place just beyond the tribes hips and that is tough cat speeds with cities in this game artist David West on a path his way on bars And he does last touch some heaters are tough to find some offensive. Nobody’s really in the rhythm decides Jalen’s last Stronghold by Iguodala three urban night on the floor as was Alfred lost the town For a Bronx Hurry off the wolf out spaz nicely done by draymond Green over the side of the ranch got to it, there’s no ramp But the phase yes but they Kept jaylen proud old times cap speed with great hands on the defensive end for all the stays and draymond Green Stamps up early Here’s curry for three Played by three Shot clocks to walk For the truck For Horford Yes Without a few minutes 47 seconds remaining Curry with the steal three are too much toxic yes Like we’re putting the moves on goes to Z Thompson tried to save… …that was back in their 2008 Championship Season. Horford! He is now 17 for… How long will Pachulia play in this first quarter with Boston having both He has not been playing …


  1. This is how you know the Celtics will sweep the cavs and give gsw the bed run for their money. This is the wave that Boston is riding. Up 2-0 on the Cavs let's go lucky

  2. Celtics made Golden State look like a regular team. If Kyrie was healthy last year the Cavs would not have made it to the finals.

  3. warriors fan here will give celtics credit on that win but my golden state warriors still won the finals at the end of the season. That is why i told all u haters dogging golden state to not count us out

  4. Only Reason why Golden state is good because They have curry in there Team so they should add Kevin Durant back to golden state warriors and draft curry to the Boston Celtics

  5. vuelven este año 2018 con demasiadas, demasiadas armas los warriors y así es practicámente imposible hacer frente para los demás.

  6. The Celtics have to be the unluckiest team to have so much talent but always get hit with the injury bug. If they can stay healthy they can beat Golden State in 7 games no question. The raptors look good too my bulls are trash

  7. The same thing happened to thebucks bucks, this arena makes Celtics look and play better than they actually are and daunts the other team. Bucks lost without Jaylen the same way warriors lost without Hayward, but the Celtics still only beat both teams by four. Bucks are the warriors' only competition and will beat the warriors

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