Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 10.28.2018, NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 10.28.2018, NBA Season

Very nice fall Sunday in Brooklyn New York looking back in Manhattan getting ready For tonight’s starting lineup presented by 38 to go that was all in the second half Jared Allen wins the tip and the Nets always really popping and that’s got a conditional Joe Pro Nets have also shot it well in the early chase as Durant thinks it ended first likes The fit of Dudley with these other Jewish orders from Brooklyn Russell trying to kick his way to the traffic eating out the angle green no, look Thompson lazily denied by Jones Harris finds out four to shoot Harris From three to good job of that in the early portion of the season Eris shooting it at 58% for three entering this game and him and curry Where he scored 50 once for just three quarters a couple games ago responds with a lot of iterations of this Love bird smooth It’s not like they just had Get our hands up to catch it gorgeous Russell will take Three vigil, it’s getting ready for a few changes Levert accelerates leans in and Finishes we have seen if you up. So it tremendous to hear what you have to say about this Levert created some space and then berries have gotten the same looks that the net starters were getting Ramped muscling inside fending off and finishing nothing Chris. Well, baby, look at this unit Oh, and there’s actually a lot of length from these defenders geyser Get up in the jerseys Here is curry his rauner is good 16 points in his he’s gonna be funny these red lips That’s great setting to see some of the guys the nets are development has green Slides inside finds Davis who person an Offense was excellent job with a penetration by maybe Aaron Davis is always there Robin you get dolla. It’s the jumper It’s a second and witty left it short gets the rebound though finds crab good movement Harris Thought of know that Brooks is buddies with Steph Curry buddy funny Big frickin crab and of the timeout but now Dudley loses it green running the break mckinney Able to finish with two hands goes back to the turnovers taking care of the basketball man to no avail Good d there from Thompson to ran with Jefferson looking for space again. Can’t finish good defense from Bell Curry sees the scene lays it in Brooklyn, let’s go old to take with you. Oh, oh, okay. So you saying went even more crazy than I thought The first is pitbulls a lot of size on Russell Russell trying to be pesky inside the layup good curry misses. The leader gets it back. Look at the set up Duran Duran good Then try to get back to it Duran snatches it Durant to green or lays it in the Warriors clicking on this to the back Warriors always attend the celebrants and the Nets turn it over again is Kenny Atkinson has some incidental contact along the sidelines with official Lee Roy Richardson Hollis-jefferson didn’t go to it now snatched it and Durant. It’s it green saves it here comes curry Warriors shooting 60% of the team a Record for most consecutive games with at least five threes that seven straight contests for Steph Curry three of four from deep in this first half nice Look polished Jefferson really burns it in the good señores Lee’s up. The hair went down and pop back up But it always looks the same such a consistency this hour. This guy’s not bad either right? It’s still an efficient shop. Yes Lovebirds Finds Dudley in the corner on a jumper to Russell with one to shoot in Xfinity Nearly a violation instead. It’s a transition opportunity. The curry fishes wouldn’t be black like all he does simple. No green the LOB and Jones hurry, also led the league in mid-range field goal percentage /t Levert hits the 3 lover is held but uh, but Brooks said I did I do I think your suit is even one step up. Wow. Really? Yeah So let’s turn it over Now 11 turnovers for Brooklyn curry, but it keeps it alive for Brooklyn done that a couple times today Lebert look at a shake Jones takes a baseline. Jay can expect to see a nightly basis Service Q&A today Did when he gets this step and it is tonight emphatically from behind by McKinney Alfonso McKinney banks it in on the Le you’d rather see that because for coaches, you know, you should only come on Dinwiddie He’s 40 to go in this third quarter 15-point Warriors lead Eight-year gets the step slides inside lost his footing Davis is there Two days off and have been struggling a little bit especially offensively Curry can’t get inside the loonie. He finds some debate away from so much switching switches much and they’re gonna tweak some of their first strategy in the Offensive rebound Iguodala Three for the Caddy’s good he is caught warriors cushion Napier with two seconds left in what he has to heave at Kadesh he’s hit some tough will fight the fact that have just 12 turnovers a Tweety in the corner Leary with 29 Thompson now with 13 Crab sets the feet fires hits from three great has done a very good job of putting a lot of pressure on the different They’ve got across Branson up – ran This much movement the last two possessions for Brooklyn Thomson’s jumper is good and just like that He’s also matched James Martin’s record for most consecutive games with at least six threes as grab connects But not necessarily be able to connect on them this year thus far they are The finish second time we’ve seen that little of that crabs hit a couple three-point shots and he drives to close out a good job Thomson hits the three It’s five of seven from three in the quarter Russell another. Oh, yeah, he’s got it in the niche The first stop the rant working Club Burke getting to his spot and finishing Pennies there’s not much more. The Kara slipper can do in that situation love her will pull at three look lefur curling around lobbying side Crowd anticipating it back door With two hands inside of two minutes remaining Russell gets the step fans off There within a possession Durant stops at six Golden minutes. So for the Nets you got to want to make sure that you’re getting looks hurry Drills it to the Nansen cut it to two Curry looking and deliver a dagger block by Allen another and they got to go quick here Russell gets inside lazy Russell Taking a lot of time Lady it’s all cosmetic. But a great job by the Brooklyn Nets here tonight Warriors hang on and outlast the Nets 121 14 the final Steve Kerr and Kenny Atkins in Exchanging


  1. All these gsw fanboys… it was the nets lmfao if they lost against the nets, the whole starting line up would have been forced to retire

  2. I haven't even watched the video yet and I already know that this is gonna be a blowout.

    1st QUARTER: Wow, this is a pretty close game. Maybe I was wrong…

    2nd QUARTER: dammit! I might have to delete that comment…

    3rd QUARTER: Lets go! I knew this game was gonna be a blowout!

    4th QUARTER beginning: Oh shit they starting to come back! I'm finna delete that comment before I get roasted in the comments…

    4th QUARTER ending: Yep, I knew they were gonna win. Didn't doubt myself one bit.

  3. It would be much better if Warriors were already in finals and other teams have to play against each other and finalist can play against Gsw.

  4. And to think the Lakers traded D'Angelo Russell when he's an emerging All-Star this season… Not a bad effort from Brooklyn.

  5. Nets were down as many as 19 before cutting it down to 2. This is one of the more dangerous BAD teams out there. They can score in bunches late in games.

  6. Greatest PG of all time. Magic would be limited in today's game – poor from deep, and height advantage would be negated by today's longer, more mobile wings. The game is far more competitive now than in the ancient days due to international competition and larger player pool. Today's game is so fiercely Darwinian that the all American White guy is on the endangered species. With Love and Hayward off to poor starts, this year might be the first in which no American born White players make the All Star teams. There are still great White players like the Joker, Mirotic, and Luka Doncic, but these guys come from Eastern Europe where competition and youth development are further evolved than in suburban America. The old timers would have no chance in the more evolved basketball universe of contemporary times. The GOAT is LeBron or KD or…..Steph, who has reinvented basketball for the whole world to see.

  7. Only Warrior to speak to Nets coaches after the game was Durant

    he was like "i'll see y'all next season, hold a spot for me"

  8. Man remember the days from adonel foyle, nick van axel being a warrior to speedy claxton and troy murphy with mike dunleavy, to baron davis to where the warriors are now, its like God was testing us warrior fans to be patient. Our time as finally come. As a life long warrior fan, i could not be happier with these guys. All glory to you God

  9. What's up!!!! love watching you guys!! You guys We have some XL Bullys/XL Pitbull puppies available Check us out Home of the XL Bullys in HoustonTx WE are Ultra!!!

  10. Wow. Nets almost beat the Warriors. It’ll happen. Trust me. It’ll happen. Caris LeVert might have to score 25 but he can do it.

  11. I’m 14, I’m pretty good at basketball and could probably drop 15-20 points in a game,but I have a attention problem and can’t do drills correctly so I can’t make my middle school or high school team ;/

  12. This is so fucking annoying just seeing golden state destroy teams it’s not about competition no more it’s all about super teams now smh pathetic bro

  13. Warriors always turn guys like mcinnie into good players when they were mediocre at best on other teams and when they leave the warriors are back to just OK like Ian Clark, Brandon rush and Patrick mccaw

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