Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights / Jan 17 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights / Jan 17 / 2017-18 NBA Season

You’ll road trip finds the Warriors in the second city in Chicago At the United Center brought to you by mercedes-benz the warders 25 points. I think well that must be his career-high No, it’s 29, and he got it not this year, but he did Everybody’s on the plane right now over playing the ball weight nearly knocked it away Lopez shot clock at three His block if we can get it when he lands All his weight came on that The beginning to a two nothing game Top three now they’ve got a play on logically emotionally it’s awful Robin Lopez To dunk sir, I think that that trait helped Minnesota as you see what they’re doing this year, but you get Zach Lavine Chris, Dunn and Another player game marketing Mr.. Perry pulled it back up and wipers got the plank very well good friends with Steve Kerr Chicago Southside that was a known Quickness of Lavinia Well not only that’s all he needed he was Gonna fade away, hey Thompson is just a machine jump shooter ever Colleges in the United States and said look I got a kid that could be special As Chris Dodd flips it into drawers the place with the free throws market investing there that to me. That’s the most Well loony of us were very appropriate you’ve got Houston waiting you’ve had this creep road trip, you’ve got the rector the way from home market it getting the three about Covington any Philadelphia undrafted player is on the list JaVale McGee get the pudding top at a beautiful screen, that’s definite Valentine’s will smaller the draymond you saw Reba. You see a shot he could defend Call for three and avail the game. I strong rebound and then the hammer Yeah, Ballentine lost his balance. Not a missed free-throw and lay it in And this is an ugly end of this quarter. It’s deflected away by Meritage and We’re not rebounding and boxing out A foul line as the beam flips it in steals. We gotta move with the offensive player That’s exactly what he did as he moves to the hoop stay between him and the ball Draw the foul and beautifully done he didn’t just attach a couple times Hello and pomona to Cal Poly’s Irritates the treadle dream it cannot give him any space College boy bird used to run it that way there’s done again. That’s a second great steel That’s done in September Meritage runs to the Found and he’s trying to Get fouled again. He’s trying to accentuate jamming. He found play instead The magenta point even better. I like it a lot Chris Townsend files you don’t leave the three-point shooter, so they were playing it just like Houston To do To make holiday keeping it alive they Cady defending the rim They go back and forth the no productivity until curry flips it up and in Now they look at the Baltimore boy who got off the bench, and they get this Steve Kerr is going to use it They’re ants and their contact play had it knocked away Warriors turn it over again Valentine tree Turtles live week giving up inside points turnovers of just and we talked about that all the time gets to be bright and happy but Steve all 30 ticks in the first half. There is a good look play and it’s a perfect got a ballet because let me set a night a Fasting how can you neutralize those and limit what they want to do offensively and JC said we have to take care of the ball? eight turnovers led to 17 points on Chicago Zone on the inside to try to force it he got stopped And he just lost it this could be a good sign if away it really starts to get rolling now I’d look for clay again was training to play at steep areas and perfectly done Perfectly Jaffar nets to it plug this steps in well the beauty is Steph saw that Zaza sawed clay saw it That’s what happens when we play together so much in a lane Trying to get it back Step the warm-up tricky, so Mikey. That’s too beneficial for Chicago yellow proof is three of ten shooting? Always get it then okay what he can stick with a guy Grants I take maybe get that shot any time that he was I mean if Crawford came as a fan tonight the longtime Phenomenal NBA referee the step hit the three who lives here at Chicago Between the legs and the screen, but Lopes bothered Steph enough. They’re having fun now They got through the port of spirited thing which definitely was a problem in the locker Derek grandfather the Irish to the Elite Eight couple times What a great, cut what a beautiful Man thank you, I’ve gotta beat your time false IDs away for the lighting Or does the little shoulder go Bobby Portis good score You know you said that the first are making him play hardest. Don’t pass that shot up nicely, and he got it back Give it up move without the bus dance the bullshit Thompson not only that home And they’ve opened up this quarter 19-point lead is that it doesn’t right now and irritants Could be the protector this is a four shot, but he might get it clay does He’s failing it ladies get all the time though You know on the road you’re not playing well the other teams gotta give it to you a little bit You got to play through it play stops Fries in a row but coming to the scorer’s table curry and Durant’s and done from deep Yes, he is he’s got long arms slightly disrupted invincible It’s settled a tree this year Living step to swipe down low a baby should see him after the game, so you ride the bike for another hour Oh, I’d like to see more of that from heaven these players playing it’s a hakama level and the playoffs it Back to the top hasn’t reached the top of the bowl Restaurant in depth The lavas got a steel I get three again, but he be the big man off the building, but he hasn’t stolen no that guns got a pretty big Mimi got Taken from the side, but no one Done did this Oh? Oh my goodness no. Oh, man He’s way these guys are than snorting times and the runs they happen to rants And drop some hints that’s a great staff. Yeah in the footprint. I’d like that It’s still Chicago’s on holiday for three Meritage Arkan in Mundi flying out of and challenge that three nights sleep Didn’t let market and beam of Jim. He was two of seven on Three’s and only at 11:00 tonight The Warriors put three players in double figures. I’ll let you guess who they were And rants and so now 37 wins for the Dubs against nine


  1. OMG! That EPIC face-plant by Dunn, live staring 8:35 then in slow mo at 8:43 was painful to watch. You will be feeling your teeth after watching that. Damn!

  2. Basketball now is who throws the most 3 point shots. I prefer the old day game where they fight to who drives the ball into the net beneath it.

  3. 5:43 & 6:08 Whenever steph build the rythem of warriors, bulls coach call timeout. You did realize his gameplay is dangerous coach!

  4. if i am the coach of warriors? if jordan return i will rest both curry and durant for atleast 8 -10 games. and i want to see the full potential of klay thompson and green my starting lineup would be mccaw, thompson, casspi, green, pachulia, reserves livingstone, young, igoudala, bell, west or mcgee that is a very descent team also without curry and durant. go to guy would be thompson i want to see the full potential of klay. and in 2019 season i will sit curry and durant for 10 games also. lineup mccaw, thompson, green, bell, cousins or deandre jordan, 1 of them wants a ring and play for lesser money warriors can make it happen. reserves livingstone, young, igoudala, caspi, mcgee. in 2019.

  5. What ever happened to Lauri Markkanen's block that the ball hit Curry in the face, that should of been part of this highlight.

  6. 俺も昔はカリーみたいにやってたけど、やっぱり監督、コーチには怒られるんだよな~。アメリカはやっぱ違うね。

  7. Kevin and Curry on the same team… Doesn't work very well. Both want to decide every play – but Durant has height and unselfishness enough to make the game eficcient. Curry DOES NOT. Klay is a superhero! He doesn't want to decide every play, altough his shooting efficiency is as good as Steph's… Steph is shitting up this team lol

  8. oí. keromos,,matar,este,ijodeputa,,biste,,laneta,keno,meago,,polisia,,porke,,mecaenmal,,los,uniforme,,solo,ke,deja,de,buscarme,,

  9. Even though I’m from California Los Angeles I still like LEbron James a little better than Stephan curry but Stephan curry comes in 2nd place

  10. Sometimes you gotta take a step back and realize how boring the NBA is now. That was the warriors 4th best player that torched the bulls tonight for 52 points in 27 minutes. 2016 warriors with a big 3 go 73-9 having the best regular season record ever. Only weakness rebounding. Next season add second best player in the NBA to team. Two championship seasons later. Add second best center in the league to roster. Oh who are we forgetting oh yeah the defensive player of the year is their 5th best player. 1 best shooter ever 2 top 10 best shooters ever 3 2nd best scorer ever 4 defensive player of the year 5 2nd best center in the league. Cheats unlock championship locked up for next 4 or 5 seasons.

  11. Just going back and watching this remembering those nasty injuries in the video. I feel like after Bell got this injury, he stopped playing like himself. Even to this day, he just doesn't seem like the guy with 6 blocks in a game anymore.

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