Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 1 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 1 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

if i hillel its they defend the nba champs that golden state warriors pacing the team with the best record 65 when houston rockets it is he didn’t know these days as a head since five oh easily something we’re going to see throughout this series kevin durant warning day part he’d wanted curry gets the step put the drive barnes the pot kind of puts even more pressure on the warrior still control a box out by clinging whitehead of appraised at 40 june again just covered with a vase full bonaparte gives it up thompson for three yes And that’s twice noel would that we get back against aggressive wrote a fresh copy fourth form oh my goodness roberts three passes for possession what a difference between these two clubs well most of all There’s a nice way, to bath while you were talking and let’s step back for The warriors take a lot of it rain drops with the step of another three-point attend rebounded by durant Read, to the rest Houston has possession home record in the western division title in the nba That’s a tough shot, you see to see paul go inside and kind of come back out mid-range the wentworth home gets the phrase Never has a problem nicole from two point little faded he oh, hot namitha quran has a misfire and all the fires yes oh, ryan anderson didn’t play a lot in the Nice given go and livingston the facility We need to win to cut wood if we go So tell us the second informant the unit’s best on a path to the basketball thompson got the step on anderson finds no, on second from downtown hall fires for free puts the move on strangest way breno has had a sensational play golf club what is this shy of a trouble bubble adams Go to state once houston to play one-on-one because they are staying with their side There is pony angola he get into the head of golden state Hurry, to the left 100 steps back on living Once again the tornado just like this yes no turnovers for chris paul and james harden that firsta paul nice play and Think about the offensive it is your pick from the company and cleaning up the class after all he got, to the hallways So i asked him at the half of their energy level have met the expectations thus far he said there were about five plays stephanie gets it done in south warren points there’s other things you can do to help your team win chopra does he breathe out switches off the james hog So it’s golden state Tops it off the beautiful that hog when he rises up you just tend to look at james harden all over there rats in play fox a fella for some fun that goes on it won’t leak germans are thompson 4:40 a six-point lead Try to get it back Tony says let’s talk to the pitcher come on man are you psychic? that backdoor cut taking a page out of gold stateville tool and white ocean put the net door The shit boys played by the food we’re in attachment warriors with a second one She started again so that he would be the health defender protagonist thompson watson thompson from downtown yes thompson now 23:48 of 14c iguodala looking to pull the sheriff who’s hardwick away fanox for the warriors this just a shuttle yes how you want it paul What’s a wave on top some words? checkpoint golden state lead heart the size of boys to live The best uses for nobodies in houston got back past half court on that defensive play Boss paul woodson the harvey’s back the other way ariza ariza on the top thank you poly hips javascript in recent games Hurry andy to the coldest day you know we got new cliffs on the beach we’re new viewers first two different names sure sure The hamptons five as paul takes so to the run derived from the fragile fish on several occasions Hard not able to hit 4:21 is so houston be able to get that bench involved in next time as well hurry would not, allow hardin to take the shot 192 106 they take a one-hour lead in this best of seven western conference final baton status not won eight straight getting ones 14 of 15 now on their head coach steve


  1. The homeless bearded traveler (LOL) player and the old chris paul (he needs to retire) can't do shit to these warriors ! GO CLEVELAND !

  2. Only ones that can beat the warriors is spurs. With a healthy leonard. Zaza did the warriors a big favor.

  3. What worries me the most is that the warriors weren't even on their A1 game the first game…espesially with curry only puttin up 18 and that still isn't even bad….imagine what a fully healthy golden State team is capable of.Pray for them rockets 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  4. You people are pathetic. I don't even watch basketball but have lowkey followed the rockets since I live in Houston… It was a good fucking game.Defending curry when he got his ass dropped lmao. Just sit back relax and shut your fucking mouth. Now, back to my Astros…

  5. I can't believe that Boston is up 2 0 and LeBron James scored 19 in the 1st. But damm Boston won by 25 in game 1 but LeBron just doesn't payable to realize that his team needs him

  6. Beautiful. Look how the warriors tailor their game, curry is taking layups, durant the iso mid-range and klay at the 3. The Rockets just shoot 3s all day. Good to see better quality ball get the W

  7. 4:30 this commentator needs to fix up. he is like "Thompson for through"
    lol he said 2 and 3 at the same time. 4:30

  8. I know it’s one day after the Boston and Cleveland game, but how in the world does this game have 3.1m views and the East has 5.5m views??? Either their are a lot of blind witnesses on Bron, or it’s that James Harden and the Houston one man offense was that horrible to watch. Still, this game should be either even, or at least a million views behind, def not 2. Their the top 2 teams going at it. There is literally 6 all stars playing, which 3 of them are MVP’s with James Harden taking it this year, and one future all star in Capela, with also a former Finals MVP in Iggy, with Swaggy P, with a dunk Champion in Gerald Green, with a 6 time Champion Steve Kerr, Javele fucking McGee celebrating every Durant bucket, the infamous NBA hit man Zaza Paaa’Cheap’Shot also riding the bench, ohh since we on the bench, another former all star in David West, and 6th man of the year Eric Gordon, the best sharp shooter of all time and only Unanimous MVP Steph the Chef Curry, Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green the buro, the purist scorer of all time Kevin’s Durant, easily one of the top 3 purist Point Gods of all time in CP3 Mr. Paul, the other Splash Bro Klay who’s arguably the best two way player in the league along with KD. Like cmonnnn, what else do the sheep want? All were missing is Lebron James stuffing the stat sheet while he takes his morning walk on defense cause he over sleeps and doesn’t have time in the morning.

  9. I'm a huge Jazz fan but go warriors. Beat these cocky little bitches (Yes I'm aware the rockets beat the jazz)

  10. Everbody acts like rockets cant put up points in a flurry, that its only the warriors who can do that. 😂😂

  11. so Thompson goes from 28 points in game 1 to 8 in game 2? And steph missing shots he eats for breakfast all the time? I dunno, i smell a rat, sometimes i wonder what goes on behind the scenes with the NBA, its all about money

  12. Rockets explode beyond d galaxy… and d Golden state are not real warriors… bt KD & d company promise to dismantle d rockets d next flight @ there own airport …

  13. Warriors needs to go after Harden and roast him exactly as they go after Curry. Simple as that. In that case ,Rockets would just fell apart. They did that like 70 % in game 3. They need to go 100 % on roasting Harden. When he's out, do the same thing to CP.

  14. I wonder who else came back to these comments after the rockets got blown out by 41 points lol

  15. D. Green is a dick, getting on J. Harden for schooling K. Durant.
    D. Green to go to MMA on his off time.
    Harden breaking Curry's ankle, so not fair.

  16. I know the Knicks big mad about the Warriors literally snatching Steph Curry in the 2009 draft from them. OKC got to be super mad about letting BOTH Durant and Harden walk away


  18. Houston is done thats probably how they mite win one game is by the refs but golden st took the rockets best shot and chris paul i always said when he losin he will blow a gaskets like what u saw and the end of game 1 kevin Durant is the goat rite now

  19. The number 1 seed in the western conference have the best record 65-17 best team in the western conference the smartest team in the western conference houston rockets lost to the number 2 seed golden state warriors thats why they say its not how you start its how you finish

  20. I don't even think that the warriors loose every game 1 they always win game 1 of every playoffs

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