Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Game 5 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

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  1. IMO; Rockets with out CP3 can win and beat the Warriors, here if is my point.
    Igoudola is the only player that can help to win a game with a no way, impossible defensive play, But what really hurt the most was when (forgot his name) miss the last wide open a PRACTICE WIFE OPEN 3 point shot Steve Kert knew Rockets will go after and defend the player's with the highest probabilities of making a 3 point shot and he was right by drawing that play, a shot that Igoudola usually is the one that take that shot. Going back to why Rockets can win without CP3, James Harden last games is 1 for 9 in 3 point FG atempts in the 4 qtr, avg 6 TO in the 4 qtr yet Rockets manage to win. Igoudola absences has more impact the Warriors as a team's , For the first time they get beat at the Oracle were Warriors was undefeated in 15+ games and for the 1st time (Curry era) Warriors lost in back 2 back games Now we will see if the Warriors are a true champion Dinasty THE WARRIORS HAS NEVER FACE THIS ADVERSITY B4 BE DOWN 3-2 + WITHOUT HOME COURT
    J Harden has the capability and is proved he can carry the team without CP3 Igoudola defense is missed big time.

  2. capela is dominating! best center this year. pj tucker and are so underrated, plays hard and are so productive. hats off to cp3, always been a clutch player. this man shows that he should have been a contender long before this season. go rockets!

  3. Such a strange game, Houston's big 3 (Harden, CP3, Gordon) shot 17-55 (31 percent) from the field and only 7-30 (23 percent) from 3. Houston did have an edge on free-throw shooting and turnovers but still that's a lot to overcome. That can't be a good sign for the Warriors going forward, to still lose when Houston's stars played that badly.

  4. Rockets came with the defence which a major attribute in winning this game and Steph was giving a taste of his own medicine with the shimmy by Chris Paul…..

  5. Snake Durant expecting an easy ring by joining a 73-9 team while others are working hard. Disgusting take this L

  6. This is some of the best basketball I've seen in years. GS is my home team but for some reason I'm low key rooting for James Harden.

  7. I picked the Warriors to win against Houston. I'm not changing my pick because the Warriors lost. Warriors gotta play better defense. That's why they lost. Warriors also took some bad shots near the end. They had too many turnovers. Nick Young and Javale McGee needs to play more for the Warriors. Nick is a good shooter. Kevin Durant didn't score that much in the 4th quarter. That was a surprise because he usually shoots a lot in the 4th quarter.

  8. Ghetto, street minded ,Chris Paul. Whose children would most likely be a bully in school? Chris Paul with the mad, I want to fight you face

  9. Fuck the Golden State Warriors. I've never seen a team so protected by the officials. Klay Thompson the only one I respect.

  10. referees bail out the warriors tonight, warriors will not be bail out in houston on Monday, Klay will not score 35 again, rockets will close the warriors out, the place will be rockin! I'll be there! they will crown a new champion!

  11. guess sticking with harden had its price??!!!!!! Let us ask Coach McHale…oh yeah stir did not want him…..woulda should a… 27 missed 3's could have been mentioned..

  12. Not yet a Rockets fan, but I would have loved to see CP3 in game 6. At the end of this game (5) they were up 3-2 on the defending champions in the conference finals and had the best record of the season. Tough break losing Chris Paul.

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