Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.02.2018, NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.02.2018, NBA Season

Full of playoff teams and a Friday night at whor ago of Minnesota in town for the first time this year At the borders riding is 60 No reason not to Scott foster tossing it out Wiggins has Durant Jimmy Thompson Hits the three that’s a little unusual Jimmy Butler. He makes a lot of difference offense and Seventy three of eight you can give him that all night though. He wants to go inside Wanderer, and if you do that We’re him to take about 14 threes this team doesn’t take a lot of threes they take fewers in the Oilers Dream on the spectacular against the pelicans Running Every time kick-out Watch shot Moving around here So there’s no game Pretty good passing. So that’s a good sign. Yes. He’s learning Kevin Durant Wiggins into the jumper ranch on the attack For Minnesota Anthony towns able to score all think rose if we tried to duplicate what he did the other night First quarter was a few minutes left that’s got to be their puncher’s chance. Here. They come within six Point six two shoes a lot of times a good way up they did again I’m the perfect point of their shoot a lot more threes tonight. There’s five of He is a superb to try to run things from dream on Is wide right there it’s a low foot center it goes Morgan right boy Tom Thibodeau is able to rest karl-anthony towns and Wiggins right now Going on to Butler. I don’t know why they get that don’t know why he get on beautiful steel The former soccer goalie who became a good basketball player Got away with the towel there That’s a good recipe Searching for little surge of momentum When I talk about the game I said, you know Thirty shooter for a bar they have to go a little smaller And stronger rant to handle he thought about a pastor McKinney And so that’s the problem today yeah, you might be good with it, but they’re better and Gibson and the point softer Butler is a focal point. He’s not gonna give this up 20s to Some tax got to pick up the score and slack out of the Tramp Good defense by dream on actually Three time Thibodeau, we want it Steph quick shop Look and say who’s gonna get the ball Sighs Joan, they’ll try to switch here. They don’t they go away from The clothes I found Wiggins Not at all Pocket for these just totally Than the one wolf very often this year Steve searching woman My turtle was in five minutes than that really trying to get around his good friend Random xxx best in NBA history To the third Seven seconds to work it – Jessica Jones at school Range Life Some opt-ins going pretty doggone. Yes, it has without the fats officially Sorry pop with clay McKinney interests Oh Risto we say the third and fourth ratings. I’m not putting a lot of stock in it right now Long rebound the size tones. No Koki likes to drive This matchup I’ll get you next time Of all To control it properly Kevin was 30 and 11 tonight Jones finally a 3 out of 4 of 19 shooting in the show I chose the rebound ladies is loaded. We finish shooting Jan 15 2014 6 Very free For three quarters I used to see there would have been sort of 12 points in the polls This also got him going They gave that over cuz it’s gonna have to put tenths of a second here on the clock


  1. Yeah fuck all this shit, the game would've went waaaay differently if he gave drose more playing time. He would've made up for the points they are missing plus more💯💯 always team DROSE and that hasn't changed no matter the team!!! If you ask me DROSE is still a starter in the NBA!!💯💯💯 fuck any nay sayers 💯💯💯 DROSE ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. I still see alot mufuckas on here with jokes about DROSE and the injuries he's had! And Half the mufuckas on here talking shit don't have a lick of hoopin in their blood smh uncoordinated ass shit talkers. Smgdh

  3. On defence dosent anyone take a CHARGE ANYMORE? FILL-UP THAT LANE..And if your going to switch on the screens do it quicker always late leaving an open shot..

  4. They need let Rose play the game!
    Look he playing in the last game before this game.
    I know Warriors are a Great team and they are playing in their house, but Wolves Just needed try
    But this still was a good game, gg for Gsw

  5. I feel it for the timberwolves. Im a warriors fan but i have huge respect of the timberwolves. Derrick rose did well on his halloween night. I'm thinking we are seeing a future great team.

  6. This is greatness. You cant blame their players because all of them started from the bottom and work their asses to greatness. Steph, klay and green? You all knew the story.

  7. I watch T-wolves games when I can, but every time we play GS I just find something else to do because I know it's not gonna end well

  8. It would be really smart of Butler to leave the T-Wolvs and where he has Townes Wiggins and a revitalized D.Rose. He can join Cleveland or Brooklyn or Miami go to a worse team. Dummy

  9. Draymond, DOP! Klay first team all defense along with Draymond. KD, if he can be top 15 in both steals and blocks, and play clutch defense, he can make second team all defense. Steph, lead the league in steals. Steph for MVP. Steph and KD first team all NBA. Draymond and Klay second or 3rd team all NBA. Steph and KD both average 30+. Klay average career high in points and rebounds. Draymond 3rd player ever to average a triple double. Klay and KD average 90|50|40 and Steph 90|50|. As a team, rank 1st in defense and offense. And FINALLY, give that boy Steph his first FMVP. ALLLLL OF THESE GOALS ARE REALISTIC. And I haven’t even mentioned BOOGIE.

  10. Nobody is going to mention the number of times Jimmy could have passed the ball to towns?? In the post and off the pick for a alley. I do believe that wiggins is soft tho. But towns? How tf is somebody soft who puts up all-star stats in his rookie year? Then live up to the hype with 25 a game along with 12 boards in his sophmore year. I believe jimmy butler is not as good as people make him out to be. I think he is a all star but he could be a way better team player. Yes Kat has been off like crazy this year. But in a game against the best team. He did pretty Damn good defensively and got hot at 3. Jimmy may have made some hard shots but he could have passed it to get easier ones numerous times. Nobody would pass kat the ball in the post hardly. That fucks with your game.

  11. The Warriors might go 75-7 if they really wanted to only losing 1 game per month. They might not lose one Playoff game either. Go 16-0. That's without Boogie. That's how far ahead they truly are. But the media will keep talking about these mediocre Lakers because they love talking about LeBron.

  12. Rose what happened dog 50 points but what happened against the warriors? I was waiting to see if you could still do it against a great team. Also, why wasn't Rose in much? Maybe they didn't want him to get injured early in the season, but good game tho. Twolves next time you guys are going to win. Wolfpack all together time to eat.🐺

  13. WARRIORS WON!!! Super charged team. I was wondering that IF ONLY Timberland trusted DRose more like the last game against Utah Jazz, it might put up a REAL fight against the Warriors. If he at 30 can put up 50 points like Steph and Klay, then he can pull this up. TRUST DROSE TIMBERWOLVES!!!!!

  14. Over power team..this kinda boring, why not try without Kd to see if they can survive this season..they've lot a star and good bench warmer..they ruined the NBA league

  15. can't wait for the warriors to play the lake on x mas day. I'm sure those guys circled that game on their calendar.

    They also like to you with their opponent.

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