Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights / Feb 24 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights / Feb 24 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Kalenna the all-star break is over about a month But I have to ill liam is regulars and victories won by 17 one by 20 So you can bet Nolan’s state to him they turn it on and will it time will tell both teams and coaches talking about priorities I’ll carry the rebound draymond greens slow to get up, but seems to be okay Thompson quickly dumped chapters play Thompson, that’s a recipe for disaster. You’re building on this button George inside Adams backs it all Anthony wants to post-up Thompson The double-team pulses up the shop back to home puckish on curry Anthony is on draymond Green and Paul George guarding Kevin Durant curry releases sad, let’s go free Does it help CSUN Sarah screams shutting off Eustace? We’ll try again Horner look the rebound miss the backer just can’t get it to go on the heat comes out of it Mickey degrees green cross-court chops in the face pull-up jumper I’m Billy Donovan. That’s a good thing. I like where we’re at Durant short jumper is good Steven out of this one will bring their offensive rebounders in the game gives them a second look and Westbrook takes advantage of every corner Moran mrs. Pachulia this one instruct walk right back to the ranch, right Three pounds I grant us, they have a lot more opportunity to substance But Adams it’s one of the premier ones in that aspect Harriet goes degrees lines of the first George back up top They’re gonna answer these you are delightful Julie’s drives past and gets inside and throws a balance there pressive Nick Young off the mark Jeremy grant quickly outlets to West Wing Anthony little shuffle out of confidence against Golden State hurry get free for free bring with the tip in Big Gazala gets inside get creative pull through Please mr.. Schat’s thousand. Let me talk about his make a mislead But bringing us off the cripples. I chips it inside and Steven Ivan throws another Knee of your fall George looking at this warrior mana went over him protection To get an easy one put the ball on the floor get into the paint George says crossover goes to the Gazala back out Felton wide opens for free That’s the ultimate confidence Felton with a shoe shoes As draymond Green on him way beyond the arc, Ragman Felton – closes up he’s in again Sean Louis’s he gives himself a chance because of his strength Under is I have a high scoring bench as women Former teammates water Durant misses rebound tipped e-ticket my filter Inside beautiful passes Steven Adams Durant off to a slow start is just juice of seven he has had some huge games against his home the team has spread Closed it down the other way Golden State hasn’t scored in nearly four minutes Grant to Adams tumble it gets it back to grant goes up and under banks it all of this is don’t you see? Flex it up 31% shooting is Over This time it’s dream on dream Is weather has confessed? This is Google Walker last couple of possessions about four five Street. They can put? Adams again, we’ve got a 39 39 games. We’re two and a half to play. It’s a second. Grant get some real pets upgrade It was an offensive style fall on Carmel Olympic display double technicals Durant lines it up Please we’re going one must replies inside as fishes Eleven here in the second they throw it in degrees snack up top to curry fakes fires three corners – Thank you Steve again, you get suspended on the 16th, and then another suspension every other one – on the 80s on the 20th the Koran solicitation four to shoot curry finds Iguodala take it out It’s really – the third offensive option for this dangerous, I give them credit, Oh Makea silly foul to take advantage Inside the Koran that’s been stolen by George Moran thought. He got hit Westbrook inside Houston for the slam Anthony step back nails the three-pointer up with drives Back out the shores George still looking for that first field goal fires away, and finally knocks it down. He was alive 56 Hurry its rhythm Adam strives inside scoop layup Durant plunked it over to draymond Green shot clock down to 7 Warner is coming left open for three Will the between their two-way players he’s working hard tonight on the defensive end They’re big they are the best without pilots Westbrook pull-up jumper that’s good that ends the run Decisive play of the third curry sets up draymond Green goes it up to the Julia Maxo creaking that’s roll back out Hurry up two point attack phase it hurry takes the bring curry whips it out Nick Young for three Curry paste curry drives Lofton gets his back tie it up ships it out this border open play Some that’s under them and they’ve come out in this ball game Making a 10 points in 10 minutes Paul George drives Great job just fighting in battle And that’s all basketball by Iguodala and all Batson freed with eight assists tonight finds Shaun, Livingston Back to young you know just fire away again Draymond Green with the deflection green Iguodala back to green Just like for the two-time MVP George fastest Felton’s corners reporter, that’s good West finds, Iguodala inside Linux, Mint Livingston back isn’t a because that left-handed switches and lays up in the NBA Didn’t know defendant use the Rockets have equipped them so they can beat Golden State the Rockets field was named what? They think this is their year and where their claim can’t be surprised Speakers put some of the reserves including between chuck Dobson get back to go dividing isn’t where go season that you It’s incredible on the offensive end teams in this league. Are you discipline enough to defend against this thing? Both of us So what I will say is the mentality of you since They have an identity as you know what they’re gonna see on a nightly basis the Warriors have gotten it back well That’s certainly the case, but the way they did it was incredible Leona conferences so tiny couple of losses in a row and you can drop several spots Pachulia finishes Turns down the shot delivered with the right play to pursue Ferguson Nice is that onslaught and to the third and earlier the force an incredible turnaround in this game Three of Thirty five point lead a complete domination in the second half Final 16 minutes of this game Golden State outscored, Oklahoma City 42 to 14 that Paul George just won a 14 from the field


  1. Warriors fans so happy they didn't go 0-3. Don't forget OKC were in it until the end of the third with Russ and PG playing poorly. That's not going to happen much in a 7-game series.

    Oh and 1-2 against Rockets and the only win against the them was when Harden was out. Please Houston!

  2. 4:08 That is not a pass. That is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
    Do the Thunder have some key injuries? Or are the 'Dubs a little pissed off, and making a statement to Houston?

  3. Random thought. I feel like gsw should wait about 2 more years then start trading curry and draymond for ben simmons and embiid, kd for giannis keep klay and get some decent role players since everything they have right now will be too old i.e livingston, iggy, nick young.

  4. this is how you know what level these two teams are on. This wasnt golden state best game and the thunder played there heart out

  5. All y’all warrior fans happy about 1 win lmao but forget OKC blew they ass out twice lmao damn ducks they needed this win bad because they know OKC coming for they ass πŸ˜‚πŸ“–

  6. I hope PG13 stays in OKC and the Thunder can find a coach who can make sense out of this roster.

    Willy Donovan needs to go back to the NCAA

  7. i kept telling people that the warriors havent even started playing seriously this whole season with the exceptions of a few games where they went hard… when people ask me when do the warriors play seriously… i always tell them this…"when stephen chef curry tells the team he is going for it" if stephs heart aint it this team look blend but when he plays you can see the whole team go in heave and we saw how involved every player got… this is the deference between steph and kd. and the season i tell folks that kd hasnt ever led a team a team… westbrook, lebron and not many other top players have led teams… and you see it in the way the whole team from bench too starters play when that one player lights up…

  8. Lol its funny how ppl still assume the warriors are trash this year just cause they have been bored and havent been trying. This is what happens when they kind of try imagine if they go all out which they will in the playoffs

  9. Did anyone else notice how klay just turned up the defensive intensity on pg13 and locked him down. If that klay shows up in the playoffs it’s over. Draymond and kd got to stop acting a fool and getting all these techs. It may come back to haunt them, you would have thought that green had learn from costing them a chip

  10. Well played by the Warriors, a statement win.

    Doesn't change the fact that they will still lose to the Rockets in the playoffs. Their weakness in the paint is just too obvious this year. Zaza isn't fast enough, West is solid but he isn't quick enough too and McGee has poor decision making with no inside game. Plus McGee always gets into foul trouble so he is unable to play heavy minutes, he can only provide sparks of offense and catch lobs consistently.

    Capela/Nene will eat the Warriors up in a 7 game series.

  11. Why the warriors in playoff mode in the regular season my guy

    ………πŸ˜§πŸ˜³πŸ˜•πŸ˜What is you looking at my nigga

  12. This is for yall OKC HATERS AND GSW FANS… GS tried alot to win. OKCE DIDNT. They were just doing like a scrimmage game with them……. westbrook didnt even try to begin with. I aint a fan on both teams but GSW FANS STOP SAYING ANYTHING BECAUSE YALL WON A TITLE WITH THE SNAKE LOL

  13. Watch a fair few of these highlight vids from this channel… Any particular reason as to why the video quality of this one is so shite in comparison to others?

  14. Im sorry but I gotta have to talk shit…

    Curry and Thomson overrated as fuck,they cant do shit inside and cant do defense…. all they can do is their signature move… shooting threes… like its not impressive anymore, it'll be more surprising if they can practice driving inside and actually balling on every side of the court

  15. Those blue thunder jerseys are aids. Let's rank their jerseys from worst to best

    4. Those blue Jerseys with an orange "OKC"
    3. Their home jerseys
    2. Those blue jerseys with Oklahoma City on it
    1. Their City theme

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