Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 10.08.2018, NBA Preseason

Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 10.08.2018, NBA Preseason

Game and Oracle, we can have a lot of finals and Oracle this year after 47 years because Steph Curry Daniel house jr. Kevin Durant Obama Looney high school In a suburb of Phoenix and of course, Arizona for one night Riza coming over from Houston to do an annual House junior has an opportunity to make this more your team And I spin move almost like walking off the boat Draymond Green said a little tendinitis is the knees over Devon gently start so now to the corner and Three-point defense is the one area that the Warriors have slipped last year Reasons like to push it Step We make something simple that’s It’s all threes for the sons they make more have been with Utah twitch Snyder But when we can hit Heather the Phoenix Suns let Ryan McDonagh goes to this The GM the drafted the underage went down last year In Houston, but I know what he could do But Santa Cruz warriors Pocket three everybody the sun’s uniform warrior timeout substance six of eight on trees Gonna get a little trees You told me whatever you want Steal there Wilkins sent them away Shot clock at seven Master chefs decide to chips or to Steve Kerr make sure that fun is at the top of the agenda the team that Enjoys being around each other’s Chandler scores inside. Hey, let me do the Kali and I’ll pick up they’re gonna make the deal You know certain things played out the way to be always said, you know Bob and you know start to think of it as a joke, but in Reality We are getting double the triple team and now you’re gonna have single coverage We’ll be there for that moment DJ Warren center – Josh Jackson in Phoenix tested that nicely jacob Evanson staff with jordan valve – rants So here’s my thing take you to the spirit I’m bringing it up you would dream on It was the New York Knicks glad you got it. Well Jim this the wall crazy This is where a step times inside the market But I was something – Ellen beans likes to dominate the ball Getting to the basket for the 22nd straight playoff season which would tie the NBA record First half steeper we’ll talk about that. They’ve hit double digits – Junior He never reached with his hand up his hall with his feet when you reach it I Had a nurse are gonna try to step back up Kady To go up and down up and down up and down I Stick out my the three he literally was on a plane back to China Amy We have had more offensive fucking sperm offensive foul on curry tonight and now steps gonna get a team In a preseason game, let’s describe gonna get it thrown out of the game. Steam car is out of the middle Then tear others down, yes, he’s gone. It’s got tossed. Yeah, so Kevin’s gone too. So earlier Stephon standing next to Jerry Collins Just a moment ago when you took the ball in play I’m not sure about Mike Brown whether he went out to get a piece. Where do you think of the team? I don’t know. Okay Anderson it’s another three centers here, but would they be challenged Devon and Jordan Bell? What’s your impression to be an energy and a freshness to this training camp Coaches players in the open practice yesterday. There was having so much fun. What’s that? Great, because you’re about ten days shorter Yeah, you know that you added onto your offseason Internally to see if we can keep that 14th guy and hopefully, it’s somebody that can help Mr. Thready shooting now is still important than them in the league and you come up the challenge with our team is I would say It’s not a bad thing Is that when you’re late what gets overlooked sometimes about this group of guys is is their level of competitiveness? people looking Steph Curry and thinking about he’s I mean, you could tell he’s yes he’s a competitor but but the other guys As dream on it Kevin’s a competitive guy and all these guys so that’s I think Switch us and drive us he’s have numbers of the counter-attacked Quit cook calls his own number The Warriors 188 and 18. Okay, that’s the best record of any of the years. Yeah, but Joe says but we didn’t win it It’s gonna have less technicals to dream on well, he’s gonna play a lot less be Said I’ve never done that I’m not going to do that What’s down that jumper You need to string together chuckle stop serious try to get fully back into this direct job Or your organization’s yes, not just the teammates but everything is still aching about my To the medical staff to the way he’s been treated by the front office see he just is enjoying our over This is impressive I make members good hands, you know that what’s one thing you always told to you here you can’t teach Exhibition games but we have 12 games in 12 straight games Traveling EDI in history was for Russell something soaps their majors. Maybe go back here That’s how I was gonna say, you know people Write about they’ll talk about on the radio show At one point Back but not enough so Motivated Vanderwal lost on three San Jose Russia the linkage that will add the preseason and Then ring night and the season opener October 16th right here at Oracle the final year after 47 years at Oracle Jimmy was a fletcher look for to do it. For real. Yes 8 days, baby. 117 109 the final


  1. haha Refs need to realize they are their to officiate the game…Anytime you're the focal point of the game and media attention is directed towards you…as a ref you had a BAD NIGHT.

  2. They wont be the champion this year because they dont have zaza who carried them until finals last year #zazaisbetterthanboogie

  3. If anybody has been watching the preseason games this year, they're cracking down really hard on moving screens this year. Thank the Warriors for that. And they're going to hate it lol

  4. I was there. The whole crowd was chanting “ref you suck.” It was a disgrace of officiating a preseason game, so many fouls I left with 5mins left on the clock. I sympathize with Kerr saying “I don’t want to be here, anyway!” All refs, but #46 in particular, ruined the flow of the game. I came to watch basketball, instead saw ref training camp.

  5. suns without booker beat warriors in pre season? i know the suns were tanking last year for Ayton… that guy might be legendary, have to wait and see.

  6. Should have gave ulis way more playing time for this game, probably would have won, it's a different type of aggressiveness playing against your old team

  7. Warriors aren't even trying!! They're just warming up their rookies to get them in a good rhythm by the time the actual season starts on Oct 16th were everyone is on the court by then!!

  8. Warriors defense is terrible! And I see the suns can compete with them from 3 point land. Any team that can shoot good can beat these guys. Never forget that!

  9. Warriors couldn't possibly lose unless its b/c of the refs right?? You faggots were in dead last for like 20 years. Now that your dynasty is literally coming to an end after this season, you wanna start talking about the refs to ease that fall. Go ahead pussies. The league has caught up. And while you might still win it this year, IT'S OVER NEXT YEAR. Bye Bye Klay. Bye Bye Cousins. Bye Bye Durant. Back to the fucking basement with you bitches.

  10. I have an eerie feeling the suns are gonna surprise people this season. This season might end up surprising a lot of people. The west just got harder to survive and people will see that come later on down the year.

  11. Lmao curry got a technical foul for a screen outside the paint plus we got wrapped up

    Chris Smoove brought me here and I’m a raptors fan

  12. The Warrior's think they are like Chicago Bulls MJ era! But honestly they're not! They got too many Championships bcoz they are too many All-Stars on that team… The Bulls of 1996 to 98 will beat Curry, Kevin and Draymond ass all night long…

  13. Never before in NBA history did you ever have a team that can defeat a Team USA olympic team. Dare I say, this Warriors team would defeat the 1992 Dream Team (if you replace the Admiral with Shaq)

  14. Warriors played a great game and won but at the same time Suns played bad and still got over a 100 points on the score board on the Road see what happens when they go play in Phoenix, l bet Kerr in his mind said great win but was thinking DEFENSE ijs Suns at many points had alot of layups and easy dunks

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