Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights / April 8 / 2017-18 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights / April 8 / 2017-18 NBA Season

He seasoned the sons and the Warriors said to go as we take a look at our noble starting lineups brought to you by bird Hearts Auto centers and the Warriors Filled its out with Quinn cook Presley. It’s been a different type of challenge for 4th year head coach Steve Kerr yes He’s haunted a couple of championship So many injuries this year has been unbelievable It’s a key player yeah the sun’s certainly come to mind with Devin Booker there, no one who looks are kagome’s xrk proud to all the three points on Fulton homes donates $100 to son’s charities so Kevin grades don’t make me say this all Clean up Threes are flying early here 21 points last night EJ the loss. It’s a 5th game with 20 or more It was his first 20 and 7 assists game And the OTAs were sent and his poor of eight and that came the other night with his 14 points That’s the shooter this guy these players on the court are playing it that’s trying to prove themself They gonna have to really work To get that separation the Warriors want to get this season open wit and to play into this being a good gift Meant they’re inside for the quick slant To two and a half quarters where they really put him to a test and really even came back in the fourth quarter with just the third quarter we’re pulling the state was on fire and speaking of He did have her over a season and the continued support that our fans come out and give to us You know it’s really something special and to end the season off on a big game like this is terrific for us Thank you for everything the fans do for us And I know the guys in the court love when they come out and cheer for them, so it’s just a it’s a great relationship Jason Welcome to the face off. The show I need to talk to chase. Can you bring all the kids down here continue to be aggressive? Love it. No multiplayer Alec Peters have been given the task of trying to though Laying inside McGee was working but How sniping down to land they looks through the and one that’s what Slater Runnels been so good their big case the point right there as he SAS night so utilizing the fresh legs of JaVale McGee here this evening Ulis I Mean so this has been the recent struggles of the warriors without stuff hurt, and I think people gonna start to understand You know they face them for the first time without DeMarcus Cousins and the Warriors all readily acknowledged is They’re doubly launching the trip around on the three-point self full homes donates $100 the son charities But you know they all recognize He can test there’s anybody to leave Get my title he’s all excited, I wanna get a good look when p.m.. Devils standing up And you could win some sweet swag Good stuff my little concern though is it DJ’s gonna let me be looking for the contract because when you do you take you out off the rim And you short arm it and it doesn’t go in for the ranch Trunk impediment is played out. He’s needed them too, but especially the one that Steph might not eat for the first one I think they Land rose to the basket, but he’s met there at the rim baloney Triggers the fast-break opportunity completed by Quinn cook saving his days He said we’ll take his days allowed right up to the final day of the regular season in the top 10 of 13 on the night Lynn rolls to the basket it since added up winning This Raymond green quick baldavich sets up these keeps the ball movement when it hits his hands to the weak side The weak side hold it for a facade a great pilot is very good at executing Just short on that one House explodes to the red gifts inside of the Knights left head Bennett Just gotten the opportunity to shine here the last couple of weeks Durant sizing him up And hits the straightaway triple Whenever he wants to score even do it Durant 101 is over Ulis looking for the three he will get if you have a chance to get there With Shaq Harrison to start this half along with house Ulis Here’s Harrison making Thompson give chase And That might distance sum it up right there Durant with a step back in fact, but given the chance I mean he’ll knock down those shots. You have to honor I Smell bowed jumper the final home game of the season will wrap it up on the road at Dallas on Tuesday Across the Linotype Examining looking his play when he was getting those starts early on and he said you know I just wasn’t being aggressive enough it wasn’t doing the things I needed dude – Just a little deep into the page – Green there to steal it Done they’ll give it to the three-time this year, and he is the enemy’s worst three-point field goal percentage shooter We she’s gonna have a minimum 225 and said everything is calibrated correctly and business the same way some flat shot No Tara, given flex opportunity you see all in there. They look at the best stare down you were playing oh
They never signed up quite a list Davila had that stare that gentle the admirers Reggie Reggie wasn’t steering because he dumped on there’s this energy that Reid has definitely if someone else’s good steel set since you’ve been slain Just Crazy a thought process you could ever get I mean what’s the difference of two extra years at school or two years? They didn’t do it And before the game tonight. He was asked about that because they gave up 126 in last night’s loss He was a little You know a coach’s job is to motivate regardless if they thought That they could get it done, but that’s what you have to do as a coach, you can’t feel sorry to fix The vendor sets up with you often triple that will the last week and a half Thompson through heavy traffic gets it back from the West To make up for the missed free throws good rebounder and they shot the ball well for the strike part of those two misses yarn for the ball picks sets up the corner, three Thompson arrived And that’s one thing that this deep first talked about his Livingston I mean who’d have thought Greymon green when he was Thirty fifth pick Over laws in third 30-point game of the season of course one of those concludes that sixty point games his career-high back Talking to Shaq’s before the game said he’s gonna plan on visiting his brother Monte down Here’s what He drops in Looking down at the rim, and so it’s difficult to think that he have to put arrow into the wall Jenica better eat And he started a good fortune of the seats in his house, it’s the back – OMG Okay, I won’t make excuses for that I think everybody has to go through 82 gate, and it fatigue is playing a factor, then he’s gotta get that shit The Warriors turn it over pearson racing to the rest Pinder grabbing another rebound house looking for the hot bricks This contest With a knock down the mid-range. How’s the final seconds ticking down? That’ll do it final home game here and the Warriors Take this one 117 to 100 and a group that competes in 23 on the season on


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  2. The warriors are always playing the suns I think they want the golden state to win some games so the can stay behind the rockets

  3. Even though the warriors won kudos to the sun's they tried and for a really bad team they looked good probably could've won if klay wasn't on fire and they could guard kd

  4. You losing by 15+ points, and you do a dunk like that?? If I was the coach you is not playing next game jack ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Warriors have been in such a slump (or are just coasting 'til the playoffs) that I had to watch this just to see if they'd lose even to the Suns.

    Luckily, they didn't.

  6. Relax…โ€Childrenโ€ theyโ€™re smart Curryโ€™s doesnโ€™t seem to be injured he actually seems happy my guess is they leaving him out on purpose so he can be fully rest an wonโ€™t be injury prone for the playoffs looks like they tried to do the same for KD and klay and draymond but team was suffering

  7. First time all year that Klay was in flame-thrower mode…the rotation he puts on his shots when he's feeling it is sick, ball goes through the net like a vacuum tube. Too bad Curry wasn't playing…with Chefs gravity–Klay probably drops 40 in the first half.

  8. I came to a conclusion. Right now Klaythompson is even a more important player to the Warriors than KD. When it comes to facing LeBron, that is were Kd comes in. To strictly handle LeBron. & Lets be real, no one can ''handle'' LeBron. But KD is the ultimate weapon when it comes to facing them with all including Curry in the lineup against LeBron. Because he has the experience, length, and scoring abilities against him. Other than that KD is not more valuable than Klay or Curry. Both of them made the Warriors and if not for them the team would fall apart.

  9. D booker avg 25 points a game and heโ€™s younger than Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons thatโ€™s scary.

  10. Without steph, Gsw looks like old thunder which loses all the conference finals, no opposite thinking or u ll suck my one

  11. Tyler Ulis looked good in highlights.. He'd be sooo good if he were a little taller
    Amazing the skill some ppl have.. He and IT have to be hella bitter they couldn't get to 6 feet lol

  12. Poor Phoenix Suns so they need to draft DeAndre Ayton from Arizona in my prediction for potential no. 1 pick in NBA lottery. But Klay Thompson ๐Ÿ”ฅ hot 22 points in too many buckets at first quarter.

  13. Draymond Green, reigning defensive player of the year, is sagging of his assignments, leaving players and getting sucked into the paint, giving up wide open 3s. I saw Jordan Bell ball watching st the end too. I get it, it's garbage time, but that's why Looney took his spot in the rotation. 2 lock down defenders making stupid mistakes is so frustrating for fans of the actual game.

  14. When GSW start playing real one on one defense, stop lazy double & triple teaming which consistently provides wide open looks and learn how to slide through a screen, they may have a shot. If not – start booking early summer vacation. Their so called defense looks awful……..they think they can just outscore everyone so why waste energy defending.

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