Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights / Week 6 / 2017 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights / Week 6 / 2017 NBA Season

Third game in four nights all at home finishing off the homestead with the NorCal rivalry renewed with sacramento in town or near, Kentucky The opening tap to the guys in purple To pick screens that grab offsets This you saw the preseason Jim very long is not going to make it this year Future years are gonna know about Getting at three, and that’s a nice begin to I think that’s a good sign. They’ve had nine coaches in the last 11 years That’s not Eggar a good long chance. Well. I think Billy keeping Brett Brown given He’s an idea of stability as George Hill all the pressures not on Darrin Fox a little musical point guard store chills came over from, Utah Is open with two three? This is I’ll take care of the basketball. Let’s see what happens here He just outran Pachulia did pushing wheel a trailing caste Hearings on theirs Drops imagery. I like it because in swimming I’ve got to play one on one or two on two or three on three then five on five See a Shot clock at five it doesn’t really peed his pants So there are many people that can do this is man. He just kind of get some Air his face, and it doesn t get deterred by a defense high-speed inside the viziers had a really nice first quarter The Aaron Fox he does not lack confidence let me tell you we didn’t Steal let’s see what he does here Sadek to fail mcgee Willie cauley-stein Koufos was with Jager in Memphis, so how’s it? III that’s where the percentage is but I think you can handle this Aysen will flip shot and so, Sacramento Did not turn the ball over besides looks good opposite number finding Livingston nicely Or. Here’s a good attention on heels wherever he is going There’s a white jersey flag – the one where Willie cauley-stein was in three said They wanted to get buddy hield they wanted to get pics Nick Young says if I move without the pin they changed it it didn’t have a look at all and that was very natural for Early I believe that that’s what he said Hey you you don’t know anything about Basco he was a pack Dude we got the spot that one Down to seven Willie cauley-stein is got Iguodala on a switch by His front of three left to shooter in Washington Came right off the bench and went right into the bucket Nordenfelt down the lamp just fine and the parachuter and the best shooter in staples It’s Carver and traded him for Antoine Jamison Antoine had a really nice career. He’s retired Timber there’s not usually the NBA after 44 the call The double team made Zack give it up they’ve seen each other before there it is half full from Dean Sacramento a shot clock at three play a little runner Yes sir most likely routes to get out of it That’s good defense you credit Fox for me ninety-five others the ships Carter – they’re happy with what they’ve done Jerk box nice kick out until at least he does not have an assistant today. He’s taking 11 shots Shooting Kings 47% biggest lead has been tense for the death this Does what you CA You got the right ankle box running that game with Randolph Boys over train bosses tempo that the Warriors don’t normally play to grind it out possession to possession In a trip to see their role and see and look up to four steals Bottoming triples play comes out of the Warriors have numbers He bottoms the three Rocket for you wouldn’t think so And that’s a 24-second violation Lotta plant a couple veterans. Yep that know how to play George Hills is playing that role nicely tonight Let’s see if Andres contingent being interesting that he does Pockets and always time has nothing going right this young pull the plane Crossed the nujabes Nick Young went right into trouble. It’s going to be a Not reaching that’s pretty good deal Beautiful lob to cauley-stein missile 14 warrior turnovers 13 by Sacramento Three points off turnovers We’re going to it again this part are going to come down and help you can’t leave a box Bring him out in the middle of everything Saw him a bokken steppers Take it this dollar loss is another phrase a shock Mase a little bit Here’s something Very well tonight I’m out of it’s inside. You know for a perimeter shooter. He moves with the third mismatch On top of this Defensive Player of the Year does not disappoint Setting up shop This to a letter a win Two men jump, that’s why Stein is over Elaine I ballgame inside six minutes Iman gets into play Ramos got around his partner Carreño, San Antonio 36 games ago It’s a what is the distributor, and he can’t really decide from the Boy sees at 3:00 got dream by delegates rudder, and thank you Dan They try to turn the corner His honor Johnathan’s has it on the horse Popovich with a running bank shot Him on machinery and the Sacramento Kings the Warriors had beaten the division opponents 32 straight times and that streak comes to an end They had held opponents under 50% shooting 36


  1. LMAO so many salty sad people trying to hate on the Warriors. The reason they win chips and rings is because they use league to get better by playing most variations. #1 front office with a keen sight for key players in all rotations, top coach and legend Kerr, the rookies and Veterans still proved they are 2nd to none and without Curry Durant the rookies got to flex. Guess what happens in playoffs when the bench comes in they run with the starters tie score and then the stars come back into the game and win us rings on rings. Strategy not emotion makes this team the best.

  2. warriors tried not to play durant and curry so that other teams can beat them on season 😂😂
    and we all know that GSW will ruined the west 😂😂

  3. It’s true what they say, your biggest haters are your biggest fans, I see nothing but haters watching all of the Warrior games 😂. What a bunch of low life children that have nothing else to do 😁

  4. I knew this dude was special Frank mason doing his thing out there an d impressive game from Willie young guy's on the come up

  5. GSW fans two years ago: "If Draymond wasnt suspended, we would have won that ring, because hes the HEART,SOUL,MOTOR of our team!"

    GSW fans after last nights game: "SEE, i TOLD YOU, its Curry thats the heart and soul of our team, NOT DRAYMOND!!!!!"

  6. so what? without Curry and Durant and still they almost won? 😀 what next, mayby without 3 players? GSW is and will be NBA champion, deal with it!

  7. give BOGDANOVIC the ball in crunch time and you have yourself a win… extra plus he took on Draymond to the hole 😛 Serbian sniper is gonna rock, just trust the guy!

  8. Jordan Bell and Patrick McCaw are WELL DEVELOPED players, and Kevon Looney fits his role as well. GSW's developmental team, going back to the Mark Jackson days, to now, have been the real MVP! Curry, Klay, Draymond, and Harrison Barnes are major testaments to that ideal!

  9. Why do they always let Klay take those off the dribble threes when it's a win or lose situation? He's good at catch and shoot, but in clutch time he doesn't convert like Steph or KD.

  10. u have to get the warriors credit they still did a good job playing last night warriors lost by coupled points they still a good team without curry or KD on the Court dubnation next game we got this

  11. I love how people have nothing else to do with their lives except waiting for the Warriors to lose and immediately taking that as an opportunity to shit talk. Not a Warriors fan myself but it’s getting annoying y’all

  12. Do y’all know Justin Holiday he use to be in the warriors but they traded him

    Yea he’s my cousin and he doesn’t know about me

  13. 2 best players on the team not playing is an excuse? Dad yor were right they HATE us because Steph and Klay were nornal ( Normal as in they didnt have an ebt card and they had a man who lived in the house named DAD)

  14. I'm a fan, but these bandwagons gotta go. Bet they don't know who Chris Mullin is. Or even Mitch Richmond. Tim Hardaway anyone? All they know is Curry. Foreal, hop off that nigga meat, he got Ayesha.

  15. Without Curry and Durant ,GSW is just another nba team…the other 2 all stars are lucky that Curry and Durant are in the team…esp Green…big talks…wouldn’t be an all star without Curry and Durant…

  16. This game was petty af … literally gav them tha game .. lmao kings are a fuckin joke in tha NBA .. my opinion 🎨🎨🎨..

  17. And this Donkey Says Warriors Have NBA Teams in a ‘F–king Panic’?
    Donkey should have carried his teams ass even without Durant and Curry.

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