Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

And for Golden State Andre, Iguodala Continues to start along with JaVale McGee, San Antonio Patty Mills coming off a good game in Game three they’ll need more of that from him would be opus on one game and Try and get the series to again play as the way you honor Them is to basically go out. Do your job and work extremely hard that’s the best? Part of it has to do with the Golden State defense then has regained their tenacity. It’s JaVale McGee Dante Murray gets knocked down Spurs hold on and Patty Mills finds Murray, Murray the young point guard hits afraid The bench but he is started with Steph Curry still out Murray getting closer closer to returning to action after suffering the knee injury as klay Thompson where it finds, Murray? Draymond Reeves playing off Murray allowing him to shoot as the geek grabs the rebound stolen by day And he puts it home turned it over five times in three and a half minutes Iguodala misses Green tips it out Durant for three The Spurs Aldridge wild shot Danny Green holds on now fires a three By the Spurs very careless offense by the Warriors Durant my better three and with all that of this game the key Rushes that tips of the draymond Green. I’ll put under that won’t go draymond Green again. Thanks it on Rudy James falling away Grabs another rebound Patty Mills for three Four to shoot they’re at let’s sit up it in he turnover game seven turnovers for Golden State not a single one for San Antonio All this puts up Ginobili finds Aldridge inside lays it up and in and this is the largest Durant shoots over to solve in and out Lutie another offensive rebound back up and in The plank time is first couple of years in the NBA Well boys he helps Amir on these playoffs Gasol is a free Give up loonies banker won’t go falls deflected finds its way to Livingston this short jumpers good. I wish some Marker slices inside there’s the old Tony Parker He had sixty points in Game three David West Beautiful pea from the ring floor. That’s when they can embarrass you defensively they executed beautifully playing with that desperation you’d expect an elimination game they stream on the Sole up to Anderson again they come on He’s got an excellent shot, but it’s not been on target so far the series great inside 11 simple a slam That’s a great at a 40 point 40-point game and his first one back that was against Portland Gay turns shoots of scores rudy Gay swash missus klay Thompson comes away Cook pull-up jumper still Filling with the injuries especially with Steph Curry up started a lot during the regular season As Tony Parker glides across the Spurs come the other way Marker goes right at cooked inside left-handed backs it all. Oh sweet hook Livingston posting up Mills ball taken by West City lays it up and in well just don’t block out any more right there was a simple block out that Look this by rudy Gay and taking advantage up by the water It is 12 years in the NBA The ran on the strong finish and again draymond Green Whistler’s cook races up the floor dream on dream floats enough JaVale McGee Gets it lays it up and in the length of driven Jump paint Murray who’s taking his starting spot finds a nobody Ginobili for three? Yes, figure out a way. He can put himself in position to score. Let’s look wide open it he gets another He’s got to be aggressive They’re gonna give them that shot shoot the basketball plays like Rondo used to play East his face And then get closer so two pointers, are you wanted to be traded to being a leader of his team? Durant banks at home Little fake free corner that’s good klay Thompson They’re comfortable team Aldridge gets rid of it jayna, Murray Murray another three In those shots a look rebounds for Golden State Looney gets inside banker misses another offensive board 25min testify to that Thompson fires away, that’s good klay Thompson Durant looking for an opening Aldridge trying to stay with him Duran create some space and nails the shot Clement Hills to Aldridge altars tries the three knocks it down JaVale McGee And Trust don’t hate them finish the walking stride and might be in he said it was awkward He wanted to thank the fans off the turnover Green comes up with it lays it up and in on The 24-day tries to Trayvon Green to Aldridge tries another three He was off the bench apparently Tony brothers didn’t like something that happened in he team Doclock now the troops at Overlea anderson san nuts in the frame 6655 durant quickly answers 19 for Durant Then oh please rips the pass Patty Mills repoter Fall on deaf ears if you still can’t play West can still play Livingston anderson backed up he was worried about direct gets it back Finds Anderson Anderson kicks it out in the corner Ginobili the fake the fake again drives and lays it up Mills picks his dribble alive Now looks the pretty Badly they want this one right from the opening tip Short jump shot David West rattles it off rudy Gay on Durant Durant drives pulls back jump shot it’s good with three tenths of a slave at at all times They will play more half-court offense under this president Falling out that lob play to game pass inside, Livingston Parker penetrates Danny Green tries a three, that’s good In the middle the tourists Parker out the Anderson shot clock winding down Anderson stops puts it up and knocks it down Knocked out of his hands gage upset. He thought he was hit klay Thompson 3-pointer draymond Green on the follow laser Their ranch inside the arts drills it Durant a three-pointer, that’s good Kevin Durant from Jock lock up to Aldridge has to fire Firing Tony they’re warriors Was cut to two earlier here on the fourth right now pack up seven Durant forces it up counted out of foul mills founded by draymond Green back to Ginobili fakes fires three-pointer by Aldridge falling away, what’s it? Ginobli fakes lost it gives it that clip so that the relation point from Manu ginóbili Turn off please Ginobli ten of his 16 here in the fourth quarter electrifying the crowd Let’s cut Alicia


  1. It's one game everybody chill we got this loss we'll accept that but what's gone be worse is this next L they gone take Tuesday night

  2. They threw the game to make time for curry I’m telling you watch how hey played chucking shots respect to manu though.

  3. Good win by Spurs and good to see the still in this series. But I have to ask… wasn't that a double dribble by Ginobli in the end?

  4. This game was fixed. It was lot of turnover for the warrior. Game 5 belonged to the warrior… How much do you want to bid ?

  5. i am a fan of spurs, but gotta they cant defeat the warriors with current lineup. this series would be way more exciting if kwahi plays

  6. Didn't get to watch this game personally but hearing that David west got a technical for riding an exercise bike tells me all I need to know about the officiating in San Antonio

  7. I usually don't have much to say about role players because they are who they are but watching SA Spurs Kyle Anderson play makes me want to yank my hair out. No team can be serious about winning by giving this scrub any meaningful minutes in a NBA game. His body movements are so slow it seems like he is moving in molasses. Added to that he is unskilled and lazy and always out of position or not involved in the action. Last time I felt this frustrated over a player was with Andrew Wiggins … but at least Wiggins does have his few good moments.

  8. Nothing about the warriors is impressive. They have 4 all stars and 3 of the best shooters all time. It's just a cupcake team and when they win the championship, who will care? What will there be to brag about? Nothing.

  9. i hate klay thompson tongue he always have it like that …look like hes a 10yr old licking tha snot running from his nose lol

  10. people out here saying warriors lost the game… no they didnt they tanked to buy time… if they won here and swept, they would go into the next round of playoffs with steph in a bad state… i doubt they would want that… i think GSW will lose the next game too buy the weekout and have near 100% steph for the second round… cause facing any team that is in the second round without steph would be near suicide for the warriors

  11. Manu can still play nice to see that i hope he will resign nextyear so his record will be good and legendary unlike other players who retired w/o going to the play offs

  12. Warriors so trash. That I can beat steph curry while beating my meat. And im so good that I can turn durant into dragon. watch out famz

  13. U know they lost on purpose right? Like Stephen A Smith said if they lose it by them sometime for the next round and plus if u look close to the game they wasnt even playing defense how they usually play(obviously) and look at kd and the team they easily can score everytime they came down at the end. Not warrior fan KD fan tho #35

  14. The warriors lost on purpose because curry isn't healthy yet and they don't want to move to the next series without him

  15. pleeeeese never gonaa be a game 4, also its a shame they are in texas and you can hear the crowd cheering for G.S.W

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