Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / Week 3 / 2017 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights / Week 3 / 2017 NBA Season

Many trip in San Antonio Warrior basketball brought to you by Mercedes at a building that has mixed Step play Kevin Durant draymond Green and son he was Andy green Kyle Anderson LaMarcus, Aldridge, and you don’t want that to happen tonight We heard lawyers last year actually welcome tree right now knowledge seventh She’s living inside the dream entre kevin better living The shot is firing there To that rebound That My clay was there to clean up a little bit to get the possession of this you See that stuff to do fences and clay and zazo kneel Santa tell me doesn’t turn the ball over You can’t beat the steak bone pain Bills will push Talk to you this will look for Chilean acclaim Up at the top for a tough shot Peyman setups play and the reload like Thompson hitting a three All the look at the story Danny Green Bill’s got the easy rebound Aldridge. That’s a warm-up three Double coming shot clock at seven Danny Green Sauce bearer of the jazz yet seven blocks against towards a couple of weeks ago one shoplocket even behave like this bills Five and Manu Ginobili has been very effective in sports all bridge with the put back again? down by Dante Marie cauce portrait green they whip it to the corner The Warriors that is already there six that’s been a major problem thus far this season Ginobili gets inside on the key comes we Livingston on the plus And it’s tipped home Mike Fremont green the couple question these shots and a couple turnovers since has been on the floor On this turnover it is curry ahead of the field here and plate of the G lead And bit of a starting lineup this season yes, Khloe gets the big hop to three a break Second Begay backing this way Paul met by to know Thompson is able to knock it down a to cut the gay and Gasol Villas positioning to the shrine here Three putting moves on Thompson plays and well, here’s the soul yes Now the saw has freed that becau Tapas wall off. The gold mistake. Just Thompson. He’s had the touch going earlier. I have the first part of it hung in That a couple of threes in factors top six, or he is feeling it And certainly San Antonio has had much success with international players here are the first half off that eighteen point Gator lost to the Celtics the saw he just Iguodala Yes Preponderating Adam this many strips of the basketball by the defensive players all reached in Reversely An 11-3 run here by Santa Tanya here Steph Curry back on the ball and wasting no time hit At the touch here on the first half here’s Durant that is here well Mills with Which is block And here’s curry Just under two to go nice laughs well why open Fremont overage? Breeze shot clock at seven Breathe pops it to the corner hostel Play Thompson home, and it has been a difficult couple of years for Steve following the 2-pack Zaza Pachulia got hit Lucy we talked about The dirt had two sticks as a member of the San Antonio Don’t laugh able to knock it down speed Anderson spent his life nice though by Anderson Father’s vote All three Basketball player Fourth assist Aloma ten points read by pop Kenneth to the ran The blind pass picked off by curry he has Thompson all the way Thompson with time and I hit it Good by Anderson Stayed over the first five minutes now this third quarter Imagine Sacramento The Celtics have done a terrific job since the loss of Haven On a pretty hook they then tone it has been so good at thus far this season Durant yes, Oh Coming at the steal boy chasing it down colory That’ll count a little bit. That’s not the case with Durant to be so long The ranch fired it down Puts the move on Kenny got the step But we’re talking downtown Puts it in wolf, but Iceland 2:23 they come from they eat it down to take the five foot tall Thompson Yeah, we went for the freight, and I the deflections here of a second half of a part of Golden State Oh Be labeled as badly a post player He always had a ball on his hand and you see Thompson. I hit one shot Clock out of six Thompson yes played Tom Selleck lost it miss Addison Cut off by Raghava, and he spoke first days And Warriors have led by phenias 14 seem to have this under control as Kevin Durant hit Defense The brakes on shoots off a flurry of it 22:24 from downtown discourage Second at UNLV the turnover, there’s the leap past bell pitching up Kevin still the pedestrian at Simpson three no, I think is that Rory at the spot, I will fit them with the kind of Starts that they have a great confident talks Moments ago here in the fourth quarter earlier Steve Kerr was whose to McCall See the game combined tonight 72 points combined To say got it in before the end


  1. Idc if the warriors wait to go down 20 then come another team that is capable of doing that, consistently. Theyre that good shooting n moving the ball, that being down 20 is a new challenge for em they unconventionally enjoy🎥

  2. Warriors better get their sh*t together, bc if they keep giving leads at the start they won't come back when Kawhi Leonard's back

  3. Once again the Larriors play a Kawhi-less SPurs and think they did something 😂. What a bunch a bums with banwagon dickriders who claim they know basketball 😂😂

  4. Every team try they hardest to beat the warriors an them niggas don't even be serious 😂 like actually watch how they be playing, they don't be doing as much as the other teams unless they get down by more than 20

  5. I hate the bandwagon pussy Warriors and I think Stephen Curry is a little kid who needs that someone gives him a lot of slaps.

  6. Fuck yeah! Golden state warriors ftw good ass game against the spurs tho. Gsw i thought they were goin to lose they was behind like 15 points or more? During the end of the 1st quarter, and still was behind at 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter they pass the score went ham af they caught up with spurs loool gg KD, klay Stephen curry and bell and green ftw

  7. The warriors have the ability to literally decide if they're gonna lose or win a game. Most teams can't do that. Most teams give their all and still lose. The Warriors can put in half the effort and win by a landslide. They are virtually unstoppable. They could go 82-0 if they wanted to and we all know it. This won't end until someone leaves or until a team manages to be equal to the warriors.

  8. Yea mon we the best lets get it Warriors KD get that second ring mon tighten up and protect your basket from labron james cry baby ass lol

  9. Spurs teamplay can hurt the gsw but it seems they run out of gas at the end? Need more endurance if they are to win against gsw which will have rested stars and bench.

  10. So u still think the spur would of beat the warriors if they hadn't had an injury last playoffs. Idk. Reeealy questionable now🤔

  11. Bear with me here because I don't even watch basketball…Why are the comments on these NBA vids polluted with broken grammar and English? Jeez, it's mind boggling merely attempting to read all of these. Btw, I do watch some basketball(before you start with the GTFOs), I watched My home team Rockets beat the warriors.

  12. Without awesome Durant this warriors team is a trash that need to roast,,,the best 3point shooters team and also the best choker of 3s haha,,1more year and Durant will be gone and yeah warriors team gonna be a trash again blowing everything without a proper backup to call,,,Durant the MVP shows he's better

  13. The Blue Team yellow blue yellow team The Warriors pretty good but in reality against the Cavs they trash we going to find out this season this is Damon Jones saying did the Golden State Warriors will be beat this season by the Cleveland Cavaliers

  14. Why are dubs hurt when people say If kawhi played spurs might've won??. That is a big IF, that question can never be answered since Kawhi is not there. Just like when Warriors cried when their third best player Dray missed a game in 2016 finals. If Dray played that game warriors might have won but they haven't. If Kawhi played spurs might've won. So don't be a pussy when people say it might've happened. It is not that spurs will steal that ring now cause the fans said. You can keep that ring and take this L.

  15. Everybody wanna join a elite team instead of trying to beat them basketball is weak it's predictable and lame now you got beat the best to say that you are the best 👎👎👎👎👎

  16. Damnnn warriors beat san antonio tonight they sweep the spurs this season. Crazy at how the spurs use to beat down the warriors and now its the other way around.

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