1. Any Mythical Beast out there, thinking of buying the movie… I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! It's such an amazing and surreal documentary and it's definitely worth buying! I recently bought it and I was in tears after watching it, trust me it's worth it!

  2. “Welcome to ‘Let’s Talk About That,’ the show about the show, I’m Stevie andI like my coffee like I like my men. I don’t.”

  3. TL;DR – I’m an old fan back when GMM wasn’t a thing and Music Videos were a majority of their content, and have now resubscribed after 5-6 years due to a great amount of enjoyment of what I believe is some of the best content on YouTube in a long time. 👍🏼

    Wow. I began watching Rhett and Link back when it was the “Rhett & Link” channel, and my first ever video I saw of them was the backwards Pillow Song, and I remember being so interested in their content and I was an active user. Eventually they announced their idea of the Good Mythical Morning, and I loved the idea and watched what I remembered was the whole first 2-3 seasons and was really enjoying it, but they started putting more effort and time into GMM than their “main” channel and I got annoyed so I stopped watching because I didn’t like their style of doing challenges, best of, etc things and missed the just sit down and talk about life things and experiences, and now like 5-6 years later I’ve gotten addicted to their taste test videos, and now have resubscribed to some really awesome and interesting content that I’m GLAD is still majority Rhett and Link doing things and not a new group of people or added 3rd man, etc. The content I’ve experienced within the last couple weeks has been some of the most enjoyable content I’ve seen in a LONG time using YouTube. Thank you Rhett and Link and the EXTREMELY large team that is now behind the scenes for making quality entertainment for a simple viewer and old fan like me. 👍🏼

  4. You can tell that Rhett and link don’t think that they’re awesome enough that JUST meeting them is enough, but just awesome enough that meeting them in addition with other cool stuff is enough

  5. The schnapps from Eastern Europe is a clear distilled brandy made from fruit juices. It's very high percentage and is drunk as a shot during meal times ^_^

  6. I totally loved the behind the scene's with Golden-shirt winner. Your team looks like a GREAT group to work with! It's a piece of GMM that we don't often see…but it was totally worth it!! Next time…I want to win! =)

  7. Megan had to be the worst person to win the shirt. I mean come on show some excitement or emotion. Stop being a stuck up bithc…shame that all that was wasted on an ungrateful c##t

  8. Play these videos at half speed. It adds a whole new element. It makes them sound like they're on some sort of drug or something.

  9. I feel for a mythical winner it was very lackluster. The mythical crew really held it together. Much like visiting the Land of Oz and pulling back that curtain… only to reveal the *puppeteers( in this case)to be the one of many talented munchkins pulling the strings of fruitful faces. It truly is the mystical Beast… 2 faces but the spirit of many!! My disappointment of this video comes from post editing, because even after editing it, it didn't seem like it was that enjoyable which made me feel uneasy and despondent.

  10. Link was super amazed by the fact that she’s seen every episode. Link… I’ve seen every gmm, gmcl, gmmore, mythical roadtrip, mythical show. Thank you sir.

  11. I died laughing everytime they inserted "GLUG" LOL! ALSO.. That's the first time link has got that last line right at the end Haha.

  12. very late to the party but i second mike with the schnapps during Hanukkah time — particularly the peach! it's very popular in the east coast

  13. I had no idea they had that many people in the crew, as we only ever see a handful of them. Seems kinda scary for all those jobs and that whole studio to rely almost entirely on youtube revenue. I applaud them for how far they’ve come however.

  14. I really hope the loft of secrecy was made to look like a shrine to megan. much like the one helga had for arnold on hey arnold.

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