Golden Thrones: Best in Bathrooms- The Field of Streams at Coca-Cola Park

Golden Thrones: Best in Bathrooms- The Field of Streams at Coca-Cola Park

I’m here in Allentown Pennsylvania, at Coca-Cola
Park. Home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. This stadium is one of the most lavish in
the minor leagues, featuring a 10,000 person capacity, VIP dugout suites, and one beautiful
diamond. But I’m here to show you the real gem of
this ballpark. I’m in the mens restroom behind home plate. These restrooms are a real inside-the-park
home run. With Enmotion automatic towel dispensers,
and stall doors so tight, you’ll never be caught stealing signals. But it’s the urinals that have dugout a
special place in my heart. Connected to this American Standard 3.8 lpf,
is a Urinal Gaming System by Captive Media. This live-streaming game is completely hands
free. Now that’s my kinda first person shooter. What do you say we step up to the plate? Play Ball! Now that I’ve mastered this game, let’s
speak to the gentleman with the reigning high score. Alright, I’m here with Wade McKinney, the
current urinal game champ, here at Coca-Cola Park Wade, thanks for being here. Pleasure to be here. Now, what goes through your mind when you
step up to the urinal? Lotta things go through my mind. Number one, you gotta remember, and you gotta
remind yourself that you are an athlete. Despite what everyone says. What every single person says. That I’m not an athlete about it, but I
am an athlete. That’s usually all I think about. So how did you get your start in this urinal
game world? Couple years back, a good friend of mine,
Dylan DeFrank, came in, and he told me they were installing a gaming system here at the
ballpark. He had run into me when I was down at the
Golden Corral on 22, where I had been competing competitively before that. Oh they have a urinal game at the Golden Corral? Yeah something like that. Well is there anything else you wanna add? Anything you want to say to the fans out there
that are watching? Ok, number one, I think electing- So there you have it. Another Golden Throne, here at Coca-Cola Park. Now if you’ll excuse me, my bases are loaded,
and I’m batting cleanup.


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