1. I live in Jacksonville Florida. My husband rescued a bunch of fancy goldfish He brought home 2 – 5gal bucket full of fish and put them in our pool. Of course it had no chemicals in it. We was supposed to have fixed our pool this last summer but of course it’s now a great big in ground fish tank. I love going out there and feeding them. Plus they keep the mosquitoes down too.

  2. I know this video is older now but maybe her fish all got sick and died because she reached in all of those tank/pools with the same hand right after handling the previous.

  3. If anyone can tell me the brand of that betta fish tank or where I can find one online that would be awesome! Also if you know the decor inside please tell me that as well!

  4. Just for interests sake,…. Axolotyl (Axe-oh-lot-el) named after the Aztec god of death and resurrection; Quetzalcoatl's brother. 🙂

  5. I have guppies that changed color with stress, was grey green with snake skin and blue fins, I separated two females for being mean, and they faded and look terrible, but they bounced back and now the blue fins are almost White and she is shiney silver like a wild fish

  6. So funny i just commented on the video we watched before this my Forster son wants a koi are arrowann so I ask if you could help me out with the name of the gold fish that looks like a koi..

  7. I've just got comets and shubunkins in my outside pond….they have just had a million babies. These guys are super modified but the more regular dudes are pretty tough dudes. I honestly don't need more. soo many babies

  8. Красивая девушка и хороший ролик!)

  9. Aweeee this is an old video.. that I came across randomly because my son won goldfish @ the fair.. & now I’m scrambling trying to figure out what I need 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 BUT all that to say, my sons name is ARLO! Lol I’ve never come across another Arlo.. of any species 😂😂 so I thought that was pretty cool!

  10. I watched the entire 20 minute video because I'm totally crushing on this beauty. She's super smart as well and actually loves fishes..

  11. Where did tog get the wood that you have in Arlo tank? It’s perfect and I’m looking for one like that. I am
    Only finding ones that are too large . Thank you

  12. i feel kinda bad for the telescopes, i dont know a lot about the though other than the fact that they probably didnt naturally evolve to look like that. does anyone know if their quality of life becomes reduced when they are bred like that or are they able to live good painless lives? i think they are really pretty but i dont want to get one if it means that i will be supporting breeding of fish who suffer.

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