Good Girl Gone Savage Gold Digger??!! (crazy)

Yoyoyo Derma testing for tomorrow. Her name is Tanya and she is a syndrome. I Was actually thinking a recording studio. Oh, yeah, let’s go. Let’s do this the team she’s a gold-digger Being a gold digger is not a crime and is a completely subjective term therefore to avoid any defamation of character and emojis placed on All of our targets, I’m really not trying to get sued guys What is up you guys and welcome back to another episode of catching gold diggers right now I’m chillin by the fire with a homie shot Darius and he’s telling me all about his girl because tomorrow we’re placing her to the Gold digger test. Are you ready for the shy? Yes, I am Meet the homie shot Darius as I said today, we will find out if his girlfriend Tania is a gold but I want to please stop-in to the test because he wants to be able to trust her He has had a bunch of people enter his life and claim to have loved him But at the end of the day behind closed doors, they just all turned out to be very sweet So for a very long time straight Darius has always longed for Something very real and now he feels like he might be on the verge of that with Tanya Shia describes It was very fun. But also with the flirty side that he’s very of freedom he has dr Invited multiple times in the past, but she has reassured I’m telling him that nothing will ever happen She will never hurt him and that she only acts like that because she’s outgoing but of course actions speak louder than words And she Terry’s just wants to make sure that that’s really the case He wants to be sure that she’s not fake like the rest have been fun fact for you guys Tanya is actually a singer so I want to do something singing related but almost killed one to ten. How outgoing is she Oh, Eleven, bro, eleven, really? Yeah, I plan for this test requires taunting to be very outgoing But before we get to that we first have to set things in motion for them all so it’s time to give yokes the pluggy Call yo Okay, so the girl with testing for tomorrow, her name is Tanya, and she is a singer Well, I was actually thinking a recording studio to keep it like singer related, you know, can you get back So once again Our plug is pulled through by supplying us with what we need. Now time for one final request one last thing I was wondering if you would like to play the decoy for this one because She’s a singer and you’re a rapper so I kind of like fixes Perfect the stage is now been set and a 24 hour timer to test Tanya has begun the Sun rises in afternoon falls we pick Up shot arias and beginner drive right now We are currently making our way to the park that showed a racist to meet him for a little hangout We will be arriving about an hour before she does. So in order to set up all the cameras alright
So when she gets here gonna go get her you’re gonna walk her over to that bench and they’re gonna make bit an excuse walk Around and come back over here Cool, make sense. Got it. Got it. Got it. But getting the perfect shot won’t be our only concern You also have to coach yokes to make sure that this thing goes as smooth as we want it to go You know what you’re doing, right? You can win up to here. You’re gonna be like, excuse me about any miracle in heaven Do you sing? She’s gonna say? Yes
obviously because she does sing and you’re gonna act surprised but Unfortunately sometimes no matter how hard we try to make things go super super smooth We always seem to run into some complications in this case. We just lost our table. Thank you guys Look, okay. So we had a table all set up and everything and look these freaking kids decided sit there Sometimes these things are just too unpredictable to call but luckily our search for another table was short We only had to move over a couple of feet to get another good shot. Oh, man, this sucks Okay don’t have the best shot here. But at least we’re still hiding at least you can’t see us still Yes, although it’s not exactly the best angle We still have to work with what we got and this time no one’s gonna catch us slipping because we’re having Jay secured the table for us Wait, is he really posing right now? So we got our second camera guy Denzel getting a second angle from down there because we don’t have the best angle up here But still looking good so looking good So I’m still ticking but we now have two solid camera angles where phase one will take place and Tonia’s should be arriving any minute now just gotta take Like two minutes. Okay, awesome two minutes away. Then let’s start getting ready I know there’s puddles and I’m sorry, but just make er sit there Okay, a shady raise heads out to go get em, bring tauntingly mic yokes up and still continue to coach him My name is yolks. What’s your name? Nice to meet you. So yesterday it was my mom’s birthday Uh-huh, and I didn’t get a chance to sing her happy I didn’t get a chance to just remember gotta make it a little more Faster cut out the arms and the odds and everything try to analyze yesterday was actually my mom’s birthday And I was curious if you wanted to help me surprise if I help them using a song to like like just so you’re confident It should sound like you’re confident in sure It’s important that our plugs execution is impeccable because we only have one shot at this But our time for practicing has expired Jay has father chef Terry is coming with Tony and begins making his way off the table and up to us as instructed All right, guys, here we are. Here we are they are coming in Jay should have been losing from the table coming up here and stuff nooks week for Mikey so far so good now all that needs to happen inside here is just needs to sit down with this girlfriend talk for a little bit and then make up as excuse to Go to the restroom Awesome any second now, right? There should be making up its excuse walking away coming back over here And that’s when yokes are gonna make your entrance, but just wait for my signal good Perfect awesome All right, something tells me that they’re not gonna let that one go anyways guys Try Daris is now making up his excuse and successfully leaving Tanya on her onus plans phase one has officially begun But before yokes makes his entrance we want to be sure that we receive shy Darius An awesome very shy they’re a perfect kilts. They’re gonna go in go ahead Yeah anything now, she’s good. Yeah, she’s good she’s With yokes now going in it’s time to remind you guys of the purpose of this phase It’s simple yokes must get Tony to sing it and successfully invite her to a recording session at the studio This will lead us perfectly into face to everything so far is going good yoke’s is making his entrance. How you doing? Shy you got a good view right there. Don’t look out there. Look at the screen. Okay, I don’t want her seat Excuse me. How’s it going? How are you? There’s a lot of men here. Yeah, okay. Oh you want to go sit down next to her? I gotta ask you a favor. I know this is really weird. But by any chance do you sing? Do you know how to sing? Yeah, I do Really? Yeah, are you good just as expected. Tania does not deny her talent The next step now is to see if she would mind singing happy birthday to yokes his mom Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and I wasn’t able to sing Happy birthday to her and I really want to do something really special for my mom and I don’t usually like to sing So I’m looking for somebody to sing her. Happy birthday Will you call her with me right now and sing a happy birthday for me, please? I mean, I guess okay, you will Okay, awesome. My name is yolks by the way, perfect not shy at all just like shade areas set but Tania won’t really be singing happy birthday tea oaks his mom and that’s because in Reality yokes will be really calling me There it is, I’m playing the role of a mom guys so I have to act like I’m a mom Hello. Hey mom. I got a surprise for you Cuz I know I miss your birthday, I love you I gotta go though mom, happy birthday I Hope you guys enjoyed my mom impression just as much as Jay did but let’s just hope it works Now yokes must do whatever it takes to convince Tony to want to go to the studio later today. Yeah. Thank you So I need a hug. Thank you so much So do you like do you sing do you sing professionally, do you have you ever sung in a studio before? You have it. How is that was that too much? Is that good? Did I kind of like a girl? I mean you won’t really be able to tell right? It’s like a phone call, right? Speakerphone it’s a unit. Oh right for helping me out I’m going to the studio later, and if you want to get in the studio, I’d love to hear you sing Like for real on the mic, maybe make a song. You drive. No, I know okay What I could do is I can pick you up It’s like about 30 minutes from here what you said you tell you’re taking dumb purpose Perfect we got like 20 minutes in Because we had no headphones to listen And we don’t know the outcome of this phase until yoke’s comes back to us to tell us have a good day But if he always pulls through as our plug something just tells me that it’s gonna also pull through as our decoy So yeah, we’re going to the studio did you get her number perfect so keep us in the loop texture keeping son looping everything let’s Move on to face – she hasn’t failed Try to hang out with her with like no more than an hour that way then she Oaks could have no sense I like texture and everything and all that stuff. Okay, so and then and then hit me up once you get help myself Okay. All right. Sure. Oh good luck. Say oh, well, I think that went pretty well We had a little like mishaps in the beginning and everything, but I think that went pretty smoothly pretty good actually I think I forgot to get her name didn’t get her need Not that I’ve been studio up that because we know her name already going in and you’re like a target Ah, okay, but you know, okay, so when you texture texture and be like hey see, I forgot your name walls and everything Okay. Okay, cool. Yes actually but now right now we’re wet let them hang out like I want once he touches his baby No, don’t be tuxedo right now. What do you like? if I good that good that Was a good day good With us successfully having the perfect scenario to move on to Phase two. The day is far from over Here we are watching my mom impression making sure that I did a good job All right horsing around time to get back to work past me when she’s ready to go Sadly yokes never texted me back. I’m just kidding about an hour later. He’s actually me that Tanja confirmed perfect Just got that text guys. It is time to change and get ready to go No, okay, so we are on our way right now, by the way, I am bringing you a duffel bag full of cash Check it guys in this bag. We’ve got bands on bands on I want you guys to remember that duffle bag because it will come in handy at the studio leader in Phase two Before we get to the studio guys Got to make a quick pit stop to the post office to ship out some merch that you guys ordered at you to merge calm After we ship out the beautiful merch we will then get back on the road and then go pick up Shai Darius and then make our way to the studio Our plug is plug this with music engineer Q test it will be in his studio where yokes will be bringing Tony I’m flashing some money to her and then asking her out Alright as it is about that time to get phase 2 Roland Yost Rayna was about ahead out to go pick up Tonia He’s gonna be back He’s gonna be gone and then back in like 30 minutes or so Um in the meantime me J and Shai, do you’re gonna hit that studio? We’re gonna record a track with Q and we gonna make some fire. So watch over our burgers. I’m just kidding guys We’re not really recording any music We’ll save that for another day But it is time for you to pick up Tony because our 24-hour timer is still ticking my god. Sorry, I love your car Please let us know we’re gonna have in the restaurant when you come while yoke’s is picking up Tonia We will be setting up the cameras all around the studio in order to capture every angle of this test because we’re in a studio And there’s electronics and equipment everywhere We simply put the cameras in corners and angles where it wasn’t visible that they were recording. We also had a dad cameras just lying around just like this one facing away to further reinforce to the Subconscious of the cameras in the room or really just lying there by the way ignore the lead I mean you guys know how rappers and artisan engineers are smoked Anyways, right now you guys are looking at a generic basic layout of the building when yolks arrives who will come in through the front Door walk past the restrooms and then take Tony into the recording room Shai Darius Jay and I will be hiding in the men’s restroom Until it is safe to come outside It’s important that when Tony comes we remain very quiet because getting caught means the tests is over But with yolks giving us updates, we should really have no issue Sorry, you can’t come in here Side of that where the ground and yeah, I don’t mean thank you. I’d rather mean Here’s my parking spot right here I Never thought the day would come where we would film the video in the bathroom with two guys Are you ready? They are now about to walk past us and again as long as we don’t make a peep we should be fine We asked you to play the music loudly when Tonya and yolks were about to step into his room that way that’ll be her signal To let us know that the coast is clear Funny story, so it was my mom’s birthday and I forgot to call her I wanted to make it special since I’m stopped and she helped me out She’s saying happy birthday for my mom and she killed it. I was impressed with how she sings. Okay? Yeah All right guys, so now that we are in the clear, I’m gonna go ahead and give us a call So now we’re ready to connect with the yokes on a call to listen in to this face yokes must be sure to answer Discreetly and once connected phase 2 will officially begin. How are we gonna do this? There’s only two. Yeah First I said on a goddamn toilet now Let’s now remind you of the purpose of this face. Once again, it is simple yokes must impress tani So in order to do that yokes will begin by flashing that duffel bag full of money and say it was from his show last Night. Hey, yo, did you get that? Let’s go, alright. So right now guys he’s showing off the cash. That’s what you’re hearing right now. He’s showing off the money But the money will only be the first half of this thing the second half to impress Tony is gonna be with yokes his own Music so that’s why You trying to talk tomorrow We got that hell yeah, let’s go and now that you’ve shown off a little bit it’s time to get Tanya to sing again What you think man you like that I gotta get a hug for that Nobody you like I want to get you in the studio. Yeah you saying so well, I wanted to choke you Don’t be nervous act like you’re singing in the shower, you know Remember we don’t want Tawny’s to just feel like a visitor We wonder feel comfortable into someone who could potentially be recording here and by the way, I am calling this right now if this test fails I’m gonna blame it on yolks because he was not kind enough to lower that mic for the poor girl Jesus Christ She’s probably standing on her tiptoes Any point of time you want to go it’s acapella, okay? We could have had You have my heart There is no denying it tanya is talented but this is not American Idol This is catching gold digger. So don’t get distracted by her angelic voice, please So now that yokes is shown Tanya that he takes his profession very seriously and that he’s also willing to help her phase 2 is officially complete and now it is immediately time to shift into phase number 3 the purpose for this phase is once again Simple yokes must ask her You know what I want to do I want to take this beautiful one on a date soon he’s smooth You have a boyfriend You don’t got a boyfriend We got to do something nice. We got a upcoming show. So maybe maybe we do the show, maybe we do dinner Get you backstage, you know I’m saying Power couple right? She said we could be a power couple. I thought I was once we could be a power fell I always wanted somebody else a partner in crime Yeah As talented as Tonya is she lacks telling an honesty? Not much effort was needed for Tony to in a matter of seconds deny her boyfriend and accept to go on a date with another guy She saw the bright opportunity to need to have a place to record and someone to record for her and she jumped on it But she can’t just jump on it. She straight up drop it or deny him. Damn when I second thought without the second pot. Damn You must say you must have one putting it to right or something where do we go from here So do you want to go in there and confront her and stuff yeah. Oh yeah, nigga Do you know exactly what you want to say? I do, you know exactly what your words I was right. You know, I’m not really yeah I’m just going there just play dumb You just I like I know yolks and jazz, you know talk to her act fake like she you’re gonna play dumb I just can’t do fake people. I am tired of fake people 20:18 buy buy buy fake people. I can’t do paper make people know more How much like a minute go right in there right now? Come on, let’s bring the camera. Okay? Do you guys want to check out or like the new merch that we are rocking Well go to you – Merce calm and check it out for a very limited time We are giving away prop money with every order. But anyways, it is time to end this video so if you guys already went through one bag of talkies and you guys might want to go grab another one because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be good What you doing what am I doing here? What are you doing? I’ll record you. Yeah Okay, what’s up with the cameras, oh we just shooting a music video, you know behind the scenes Same thing is you really yeah. What’s that working singing? Recording. Oh, you hear about this place through him see yokes, you know, huh? Yeah, man, we just met earlier today Oh, so how do y’all meet? Well, she I just asked her to sing for me She sang for my mom’s birthday and it was cool. So I had her back at the studio. And what happened after that time He brought me here. What else? Oh, no, you tell me you know the story that’s how you got here. Right? Yeah Well, if you record here, let me hear one of your songs root. Can you remind Segen how do you guys know each other? We’re a couple oh you guys are going to okay and and Um see something just happened right now between you and I yeah, sure I just asked her on a date next we and what’s she saying? She said yeah, of course What are y’all trying to pull pulling shit, you know what the fuck’s going on right now? You’re the fake person right now the hell are you talking about? What the fuck? I’m talking about Tanya. You’re not fucking stupid I’m not fucking stupid. Okay, first of all, if you’re mad about me coming here, okay, sorry, but he asked me out Yes I said, yes, but it didnt mean shit, you know what that excuse is not gonna work this time. Oh my god. Are you really gonna cause a scene right here right now? Yeah, I am You know what get the fuck outta ya I don’t want to talk to you no more. Really. Yes. That’s some high school shit Why don’t you grow the fuck up and understand? We’re not in high school anymore. That shit didn’t mean it does to me Tanya I don’t want to be around fake people. I don’t want to talk to fake people and I don’t want to date a fake person Hey, well if you’re not faking let me see your phone right now I’ll show you my because If you ain’t faking ain’t got shit to hide give it I don’t have shit to hide but I’m gonna hand over my privacy Because you are hiding shit from me give me your fucking phone(x3), Im not hiding anything, You mess up right now like he knows you mess up he saw me hurt there’s no going back from this You messed up At least you can do to try to fix it to show him that this isnt one time Thing and it didn’t really mean anything by showing him your phone No fuck that no i am not giving him my phone (x2)Fuck this shit bitch What the fuck? you are fake as fuck Come here bitch,Seriously? Daris, Seriously? Fuck That Fuck you, You fucking damn bitch damn bitch Yo, Oh my god Oh my god Get the camera out of my face, I want the camera right now Get the camera out of my fucking face, He just called me a bitch nah fuck that Okay Okay you just said that this isnt highschool This isnt highschool Okay this isnt highschool but you all just set me the fuck up You are the one who said yes so that means yes Get the camera out of my face (x2) (A lot of noise right there, cant understand what they are saying) Get out Bitch dead man Yoooo… ohhh ohhhh shit.. There’s a lot of worldstar right there buddy, yeah Did she break that? Oh my god Oh, that’s the expensive one, too Ohhh no! I dont wanna pay for it!(laughs) What the fuck is wrong with your girl cuz this is a fucking crazy bitch Like how we gonna record all these hits now (laughs) You are so stupid(laughs)

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