Good news for gold and silver as IMF reports China Growth may be OK

Good news for gold and silver as IMF reports China Growth may be OK

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 4th October 2016 and we are
briefly covering the latest IMF announcement published earlier today.
Although the IMF raised its prediction for UK GDP growth this year to 1.8%, the figure
for 2017 was cut to 1.1% as it warned that the global recovery remains “weak and precarious”.
The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook predicts global growth this year will reach 3.1%, rising
slightly in 2017. Chief economist Maurice Obstfeld said: “Taken
as a whole, the world economy has moved sideways. Without determined policy action to support
economic activity over the short and longer terms, sub-par growth at recent levels risks
perpetuating itself.” A fall in US growth this year to 1.6%, down
from the previous 2.2% forecast, will be offset by increases in countries including Japan,
Germany and Russia and India, the IMF said. Mr Obstfeld says: “It is vitally important
to defend the prospects for increasing trade integration.
In one important area – China – the IMF’s concerns have eased somewhat in the short
term. Growth has been stable, allaying fears that China’s widely reported economic slowdown
would be much more abrupt than it has been. However, there is a warning about the country’s
longer-term prospects and the debt burden faced by many businesses.
The IMF added “A still-rising credit-to-GDP ratio and lack of decisive progress in addressing
corporate debt and governance concerns in state-owned enterprises raise the risk of
a disruptive adjustment.” This is a warning to Chinese authorities to
address the issue of uncontrolled debt provision otherwise a significant default and economic
collapse could result. For those of us who invest in gold and silver, it does suggest
that Chinese demand should, at least short term, continue unabated. This means a continued
demand for both gold and silver by China, India, Russia, Germany and Japan, this will
continue to put upward pressure on prices. This bodes particularly well for silver in
2017 should the IMF prove correct. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. I cannot believe forecasts predicting growth. I even do not wish economic expansion, it is time to establish a sustainable system or we will end up like mice having eaten all the cheese.

  2. Unless you are high volume/high frequency trader, short term PM analysis is irrelevant. (If you are a high volume/high frequency trader, you are not getting your information from youtube)  It is pretty clear that the next bubble to pop is the last bubble central bankers blew up – the credit bubble.  Since currency is created with credit it is going to take the currency, all currencies, along with it.  The only question you have to ask yourself is: do you think that the credit bubble will blow up within your lifetime.  If you answered that question with a yes then blatting on about $20.01 silver, $17.91 silver, $18.22 silver is pointless.  Measure your stack in terms of oz.'s not dollars, yen or yuan; BTFD and keep stacking.

  3. So why did the silver and gold drop so fast in the past 48 hours?  Did the dollar get stronger or oil go down and sticks go up?  Do you think silver and gold will go down even lower till the election hits?  Thanks man.

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