Goodwood Barbecue

Goodwood Barbecue

Mike and I wanted get back to old school
restaurant touring where food was made from scratch and people really care
about the guest and managers were hands-on. So we came up with the vision of GoodWood barbecue.
Barbecues the foundation for what we do. We build variety around around it in our menu. Try to stay heavily involved as owners. Try to let that filter down to all the
individuals that make experience happen. We opened this store back in 2002 then we’ve opened three restaurants
in the Salt Lake City area. Each store has it’s all personality its own
theme so to speak, but there’s a common character of the
field of GoodWood that we try to carry through in all the stores.
We’re all about making good food for people. I mean, we take a lot of pride in what we
do here. We’re all about putting a quality product from a somebody where
they feel they’re getting their money’s worth in terms of what they see on the plate,
in terms of the service, the overall experience, and so we work on
that constantly. Our first store began the journey with Washington Trust.
They were a pretty integral part of our growth and of us even being who we are. Every time I call down there to talk to
somebody, I always get the feeling like these people are jumping through some
hoops for me. Whether it’s, “Hey I’ve lost my debit card” or “Hey we’re
opening a new restaurant, we’re looking at getting a loan package
for some equipment, lets meet.” It just came real natural. It just made you feel like You were dealing with somebody that you knew. They cared, and they understood our business.

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