GoPro HERO 7 Black vs Silver vs White! (4K)

it’s the ultimate shootout today we’ll
be comparing all three of the new GoPros against each other the new hero seven
black verse silver verse white which one is best which one is the most bang for
your buck we’ll be doing side-by-side comparisons of all three
now I’m Ben from authentech, and a couple quick disclaimers I bought all three of
these new GoPros with my own dime all firmwares have been updated and finally
know this video is sadly not sponsored by anyone though I kind of wish it was
it took me forever to make so let’s jump right in I want to congratulate GoPro on
the new color gradients they look really slick that black is actually black this
time and they put the model number and names more clearly on the side looks
more uniform in design and easier to distinguish starting with pricing this
basically sets the context for the rest of the review the hero 7 black is
currently $400 the silver is $300 and the white is 200 now I’m not going to
waste your time telling you the obvious differences that you could just look up
on your own GoPro even has a helpful comparison chart where you can compare
all the features and specs next to each other I’ll give you that link down below
for this video I want to focus on actual footage and photos captured side-by-side
how they look and stack up against each other oh and don’t forget to follow me
on Instagram for all the sneak peak and behind the scenes shots that I post
while making these videos starting with some daytime photos all settings were
left in default and the black had super photo turned on as they say this
intelligently applies HDR local tone mapping or noise reduction to optimize
your shots this is a headline feature on that new 7 black and it showcases well
what a massive difference it can make next to the others
colors look more vibrant and man that dynamic range is clearly much nicer
verse the other two on that know even though the HDR looks more professional
it often has more contrast added as well if we look at a waveform we can see how
much darker those shadows are being pulled down verse the other two I also
think it’s the same with the highlights stretching upwards just look at this
brick wall in the shadow the black looks much darker than the
others I’d say overall image sharpness and clarity looks nicer on the black
over the silver and the white as with most of these tests that should be the
case right I mean I guess it is the more expensive model and it has the better
internal specs it’s shooting at 12 megapixel photos the other two are at 10
megapixels if we zoom way in and do some pixel PP
and we can spot some slight differences between the images with the black
looking a bit sharper like here in the shingles jump into some low-light photo
samples now all three looks grainy noisy muddy and the details I mean sure I
guess the black looks may be a bit better but not by to much switch into
some video side-by-sides a couple things to first note you got to remember these
tests are almost like apples to oranges the black and shoot 4k 60fps which by
the way is pretty awesome while the whites can only shoot 1080p
60fps so of course they’re gonna look pretty different I think the key to
remember is just how different or similar they might look and is it worth
the extra money spent on those fans to your features spoiler alert I think it’s
worth it let’s start with some apples to apples all three are shooting an exact
same resolution and framerate 1080p 60fps funny enough I’d almost say the silver
looks to be the better quality and this shot with the black one in last place
for some reason the black isn’t doing a great job here at 1080p though it’s
colors and white bounce seem a little bit cooler than the other two also I’m
not sure why you’d actually want to shoot at this lower resolution when it
can crank out much higher but hey the more you know now we switch to the best
of the best on each 4k 60 on the black 4k 30 on the silver and 1080p 60 on the
white make sure you’re watching this video in all 4k glory so you can spot
those little differences a few things you should notice here and the black is
cropping in for a more narrow field of view and that’s because stabilization
was turned on it crops in about 10% on frame that 10% is actually a lot what’s
up guys this is a quick audio test on the GoPro Hero 7 black this is the GoPro
Hero 7 silver and this is the GoPro Hero 7 white
how’s the audio different sound how’s the audio different sound how’s the
audio different sound let’s live authentic let’s live
authentic let’s live authentic the black has three
microphones that others only have two I’d rate the black ass sounding the best
most crisp clear and better wind reduction though the white actually
sounded pretty good as well moving on to one of my favorites this is
a quick walking stabilization test the silver and white models have what GoPro
calls a standard video stabilization but the black has a new hyper smooth
stabilization and this is a quick jogging stabilization test here we can
see the improvements and difference that hyper smooth stabilization is making the
other two cheaper models still have quite a bit of shake and wobbles versus
the black is semi smooth throughout the shot one thing we got to talk about look at
this stuttering issue on the black model and I’m assuming this is connected to
their stabilization processing it’s kind of rough and can ruin the shot in almost
all of my slow panning shots it appears again and again is this e is pitfalls in
lower light conditions whatever it is maybe we’ll see a fix in a firmware
update not to forget a quick low-light video test I’d say the black is
maintaining the best quality to noise ratio then the white model in second
place and silver in surprisingly last place kind of strange the black enables
the auto low-light function at 4k 60 and just for kicks and giggles I tried
switching over to 4k 30 where there is no low-light function to see if there’s
a difference and it really does look a bit worse in my opinion of course with
protune turned on in any of these tests we could produce much nicer looking
images just remember protune is only available for the black model not for
silver or white now on to another favorite tests of mine and that
slow-motion the black and shoot up to 240 FPS at 1080p I was really hoping for
480 this time around but sadly that’s a no-go the silver and white are capped at
60fps 1080p there’s such a nice difference between the fluid smooth
motion and higher quality image on the black over the silver and white this
brings me to one overarching point throughout all these tests the silver
and the white models look pretty similar that have a lot of the same features and
specs on paper they both have non removable batteries no front LCD screen
the silver is $300 the white is 200 and that’s still a fair amount of money
compared to other action camera options on the market for example you could pick
up a Yi 4k for only $150 brand new Amazon Prime and that shoots 4k 30 up to
100 megabits per second and I literally just saw this as I was making this video
Amazon has for a limited time a $25 savings coupon so that brings it down to
you only 125 bucks that’s kind steal I’ve made plenty of videos on the
Yi cameras in the past on this channel so in case you missed those I’ll link
those down in the description as well I didn’t even cover the speed of the
GoPros the silver and white ones feel a little laggy sometimes while the black
is a tad snappier and faster thanks to those better internals the black model
is the obvious pick in my opinion between these three and that’s
considering features capabilities and overall image quality let’s say you for
sure wanted to buy a new GoPro 7 just not sure which model I’d recommend the
black as the most bang for your buck now in my next video I’m even more excited
to test the new 7 black versus last year’s six black make sure you don’t
miss it by turning on notifications let me know down in the comments which GoPro
you think is the winner in terms of quality and price and then also let me
know what other cameras you want me to pit these GoPros against until next time
let’s live authentic

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