GoPro HERO4 Silver: Capturing Video and Photos (Part II)

GoPro HERO4 Silver: Capturing Video and Photos (Part II)

In this video we’ll show you how to change
settings and capture video and photos with your HERO4 Silver. The HERO4 Silver has lots
of great settings to choose from and quickly selecting a new setting is easier than ever.
Each mode has its own settings menu. To change a setting, swipe left and tap the mode you
want, then swipe up to open the settings menu for that mode. From there, swipe and tap to
change the settings. To exit, tap X. To capture video, first select video mode. To select
a different video option, swipe up to open the settings menu, then tap to select the
type of video you want. Swipe down to close the settings menu. For descriptions of each
video option, download the user manual at To start capturing video,
press the shutter button. Whenever a great moment happens, press the Settings/Tag button
to add a HiLight Tag to your footage. HiLight Tags make it easy to find the best moments
for easy playback, editing, and sharing. To stop recording, press the shutter button again.
To capture a photo or a series of photos, first select photo or multi-shot mode. If
you need to select a different option within that mode, swipe up to open the settings menu,
then tap to select the type of photo you want. To exit, tap X. For descriptions of each option,
download the user manual at You can also capture video or Time Lapse photos
using QuikCapture. When this setting is on and your camera is off, press the shutter
button to automatically turn your camera on and begin recording video. When you press
the shutter button again, video stops and your camera turns off. To capture Time Lapse
photos, be sure your camera is off. Press and hold the shutter button to start capturing
TimeLapse. Press the shutter button again to stop capturing and automatically turn off
your camera. For more information about anything in this video, visit


  1. Can I charge a GoPro 4 Silver via USB cable with an external battery (e.g. Anker)? Provided I can, is it possible to record while charging?

  2. Ive just got my gopro 4 silver and the pictures and video seems a little blurry through 1080 to 4k and the pictures are really coming out horrible not sure what to do

  3. Help!! i can't connect my camera to mi iPhone 6. When i connected to WiFi cameras network then appear this message  "connection lost" You are no longer to your camera's Wi-Fi network. The GoPro App is now connected to a different camera. I don't no why?? 


  4. saw that under the products Manuals withn the site, that there is actually a HD Hero NAKED, what in the world can that be?????

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