GoPro HERO4 Silver: Getting Started (Part I)

GoPro HERO4 Silver: Getting Started (Part I)

Congratulations on your new HERO4 Silver camera.
This series of videos will show you the basics of capturing life’s most incredible moments
with your GoPro. In this video, we’ll give you an overview of the HERO4 Silver camera.
To get more detail about any of the topics we’re about to cover, download the user manual
at The HERO4 Silver comes with these items: a rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, Standard Housing, a Touch Backdoor, a Skeleton Backdoor,
Curved and Flat Adhesive mounts, two Quick Release Buckles- one on the top of the box and one
inside, a 3-Way Pivot Arm, and a Locking Plug. Remove the camera from the housing by squeezing
the door closed, then lifting the latch. Pivot the latch back and up to release the Backdoor.
Insert the card with the label facing the front of the camera. Your HERO4 Silver comes
with a partially charged battery, but it’s a good idea to fully charge it to get the
most out of your first use. To charge your HERO4 Silver, open the battery door and insert
the battery. Connect your camera to a computer or other USB charging adapter with the included USB cable. For faster charging, be sure the camera is off when you connect it to the computer or charging device. To get the most out of your HERO4 Silver, update your camera’s software
to ensure that you always have the latest features at your fingertips. Visit
for details. While you’re there, be sure to download the GoPro App to your smartphone
or tablet so you can control your camera remotely and view and share your photos and videos.
You’ll also want to download the latest GoPro software for your desktop to help you easily
import, edit, and play your content. Let’s take a look at the basics of the HERO4 Silver camera.
The main feature is the built-in Touch Display, which lets you preview shots, easily change
settings and modes, and immediately playback your videos and photos. The Touch Display
automatically turns on or off when you turn your camera on or off, but you can dim the
screen at any time with the Touch Display sleep/wake button. The HERO4 Silver has four
buttons: a shutter button on the top, a power button on the front, a sleep/wake button on
the back, and a settings/tag button on the side. Camera status lights can be seen from
several angles. There’s one on the front, top, back, and bottom. The blue wireless status
light on the front blinks when wireless is on. On the side of the camera, you’ll find
a microHDMI port, a mini USB port, and a microSD card slot. When you’re recording video, use
the settings/tag button to add HiLight Tags to your video so you can mark the best moments
to share. When you’re not recording, this button is a quick way to get in and out of
the settings menu for any mode. In the box you’ll find three Backdoors. Use the Standard
Backdoor if your activities involve water, dirt, sand, or other environmental hazards.
Use the Touch Backdoor in these environments if you still want to use the Touch Display.
Use the Skeleton Backdoor to get better sound quality and only when water, dirt, and sand
are not a risk. To change the Backdoor on the housing, lift the latch, then pivot it
back and up to release the Backdoor. Open the Backdoor, then firmly pull it off the
hinge. Push the new Backdoor into the hinge until it snaps into place. Be sure the seal
is clean, then close the Backdoor. To keep the seal in good condition, especially when
using the housing in dirty or sandy environments, rinse the seal and the housing with fresh
water. The HERO4 Silver can be used with all GoPro mounts. Three mounts are included in
the box, along with two adhesive mounts, so you can easily adapt your GoPro to your activities.
Adhesive mounts make it easy to secure the camera to curved or flat surfaces, such as
helmets, vehicles, and other gear. Always attach adhesive mounts to a smooth surface.
The 3-Way Pivot Arm lets you mount your camera on the side of a helmet or anywhere you need
to rotate it 90 degrees. To give you an idea of how to put everything together, let’s set
everything up for a motorcycle ride. We’ll be going less than 60 miles per hour, so we’ll
use the Skeleton Backdoor. This door will allow us to get great sound in the video.
We want to mount the camera to the side of the helmet to get some great footage of the
ride. Be sure the surface is clean and smooth. Because a helmet is curved, we’ll use the
curved adhesive mount. Peel off the backing and firmly press the mount onto the surface.
The next thing to do is attach the 3-Way Pivot Arm to the mount. No matter what configuration
you’ll use with this arm, the first step is to disassemble it. Then use a short thumbscrew
to connect the long twist to the Quick Release. To mount the camera on top of the long twist,
be sure the nut of the Quick Release is on top. Connect the short twist with the nut
pointed toward the Quick Release mount, attach the camera with the long thumbscrew, slide
the Quick Release into the adhesive mount. You’re ready to go. So you captured some great
video and photos, but that’s just the beginning. Relive your experience and share it with your
friends. To playback or share from your smartphone or tablet, use the GoPro App. Or easily playback
content on your computer using the latest GoPro Software. For more information about
anything in this video, visit


  1. Can't download the manual for the Silver 4 from the official website. After you select languages there are no buttons to click to download. Help GoPro? 

  2. Great! – I loved seeing that vid. However that on my PC the sound seemed to have some interference – could be me though! I think we have only some differences and I like ur technique u have. When you can spare the time please check out the similar videos on my channel (see playlists) and tell me your opinion of them. Any constructive criticism gratefully recieved! Be nice to hear from you!

  3. I just bought mine. Its so cool.
    I bought it here
    Check it out guys

  4. Thx so much wif tutorial. 
    I think I more or less got it.
    I bought mine at Singapore & wanted to record Zoukout. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to c content so nt sure whether would graphics be gud or nt thus I didn't record, sadly. I saw there were other ppl recordin' usin' GoPro & theirs had visual content.
    Anyway, juz to clarify, u nid to attach the 'Backdoor' to c content, is it?!

    Cheers fr tis tutorial. It helped broaden my knowledge to use GoPro, I hope 

  5. About the Mount  5:01 the backing you peeled off I can put it back anytime? PRO TIP it said I have to put it there or wait for 24Hours till I can use it?

  6. Hi there, very new to gopro – got my hero 4 silver for xmas, just shot an approx 11min or 2.38gb video and it wont alow me to upload it to my PC or to gopro studio software – everytime i attempt it, it times-out. any advice? ..or more to the point whats the longest video that can be shot on a gopro that wont time-out on upload? ……any help and advice would be appreciated. thanks

  7. I dont think the Touch Backdoor is as good as waterproof compared with Standard Backdoor , 'cause the touch backdoor is thinner than Standard , am i right ? I just bought the 4 silver and a little confuse . If we dive on 8-10m , standard backdoor is the best ? 

  8. cant import Studiosftware due to XP computer not having correct stuff onboard. What is the minimum requirement to run Hero4 silver and its software?


  9. I'm so VERY glad these getting started videos are here.  Between being dyslexic and finding my eyes aren't as good as they once were, I spent an hour with a magnifying glass last night, trying to read the little folded paper get started booklet.  However, once opened up, I found that the last square of paper on the bottom right, was the first bit of writing I needed to read.  With the final reading matter being on the top left of the opened manual.
    Now, reading is hard enough for me as it is (Thanks GoPro!!), putting the start up guide in such a tiny format along with having everything back to front just left me with a thumping headache come the point where I gave up with it last night.  Going to bed with the strong feeling I had just wasted nearly 300 quid on a  gadget I would take forever to understand.
    Oh yes, I forgot to add that when I went to the site (tried it again just now,, I chose my camera model for the Product Manuals tab, selected English in both of the other tabs where it says, "Select your language from the list below", only to have absolutely nothing else come up on the screen.  About as helpful chocolate toilet paper to someone who has never owned any form of camcorder before!
    So, finding these Getting Started guides on YouTube this morning saved me – for now – from contemplating going back to the shop and saying that I simply dont want it because I cant understand a back to front user manual and found the help from GoPro to be seriously lacking on their website.  And yes, I tried both logged into the site and without logging into to it too.
    So, once again, thank you so very much for putting these videos up here.  I hope they are in the right order, unlike the miniature paper guide pamphlet "in the box".

  10. Hey, I just wan to ask why did I saw many reviews from GoPro users, that their camera DID NOT have the build in LCD backscreen? I hope someone will anwser me. Thanks.

  11. Hello,
    I've paired my Hero4 (Silver) to my app on my iPhone and there was an update available.
    I did it, but until now it only says "Firmware update failed" and it doesn't leave this part… only continues to trying to update it, without any success.. plus the process of pairing it doesn't finish, so not working yet.
    Any ideas?

  12. Hey, just bought my GoPro Hero 4, and I am traveling to Thailand for 30 days in about 2 weeks. What is the best necessary equipments I would need?

  13. perhaps, telling us to get the most outta Gopro, ya can give a tutorial on how to get a Goddamn update. Jesus, I learned more from kids on youtube, than your company.

  14. Got my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and all these accessories as stated in the video for $340! No tax. 🙂 Im a happy camper

  15. Hello. 🙂 When will GoPro cameras have the ability to make different profiles with different settings? My man and I use different settings, and when he uses the camera he has to change them all to fit him, before he can film. Then when I will use the camera, I have to go through all the settings and change them back to those settings that I like. It would be so much easier with profiles.

  16. Hello, is it possible to use hero 4 silver as car recorder. when written full sd card video automatically recording on the top ? 🙂

  17. 3:49 I had to search for a video to see how hard I was supposed to pull the backing! Thanks for the note, I totally thought I was going to break it haha.

  18. great video! Because I'm a little hard of hearing it would be great to be able to mute background music to hear speech better.

  19. I just purchased one of these today, and so far I am happy with it, but you said that you might be able to remove the quick release buckle that is attached to the top of the box, right, if so, can you please tell me how I remove it from the box or is that there just to hold the camera when I put it back into the box?

  20. Hi. I love my gopro especially time lapse. Unfortunately my computer won't support 4k and I already filmed some videos with it. Is there a way to convert the file back to 1080p? I tried so many software downloads with no success. Any (preferably free) solutions? I really don't want to loose that footage xx

  21. Great vid but how do you reset the wifi password if you have forgot the wifi password because I have been to your website but it doesn't really help me so can you do a video on that

  22. Does anyone know if the picture quality/bitrate is the same on both Cameras when they are both on the same settings? Eg. If they are both on 1080p/50fps will the quality be exactly the same or is the Sensor better in the Black? I can't work out why the Battery time is less on the Black at the same setting (considering the Silver has the LCD)

  23. Can anybody answer my questions:
    1) Does this have a input for an external mic?
    2)I believe this is WiFi to connect to your phone?
    3) Is this a 2K or 4K?

  24. I am using a JHub Elite to charge my Hero4 Silver. The red GoPro light goes out after 30 seconds and the blue blinking JHub lights also go out. But when I press the ON button on the JHub both device lights light up and stay on again for 30 to 60 seconds. So I don't know what this means.

  25. It is nov 2018 and I’m just now getting a GoPro 4 silver that I traded someone for and there are GoPro 7 and I think GoPro 8 but I just now gettin the 4, hopefully I can figure out how to get it to work

  26. Unable to download videos using Quik on a Mac.It also does not have standard USB port. My go pro hero plus works great and prompts Quck. Go pro 4 shows importing but doesn't do anything on same computer. Still trying to figure out problem. Not sure why there are two ports on Go pro 4 may have to use SD card reader adapter. If you font have iPhone 6, app is not going to work on phone, lots of things to consider, not easy.

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