GoPro HERO4 Silver Unboxing + New Accessories!

GoPro HERO4 Silver Unboxing + New Accessories!

Hi everybody, Bohus here for
and Fotodiox Pro. As you know, GoTough Gear has created a huge line of GoPro accesories,
and so we were anxious to get our hands on the new GoPro HERO4. This is the HERO4 Silver,
and we want to do a little unboxing and then we’re going to add a couple of our accessories,
make sure that everything still works okay. So, let’s crack into this guy. Uh, let’s
see, if you’ve bought a GoPro before they come in these kind of tall boxes, and
I usually hang onto the box because it does a better job of spelling out the features
then the literature that comes inside sometimes. So let’s see, there seem to be pull tabs here.
Remember friends, set aside about an hour to unpack your GoPro camera. Alright, I’ll
do this one. Now, does it slide out free and easy? It does! Okay, that’s never happened
before, there’s usually like a big thing of glue in there. Alright, so I’m going to put
that over there. Alright, now, they have a pull tab, it’s like a rip cord. Because it’s
an action adventure camera, you get a rip cord. Here we go, done. I’m going to save that for
the collectors. Alright, there. I always save these from these cameras, I don’t know why,
it doesn’t do anything, but I, it’s thick clear plastic so I’ve always saved these.
Okay, but here’s the camera itself. We unscrew, do that, we get rid of that, okay, now we’ve
got the camera loose. Here’s the quick release thingy, loose. Now here’s this top bit, this
is glued onto the box and um, I usually keep this cause you can like, screw holes in it
and bolt it onto something. So let’s get this off. We can clean that up a little bit later.
Now let me give you a few words of background on my history with the GoPro. I used to be
a TV producer and I was one of the first guys to put GoPro on television when they were
new, and so I’ve been a big fan of GoPro since then, not just as an action camera but as
like a great multi-purpose camera that I don’t have to be really careful about. And the quality
has just grown by leaps and bounds, it’s an amazing little guy so I’m very psyched about
the HERO4. Before we crack into the camera let’s see what all it comes with. Okay, you
get, well, you get a lot of stuff here. Okay you get a sheet of stickers, you get safety
stuff, let’s see if it’s safety as long as my arm. No, not quite as long as my arm, okay.
Uh, getting started, that’s just a single sheet there, how about a quick start guide,
is this as long as my arm? It’s longer, yes, the documentation is as long as my arm. Um,
plus a warranty and disclaimer which tells you if you kill yourself, that’s on you. Let’s just, let’s just dump all this stuff out. Okay, so we’ve got a couple plastic quick
release clippy guys, these have adhesive on them so you can stick them on to any surface.
Then we’ve got a little arm, a little extender arm made out of plastic. This is a helmet
mount with the quick release clip on it. USB cord. Ahh, the battery. Controversially GoPro
has gone with another kind of battery again. And so far the scuttlebutt on the net, it’s
not good news about the battery and run times. But we’ll have to experiment with that in another
video. Okay, this is important. You get a couple different doors here, okay, because
the back door on this little guy actually pulls off. The big feature of the Silver is
it’s not as expensive as the HERO4 Black, but also it has the little screen built right
in, you don’t have to buy it as an accessory, and it’s a touchscreen. So the door that it
comes with out of the box, that’s the waterproof door, plunge this into the water, of course
you won’t be able to operate the touchscreen from here. For that you’ll need this door,
which has this this touch sensitive kind of material, and that does mean that you can’t
take it as deep underwater, right? This stuff isn’t quite as waterproof resistant as the
full bore case is. And then the last door is just open in the back, and I think that
has the dual purpose of being able to operate the touchscreen as well as um, if you’re shooting
in an environment where you don’t have to worry about water, that’s gonna let more of
the outside sound get in there, so you have better sound, and you know people have always
kind of groused about the sound quality that comes out of a GoPro. But, let’s see, let’s
get this guy out of here. There we go. Okay, so it looks like it’s about the same size
and shape as the prior HERO, the HERO3+ which we use all the time. It’s got the little door,
the annoying separate door –why can’t it be on a little thingy so you don’t lose it?–I
don’t know. But there you go, that’s what it looks like. So you do gain a lot, like I said
you save a couple bucks off the HERO4 Black, plus the screen is built right in and it’s
a touch screen so you can operate this guy. But of course one of the main features is
WiFi connectivity, meaning that you can operate this from your phone, and once you do it you’ll
never go back, it’s an awesome way to run the camera. But what I really like is that
they’ve maintained the same kind of shape, the same kind of size, and this little forky
bit down here at the bottom is the same, which means that all of the accessories that you’ve
already got are going to work, and guess what? That means all the cool accessories from GoTough
are going to work. So let’s get a couple of them out and press them into service. Okay,
first let’s take a look at the quick release clip that comes with your GoPro. Normally
that snaps into this guy, this is the stick-on clip we looked at just a moment ago that comes
with the kit. But we’ve got it in metal. So it’s all aluminum, it comes in a whole bunch
of different colors, plus you get a quarter twenty thread in the bottom so you can use
this on a tripod. You can actually have this living on a tripod and then take your GoPro
off, put it on the Chesty mount or whatever, super handy. These are made out of aluminum
so they can take a beating. Now, if you have a more permanent installation in mind we’ve
also got a QR plate with these screw holes in it, it even comes with a little bag of
screws, so you can bolt this onto a big plank of wood or onto the deck of a boat or something
like that and it can just stay there, And because it’s aluminum it can take whatever
you dish out. Now, another way you can mount your GoPro onto a tripod is with this guy,
it’s a simple tripod adapter. It’s got a round shape, it’s got the little quarter twenty
thread down in the bottom and um, hang on, you ever have this problem where the thumbscrews,
you can’t, can’t loosen them cause it’s hard to get a grip? We’ve got the SharkBite wrench.
It’s a wrench on one end for the thumbscrews, a bottle opener on the other end, and you
know what that end’s for. But let’s unbolt here, there we are, easy. Another thing to
note is that the original plastic accessories have this acorn nut that’s kind of pressed
in here. These can get lost, you can easily push this screw out and just kind of pop that
out and then you’re, well, you’re screwed. But with ours it’s actually integrated into
the body of the adapter itself, so, throw this guy on here like so. And we have the
thumbscrews in aluminum as well in a variety of colors, great for, you know, your team
kind of sports or also if you’re at a shoot you know there are more and more GoPros everywhere
you go, you can now easily identify yours. Okay, so there’s that guy. Now check out these
little extenders, you’ll notice they’re actually different from one another. One will actually
turn the camera 90 degrees and one will not. The whole point of this is, when you’re using
those little plastic arms to position your camera, each arm that you add turns the camera
90 degrees, so you might get it where it’s perfect, it’s the perfect length, but the
camera’s facing the wrong way. So you just add one of these little extenders to turn
it back around the correct way, and these also come in a bunch of different colors.
Now let’s wrap up this video with the accessory that created the most excitement when we introduced
it: the WonderPana Go filter system. GoPro does now offer a filter that kind of presses
on for when you’re going underwater, and that’s cool, we’ve got one of those too. But ours
is an entire system. We’ve got macro filters, we’ve got ND filters, we’ve got a circular
polarizer filter, a whole bunch of different stuff, and yes, it does work with the GoPro
HERO4. Let me show you how. Here’s the kit right here. It just comes with a filter holder
and a little screwdriver. Let’s get the filter holder out. All you have to do is take this
aluminum filter holder, pop it on the front of your case… notice it does not affect
the case being waterproof at all, it just presses onto the front there. We’ve got a
little set screw in the side, and you use the included screwdriver to just cinch that
on and there you go. And it’s made out of aluminum because this is an action camera,
so it’s going to have to take some knocks, but now you’re ready. So now you’ve got a
filter thread and, let’s see, here are some filters I pulled off the shelf, here’s an
ND8. An ND is sort of like sunglasses for your GoPro camera. This is great for when
you’re outside and the camera is trying to use its shutter to compensate for all the
light coming in, and that’s where you get your kind of jello vision stuff. By putting
on the ND filter, then the electronic shutter inside isn’t trying to compensate for all
the light coming in, and you’re not going to see that kind of jello vision effect that
is sort of a footprint of the GoPro cameras. But we’ve got a whole bunch of different NDs,
all the way up to ND32 if you need it. We also offer a circular polarizer, and we’ve
gotten a ton of positive reviews online and on Amazon about the polarizer. The front section
rotates independently and this lets you dial in the effect. If you’ve never used a circular
polarizer before, what it does is it dials away reflections or like haze or glare, or
even like really fine scratches in glass or on the surface of a car or something like
that. And it’s a very good CPL, look it up online, you’ll see we got a lot of positive
reviews. Plus, if you’ve got other filters in your collection we offer the mako step-up
rings, which will take this up to a larger filter size that’s compatible with kergillions
of filters out there. So there you go, GoTough Gear is ready right now to outfit your new
GoPro HERO4 Silver camera and give you even more image control than all the cool new features
they stuffed inside this little camera. Because nothing looks more real than just getting
it right the first time instead of trying to fix everything in post. So I’m excited
to go out and start shooting with this camera, I hope you are too. If you’d like to learn
more about GoPro accessories just click on the link down below this video, you’ll see
all of the great stuff that we’ve got available for you right now. And if you’d like more
videos just like this one, you know, product previews, overviews, unboxings, stuff like
that, just click right here to subscribe and we’ll make sure that you get more videos just
like this one. My name’s Bohus, thanks for watching.


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