Gordon Goes Undercover At His Own Restaurant In Las Vegas | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

Gordon Goes Undercover At His Own Restaurant In Las Vegas | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD

[music playing] GORDON RAMSAY: I love
to go undercover– Maria. –and prank unsuspecting people. I am Gordon Ramsay! [inaudible] But James’s cover is burned. Time to introduce Thomas. Viva Las Vegas. For this prank, I’ve
traveled to Sin City. My target, my very
own restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Steak. Tonight, they’re celebrating
their five-year anniversary. And I’m going undercover
to fool my staff. Thomas, welcome. GORDON RAMSAY: –which
includes my executive chef, “Hell’s Kitchen” winner
Christina Wilson. Big, big day for us today. Fifth anniversary. Need to be on your A-game. GORDON RAMSAY: My
cover, I’m a waiter in training from
Baltimore, looking to learn the Gordon Ramsay standard. [slurping] [music playing] My production crew
has done it again. They’ve set up hidden cameras
to capture all the action. – They’re coming.
– They are coming. GORDON RAMSAY: The
place is crawling with executives and employees
that I’ve known for years. [glass clinking] Now, this is a challenge. I wanted to take
a minute to thank Chef Christina Wilson for making
this restaurant the success that it is. Thank you. GORDON RAMSAY: True, the
restaurant is a success. But– [shattering] –it’s never faced a
challenge quite like Thomas. Want to drop at 31, Thomas. GORDON RAMSAY: Step one, let’s
see what kind of bad behavior I can sneak past my employees. Ma’am. [inaudible]. GORDON RAMSAY (AS
THOMAS): Sorry. That ought to get
the ball rolling. Who did that? The big guy? OK, sorry about that. I’ll get a new one. GORDON RAMSAY: While the manager
is putting out that fire, I’m free to chat
with one of the VIPs. Yes, this is great. Thank you. Uh, yeah, that’s OK. GORDON RAMSAY (AS
THOMAS): Just bon appetit. Really? GORDON RAMSAY: My first
reprimand, the first of many. He has no idea all the
trouble I’m about to serve up. [music playing] Mm. That’s good. You’re kidding. I saw him drinking
champagne, too. GORDON RAMSAY: Any
full-time waiter would have been fired by now. But since I’m a trainee,
they’re giving me every chance to learn. Absolutely, some more
truffle for the lady. GORDON RAMSAY: Truffle is
a delicacy loved by all. Some more truffle? Oh, um, sure. GORDON RAMSAY: It’s
also very expensive. Thank you. GORDON RAMSAY: Very,
very expensive. [music playing] $300 worth truffle. Now that’s good service. She loves truffle. I’ve put the staff
through enough. Time to move on to the real
reason I’m here, Christina. Wellingtons, sir. Beef Wellington is on the menu. [bleep] the plates are hot. But for this table, I’ve
added a little bit of my thumb in their mashed potatoes. Sir. Thank you. This is Chef Gordon Ramsay’s
roasted Beef Wellington. GORDON RAMSAY: Damn. Might’ve overplayed my hand. Or thumb, rather. You just put your
thumb in the plate. Chef Christina had to
bring it to my attention. Everything OK? Good to go? The plates were super hot. And with dinner over, it’s time
for Thomas to clear the table. Thank you. Sir. [bleep] You OK? Yeah. Hope that doesn’t leave a stain. Do you need club soda? Did it hit your pants? GORDON RAMSAY: This
is not what she had in mind for the five-year
anniversary of the restaurant. They probably get
nervous around executives. GORDON RAMSAY:
Maybe a little wine will relax Christina’s table. [music playing] Whoa. GORDON RAMSAY: Who doesn’t
enjoy a heavy pour? I’m gonna get a
different glass. It’s, like, half
of the bottle. A little heavy there, sir. He’s drinking fast. Again, well, we always top
up at the same level, OK? Don’t fill up. You’re getting the short end
of this meal service today. GORDON RAMSAY:
That is a bad sign. I’m gonna be cut
off from her table. Thomas? Thank you, sir. Time to act quickly. Better move fast. The managers are closing in. All eyes are on me. GORDON RAMSAY:
Christina’s finished, but I’m not quite done. There’s this place called
Green Eggs, which is this awesome breakfast [inaudible]. [gasping] Ma’am. [bleep] Oh my god. [bleep] I’m so sorry. That’s good. Maybe a date before [bleep]. So when I said keep
a leash on him, that didn’t really
work out too well. GORDON RAMSAY: She still
has no idea it’s me. I’m so sorry. Before I get thrown out
of my own restaurant, time to introduce
Christina to her boss. Can I get you a t-shirt? Can I– Christina, it’s
me, Gordon Ramsay. And you’re busted. [clapping] GORDON RAMSAY: A
complete success. Would you like some more wine? [laughter] Thomas was such a bad waiter,
I’m happy to fire him myself. [music playing]


  1. So if you're ever about to be fired from chef Ramsey's restaurant, just pretend you ARE chef Ramsey in deep disguise.

  2. When the reveal came, the lady whose food he touched probably realized her meal has been personally blessed by Gordon Ramsey. 👀

  3. petty…I would't put my staff through such consternation and suffering, even for a joke….grow up mate, you're so immature…revelling in your own petty aggrandizement…

  4. I think the thing that made everyone believe it wasn't him was the fact that Gordan would drown himself in grief if he put his thumb in someone potatoes

  5. Gordon: Ruins restaurant's 5th anniverssary
    Gordon: reveals himself
    Everyone: 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. put a leash on him… ??? n she's gonna be there making money..?? good job. .. except for the people in the table we all r dogs…

  7. Next time you get fired from your job shout 'haha I'm Gordon Ramsay in disguise' and your boss will laugh and give you a raise. Might not work if you're a woman.

  8. Why on earth did he do this?? Do the undercover in the kitchen but a practical joke on your own customers and employees? Please explain

  9. How this pathetic excuse for a human became famous is beyond many. He wouldn't only have to be the best chef, he'd have to be an astronaut, quantum physicist, & real life superhero who saved the planet repeatedly just to compensate for the way he treats people, let alone become financially successful or famous. The worst part of it all is that people seem to think because he swears a lot, that means he must be the best chef in the world (he especially thinks this of himself). There are plenty of amazing Michelin star chefs who don't swear, and who treat people with respect.

  10. Before she said “what happened to keeping him on a leash” did she say how about taking me on a date before you …… Do what exactly? 🤯

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