Gotham Steel Copper Double Grill and Griddle Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

Gotham Steel Copper Double Grill and Griddle Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

be able to blow this one because, oh it worked! Hello you guys and welcome
back to another Vivian Tries. Today I have for you, Gotham Steel Copper Grill and Griddle. And on this side it looks
kind of like a cookie sheet. So we’re gonna try another copper product. It’s the hot thing this
year, everybody’s making ’em. I saw this one at the store the other day, and I picked it up just for you guys. So this is the same
idea as the copper pans, except it is on a griddle or on a grill. On this beautiful griddle today, we are going to test breakfast. I have pancake batter
here, and of course an egg, so we can do our famous egg test. And it looks pretty nice. Hold one second while I go wash it. I think that everything
is gonna switch over to this copper pan by the
time the year is over. Yeah, everybody’s making
everything in this copper stuff. Let me turn on my little hot plate here, so that we can heat this up
and start cooking our eggs. Alright, it’s getting
nice and toasty already. I have here my eggs. This griddle and grill is not
as heavy as the cast irons people usually use to make
their eggs in the morning, or pancakes or whatever the hell you want. This of course is a lighter version. It’s an aluminum cookware with, we know, the non-stick copper spray. It’s not real copper I’ve
already mentioned that. We all know that by now. Okay this is getting really hot now. Okay let me turn it
down just a little bit, so my eggs do not completely fry up here. Let’s zoom in so guys can
see what the heck I’m doing. Alright, so there’s my egg, here we go. It’s nice and hot already. Oh yeah, oh yeah, beautiful, boom. Why am I so always
impressed with these things? I don’t know I think
because the egg looks fake, and there’s nothing on it. I’m just so impressed every time. So far, so frickin’ good. Do you guys remember on the
Orgreenic pan that you were able to blow it and the egg
actually flipped off? I kinda did that, if you
haven’t watched that video, you should go back and watch it. I was kinda successful
doing that on that pan. So I’m gonna try it with this
egg to see what happening. So far so good, I wanna
see if this gets hot. Whoa motherfucker, yes it
does, don’t touch that. That griddle is sizzlin’. Yes it is, yes it is. Okay, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It’s popping. Oh my god, I thought I got
shot, it was just the egg. Calm down, why did it do that? Whoa, if it pops again. Look at it, it’s like
breathing or something. Oh my god, okay wait, whoa,
turn it down, it’s too hot. Okay wait, let’s try
to, remember this test? Ooh it looks like a
pancake, too much, too long. Look at that, I flipped it with my hands. That’s not smart, don’t do this kids. But see, non stickety-stick. Ha ha ha ha. It’s workin’. Maybe I should put my gloves
on while I’m flipping this guy. Maybe I should get some
regular utensils, right? Maybe I should. But then I can’t, look at that
non-stick folks, non-stick. I love it. I don’t think I’m gonna be
able to blow this one because. Oh, it worked! Look I think you guys can,
oh cover up my cleavage. Did you guys see that? That is some amazing ass shit, watch. Flip that guy. Boom, did you guys see that? Aw, I busted my egg. I busted my egg, but
that’s okay I’m impressed. That is pretty cool, don’t you guys think? I don’t know why I’m so
impressed, but I am impressed. So, so far so good. Non-stick griddle works great. All you’re gonna do is wipe, wipe, wipe. Clean, it’s very clean. Now let’s get to our pancakes. I think I’m ready now, okay ready? Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go. Oh just a little baby
pancake, not a big giant one. Okay, that’s good, that’s
good, that’s good, okay. That’s beautiful. Remember that Flippin’
Fantastic piece of junk? Here it is. Okay, let me get something to flip that. I’m pretty sure you flip it
when its bubbling up on top. That is the perfect little
pancake, don’t you think? We’re about to flip it, ready? Look at that, boom. I love it, look how perfect
that little pancake is. It looks like the Burger King. You know how Burger King is
doing those three pancakes for like 89 cents? Don’t ask me how I know
that, I never go there. That looks just like
them, isn’t it perfect? I love it, once again this
copper product thingy worked. It is perfection, I’m
gonna touch it on top, ’cause it’s so cute. So I’m gonna give this
guy five Vivian heads. So far I have loved most
of these copper products. No, I think have liked
all of them, haven’t I? The only one that didn’t
work well was that Orgreenic. And it’s also really
easy to clean this thing. You just wipe it off and you’re done. No metal utensils, no anything
that’s gonna scratch it up. Just wipe it off, dry it, and it’s good. Alright guys, that is it
for another Vivian Tries. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. See you guys in the next one. Bye!


  1. I make blueberry pancakes all the time. The blueberries can get messy and always sticks to my regular pan. I wonder if the blueberries would stick to the copper pan?

  2. Hey Vivian have you seen or tried the copper brownee pan? It looks sort of like a giant old style ice cube tray- you know the kind with an insert that separated the cubes and you had to lift a handle to pop them apart and out. I think they are using the frame work to avoid people using knives to cut the brownees and scaring the pan. Haven't seen this in the store only on TV.

  3. Did you try the grill side, could replace my big electric griddle, and my cast iron grill/griddle .. Thank you

  4. Hey Vivian have you done the copper brownie pan yet? The one where it has the insert that separates the batter into 18 brownies and has a removable bottom?

  5. AMIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAWD I MISSED YOU… you make my day on Saturday's after my treatments …you Rocked this video and yourexpression are so authentic and "REAL" Know that you are loved KEEP BEING YOU!!

  6. I was so worried you were gonna flip that pancake with your fingers😂😂Thanks for the review😃

  7. I am SO getting this…for the grill side if nothing else, I have a cast iron one, it weighs a ton and cleans up horribly, so this will be a welcome change. Thanks again for making Saturday mornings happy!

  8. I am getting this as a belated birthday gift to myself thanks Vivian you are the goddess of as seen on tv products and swearing like a New Yorker lol

  9. I am hoping you're considering reviewing the grill side as well. Would love to see how the grill side works.

  10. Have you reviewed the air fryer yet? Hope I didn't miss it. Thank you for my Saturday morning Vivian fix!

  11. Try the thing that makes a bunch of pancakes and eggs in one go. The one that doesn't fit a pan >.< on it lmao 😀 <3

  12. "MF that's hot" bahaaaaa! Do I need to send you a spatula too? Omg you are hilarious! Good to see you back!

  13. Nice Video Vivian! But I would want one that had a handle. Didn't you feel the way the sides became so hot that it would be nice to have a handle for control?

  14. Hey Vivian you should try the flippin fantastic on this griddle because its a lot bigger so maybe the batter wouldnt run under the thing.

  15. besides the Rollie video, I think we can count this video as food porn also! Lol thanks again for another great video Vivian! Can't wait for the live stream!!

  16. When you use profanity, Vivian, it's hotter than that griddle was that caused you to use profanity. Thanks for the entertaining product review. How about testing the Chefdini sometime? It's a food processor where you turn a crank to make the blades spin. Looks interesting.

  17. Spectacular video as always!!!! BTW was it me or your hair was freaking glamy gorgeous on this vid?????? Loved it #prvitchsquad

  18. Love the video for the review! Just had to avert my eyes a few times…

    I kept wondering if we were going to have a review of Victoria's (Vivian's?) Secret product line…

    Glad the random egg explosion didn't get you. That is the real reason I watched this three times! That is my story and I am sticking to it!

  19. Hi Vivian, my wife and I are big fans. Keep up the great vids. I've tried some non-stick pans in the past and they work great for a while and then the wear out and start sticking.
    Have you thought of doing a follow up vid maybe with some non-stick pans you've used for 6 months / 1 year?
    I think it might be interesting to see your comments on their durability. Which pan is the "go to" pan in your kitchen?

  20. started to look into these because of you .. well the frying pan and half the reviews out there are horrible… apparently after about three to six months of having the frying pan it turns to crap… when you own the pan you have a 50/50 percent chance of getting a good or bad one and apparently they are not honoring their warranty… have you had any issues many months down the road or are yours still all non stick?

  21. Lol it looks like a Burger King pancakes, three for 89 cent. Don’t ask I never been there!😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  22. I am so glad I bought one I just found one of the garage sale Barely Used perfect condition for only $4 heck yeah and I love to cook food and I got the bigger 10 inch or 12 inch non-stick griddle and was looking to see how I can use it I didn't know I can use both sides that's awesome I love your video


    "WOAH MOFO" 😂😂😂😂

  24. So happy that you tried this. I saw the pan set in store and wasn't sure if it was as good as your favorite red copper pans. But seeing just one of their product working well I may just pick up the pan set now. You rock

  25. Girl…. you were suppose to add water to it to make it smokeless…. Directions Vivian 😂😆👏🏻… but that shit works great!!! Love your videos

  26. Funny thing happened with mine, I had placed frozen chicken on mine. I was getting the chicken out to thaw and placed a few on the grill side went to turn over to season and it was thawing quicker on the places touching the grill. It was room temperature as well , it seemed to thaw much quicker. Now it’s my placed to thaw meat quickly 💜💜

  27. When i saw this product and i went to youtube to see if Vivian has reviewed it and waited to see how many vivian heads she gave it. If it's not vivian approved, I'm not buying it. 😅😅

  28. Have you tried it on an electric stove top? I want to get it, but I'm afraid the heating coils on the stove will leave burn marks on the griddle

  29. My BIG question to you is: Can this thing be used on an electric cooktop?? I always get the impression that it has to be used on a gas stove. I know it can be used on a gas or charcoal grill. But what about an electric glass or ceramic cooktop!! (flat electric burners, no coils).
    In this video it looks like you are using it on an electric hot plate. You should show that to us. I see the cord & all those electric hot plates have a coil burner. Please tell me what you were using in the video. And PLEASE do another test on a regular flat electric cooktop to see if it works as well. PLEASE?? I won't buy one until I know for sure… Thanks. Funny video!!

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