1. Every other word out of Gracie's mouth is "like." It is infuriating to see people of her generation talk like this. And the joke is, I'm not much older than her!! Yet my vocabulary is SO much better!!!! Putting that aside, I hope she recovers from her ED. I saw her in a competition a few months ago and was flabbergasted by the change in her appearance and skating ability. It was really sad.

  2. I'm looking forward to watching Grace again on the ice, because I remember the passion , elegance and charm so visible in most of her programmes.

  3. She is so brave!!! And strong and beautiful! And see beauty in others – that make her be open and by doing it – be helpful to many that have hard times. THANKS.

  4. At this point, I'll be shocked if she ever loses the weight. One thing I've noticed about weight loss:
    1. There are people who talk and talk about it, but never lose the weight.
    2. And then there are other people who say nothing, but their weight drops easily.

    I lost 80lbs in one year on a whole foods vegan diet (zero exercise, no starving) after being obese my entire life. I have maintained a healthy weight on a whole foods vegan diet for FIVE years now. I started figure skating two years ago since I was thin enough to do it well. I just passed my Adult Gold MIF and I am currently working on Intermediate MIF and my axel and doubles.
    ANYONE can lose weight if they eat a whole foods vegan diet and don't restrict calories. I hate that eating disorder recovery is synonymous with "you must get fat to be cured" or "you must eat junk". So many people who have had EDs have gone vegan and recovered WITHOUT gaining vast amounts of weight.

    I really hope she'll lose the weight because I love her skating, but I think at this point she's too screwed up in the head by her own actions and the ED therapy to eat healthy and lose the weight.

    As someone who has gone thru years of massive calorie restriction and every other diet: keto, high-fat, low-fat, low-carb, etc, I KNOW what I'm talking about. I've screwed my metabolism plenty of times in the past with all the crap I tried. Veganism fixed my metabolism immediately. In addition, the scientific studies all show that vegans have the lowest BMIs compared to vegetarians and "health-conscious" omnivores, etc. This is why veganism has become so popular among athletes, actresses etc. IT WORKS. And it's a long-term solution that doesn't require you to starve yourself of calories.

  5. Gracie calls "winning" getting a medal at the highest level of competition, and the interviewer keeps saying that just going to the competition is "winning", as if she doesn't want Gracie to feel disappointed if she never wins again (almost as if she doesn't even expect Gracie to win again!). Gracie refuses to lowball herself, and that shows that she is a true competitor. Always shoot for the highest, and you'll get as far as you can go.

  6. Is it just me or did it feel like Natalie was passive aggressively implying that she shouldn’t compete again after the interview

  7. Give up competing, Gracie. You don't need it. Skate in ice shows if you want to keep skating, but go to college, live your life. Don't put yourself through that again. You're smart, lovely, you an do anything you want without putting your health at risk.

  8. I would really like to see Gracie back on top of her game because i really like her. She is a great skater. Having said this…i do have to say that a lot of people sometimes overthink themselves and sometimes think too much about little tings missing the really big problems…because realistically she invented her problems, she is a young and healt person, she didn't had real problems like physical enjury, money, death of a close relative, war, divorce, and some things that many people face every day and still get to be pretty fabulous and successful

  9. No hate, but this interview is very misleading. They are not even mentioning Gracie's performance in Moscow recently and acting as if it never happened…

  10. I feel bad for thinking she was failing in skating because she was lazy and a brat. If i knew the half of things she was going through. My my. I feel awful. Poor girl. She deserves the world

  11. You could pretty much see the decline in her skating the instant she had the lead in the short program at the 2016 World Championships. She dropped off the podium in the long program by missing one major element… and she never, ever, ever skated the same again. That was the end of her.

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