Grand Rapids Jewelry Store | Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry

Grand Rapids Jewelry Store | Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry

In jewelry stores, oftentimes you
walk in and you don’t feel like an individual, you feel like a number. You
walk in and it’s like oh you’re next in line. Here, we truly do treat you with
respect and as family. At a very young age while
I was going to high school between age of 12 and 17, every Saturday my dad
would bring me to his shop. My father was a watchmaker. Before I finished high
school, he taught me how to be a watchmaker. It took about five years and
when I finished high school, they sent me to Switzerland for my
training. I learn something new every day. My father sat at the bench with
me and taught me everything I know and then it’s just a wonderful thing to
be able to learn from a master. He’s perfected his craft and it’s cool that
he could pass that on to me and he could pass it on to my brother and I want to
be able to pass that on to my kid. We work with very small and very large
pieces and it’s nice being able to kind of sit with the customer, see what they
have in their mind because when you think about it that’s a gray area that
how do you describe what’s in your mind? My favorite part when I deliver the
final product to them and it’s better than what they’ve ever expected.
Our certified master jeweler, Damian, does everything in-house.
What does everything mean? We do ring sizing. We do stone setting. We
do custom design. We do, we do it all. We do all these services in one roof. Repair,
custom, retail, appraisals, and so many different things that when they come in
here they know that they’re well taken care of by accredited jewelers staff
members and experts in the field. I get to meet people from all walks of
life and I actually have become really good friends with a lot of my customers.
The Medawar family, my family, is generations of watchmakers and craftsmen.
The customer service is why you will always come back.

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