Great Products for Grey Hair / Silver Hair

Great Products for Grey Hair / Silver Hair

Hey everyone, this is Erica Johnston and in today’s video I’m going to talk to you about some of your favorite hair products So before I talk to you about some of your favorite hair products I’m just going to give you a quick update on my life and What’s been going on with me. So last week I Celebrated my 40th birthday Yes, I’m 40 and I’m very happy. I’m totally fine at 40. I’m very very excited So I had an amazing birthday party on Saturday I’m still getting over it right now because I didn’t go to bed until about 3:30 in the morning Saturday was just it was so much fun. We had a DJ and a bartender, a Server, it was just really cool. We had about 50 people come and celebrate and yeah, it was really rockin I had a really really good time. I am currently setting up a grade 2 classroom. I don’t know if I have the job yet, but It’s looking promising. So we’ll see, you know, I’ll keep you posted All right, so I have my handy dandy little list here so Really these products are ones that you’ve recommended to get rid of yellowing and I really appreciate that and I am going to be purchasing Them. Some of them. Two of you have recommended a product called Fanola No yellow Purple shampoo, and that’s Susan s. Thank you and Dawn Meadows. So I really appreciate that So Fanola, no yellow going to be looking that one up for sure Okay, j juniper has recommended aveda almond softening shampoo and conditioner. She was recommended that by her Hairstylist, so thank you to you. Now we have a veteran here This is Cindy somebody who I watched on YouTube when I first started transitioning To silver and her name is actually cinder on YouTube and She actually says that she’s experimented extensively And she found this product really really neutralizes yellow tones. So the product is called Evo fabuloso Purple conditioner and she says she only needs to leave it on for 10 minutes But depending on your yellowing you can leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Okay, so I’m definitely going to be purchasing that Okay, I’m gonna be probably spending a lot of money on the products, but you know what? I was thinking I’m not spending any money on dyeing my hair so why not spend a little bit on some products, right? They’ll last a long time Okay, so Claire Aguilera, I love that name She recommends Hask blue chamomile and argan oil Again I’m just going to be posting all the pictures and links and all that kind of stuff on this video. (laughs) Catherine Robbins recommends Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo and She says it costs a bit of money But gets rid of the yellowing. So thank you so much Catherine. Then I’m very excited because I was actually looking for sun protection for my hair and Ria Bartel recommends Balea don’t know how to pronounce it, Belea sun protection hair spray Going to be getting that. So those are the products that you all have recommended. Now for a little secret… so I went on my Muse, who I really love this woman, Annika Von Holdt, I went on her Instagram I found that she was on Instagram. And so I started following, read: “Stalking” No, not really stalking but I follow her on Instagram and I saw somebody commented on Like asking her, you know, what kind of shampoo and conditioner and this and that do you use? So I am here to share with you Anika Von Holdt’s products which I ordered alright, so First off this is Straight out of the shower. Okay, this is Oribe bright blonde shampoo for a beautiful color Yes, so this is what Annika Von Holdt uses So I have used this three times and I’m going to be honest with you. I have not noticed any difference From my drugstore brand so I don’t know if this is something like you use over time and it changes but it’s very very expensive so I’m not 100% sure that I will continue purchasing this just saying she has gorgeous hair No yellow, so I’m thinking she is very very careful with the Sun because I think that that was what caused my yellowing I know you’re all like oh, but I don’t see any yellow but like I think I Think the Sun does wonders on your hair. If you want yellow, stay in the sun! Okay Annika Von Holdt also uses or Oribe bright blonde conditioner for beautiful colour. I will say that this smells really nice and It feels amazing there’s no issues with these products at all. I really like them and I already had the Apres-Beach. I think it’s called something like that. It’s like a spray like a texturizing spray So I already had that and I love the smell of that and then this is another product and this one I highly highly recommend It’s called royal blowout heat styling spray So this is what Annika Von Holdt uses and she also uses Goldwell dual senses I can’t remember the whole name, but I didn’t purchase it cuz I was like okay, you’re being a little bit crazy buying everything that she uses but Out of those three products this one here Is very good. So when you blow dry your hair with a round brush, this gives you that kind of nice Sleek sort of blowout I guess right. So yeah, it’s a nice product and Yeah, so that’s about it for the products so far. I’m kind of coming to the conclusion that It is what it is and I think that like a lot of us are Finding that different things work for us some things don’t some things do some things dry our hair up Probably depends on our scalp. Like do we have oily hair? Do we have dry? Whatever right. Oh Yeah, I think that each one of us kind of has to experiment a little. I’ll keep you posted I’ll keep telling you what works for me but in the end, I think that all of us have to just kind of do our own thing, right so Thank you so much for sharing what works with you. I really appreciate that. So If you have any other suggestions about products that you swear by I would love to hear from you Please be sure to comment in the comment section below and until next week. Have a wonderful week Happy Tuesday, and I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye for now Hey ladies, this is Erica. Johnston and welcome to my beanbag chair and in today’s episode. I’m going to talk to you and Highfalutin Hey everyone, this is Erica Johnston, and I’m relaxing in a beanbag chair hair products That you like and that you want to tell everybody about You want to share with your friends with each other the community Okay had some wine Okay Alright ladies, so I know I’m posting this video at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday morning but it’s not 8 a.m. in the whole world…


  1. Here is another idea for your next video, what about dress collrs for women with fray/white haiir? That would be so cool. You have a great taste for style👍

  2. I saw someone on YouTube using purple shampoo on dry hair and leaving it sit for 20 minutes. Sorry I don’t remember the channel. She had bleached hair so it was much more porous than gray and I did notice a slight purple cast, but it did look less yellow. I was thinking that might work for gray better because the hair isn’t porous, so no purple cast.

  3. Happy Birthday!!…Just do me one thing…don't turn 50 cuz then I will turn 60….Lol ♡…I been using Loreal ever pure blond shampoo it is purple not not such a deep purple I use every time I wash my hair nice lather .

  4. Hi Erica best birthday wishes to you 😀 it give a new series for gray hair ☺it cam from Canada ,, by the way,your hair look fabulous " on have a great party Erica hugs Ellen

  5. I use Joico purple shampoo and conditioner on amazon. Works great and not expensive. 23.00 for both!

  6. Hi Erica, I haven’t tried any products formulated for gray hair. I probably will down the road. Thanks for sharing. I too love Anika’s hair and have read what she uses. So expensive. I bet they smell fabulous. You look beautiful! Love the bean bag chair. 😊

  7. Use gloves when you use Fenola, it really stains Everything!!! I found my hair goes ashy grey, but does get rid of yellowing if you leave it in for 10 mins, I got mine on Amazon, it comes in quite a big bottle 🇬🇧❤️ p.s good luck with your venture x

  8. Hola Erica👋 Dios te bendiga…saludos desde Mty. N.L. México. no olvides los subtítulos…siempre estoy al pendiente de tus vídeos 👍

  9. Hi Erica! I just finished transitioning and growing out my grey, yea! The best I’ve used is Joico brand called Blonde Life. It’s not a purple shampoo that’s why I like it, I don’t want purple hair lol. I still use purple shampoo once a week it’s also Joico color endure violet and if I want to de-yellow my hair I used to purple conditioner mixed with a mask and leave on at least an hour. I’m still looking for a de-yellowing product that doesn’t tint my hair purple. Good luck and keep posting and I’ll keep watching to see if you find one!

  10. Great info. Thank You Erica. Wishing you a Happy 40th Birthday! 🎂🍾I was fine turning 40 but turning 30 for me was the worst lol. Thanks for the video. 😊

  11. I like the Aveda Blue Malva line. I use the shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week. I've been one of those people who doesn't like sulfates in my hair products, mainly because it would fade my precious faux colour. But I'm not fearing it so much any more, mainly because I'm delighted to anticipate every bit of colour stripped out and also because my hair is so fine, frizzy and oily, I'm reconsidering the extra cleaning properties of the sulfates. My 75 year-old dad has snow white hair (guess who I inherited my early grey from) and he uses purple shampoo too. I gotta ask him what he uses, LOL.

  12. Happy 40th! I’d be interested in your opinion on the Fanola No Yellow products. I went a bit crazy when I first transitioned to gray and I think it is not an exaggeration to say that I have bought enough products to take me thru the next year – especially since I only shampoo my hair twice a week. So, I told myself that I can’t buy anything new till I have used what I already bought. Do you plan to do a video for the Gray Hair Tag? I’d love to see it!

  13. I'm a new transition"er" (19 weeks) and need all the help I can get! It's like my hair has 2 different needs. The part that still has dye is more dry than the new grey growth. Anyone else?
    Any suggestions?

  14. Hi Erica, Happy Birthday! I have Fanola shampoo and while it can give a lovely lavender hue to silver hair (in case one wants some) it does not do much in terms of getting rid of the yellow tint for me. I do love a "deep treatment" from overtone. co. It is a mask with pigment and it works wonders – there are 3 levels of intensity like pastel silver, vibrant silver, etc. and hair truly looks no-yellow:). Highly recommend.

  15. I would be coming up on about 11 months if the hairdresser had not totally ruined my plan. I also had to start over and this is my 5th month. I watch several inspiring women that are going or have gone natural. Thank you so much.

  16. Happy Birthday beautiful one 🎂
    I'm nearly to my 5 month mark to my Silver journey.
    I personally have not experienced yellow in my hair.
    But I'm fairly new to Silver. I wash my hair twice per week.
    Looking sexy in Silver 👵

  17. Hi Erica – Happy belated birthday!! I wish you happiness and joy in your life . You are an amazing person as you come across to us in your videos. Thank you for your inspirational and informative videos. Have a wonderful weekend! Kathy

  18. Hi again Erika! Funny you should mention "Fabuloso." This week I decided to try a natural purple shampoo and conditioner ("Everescents") to see how it would compare. I washed my hair and blow dried it. Despite the fact that it was time for bed I actually rewashed my hair and applied my trusty Fabuloso, because I couldn't stand the yellow. If you try it I'd love to know what you think! Happy Birthday! Cindy

  19. Happy birthday. So glad you had a fab party. I did the same thing! It was amazing. I am now 55 and finally going to transition to gray although I had been keeping my white streak for a few years now.

  20. Thanks for the honest review about the Oribe stuff. I was on the fence about the shampoo and conditioner (especially at the high price), but definitely will try the Royal Blowout product. Have you considered a salon toning treatment to eliminate the yellow?

  21. over 70 still glamorous hello again 🙂 well I cut off 7 inches of my hair tonite ! pulled it in a high ponytail to layer it
    and going to let my hair go natual silver! its 12:41 am here so I will fix it up tomorrow. I feel good about it hair was screaming " let me go !" it keept breacking off. over 60 wth SANDRA gave a great pep talk to those thinking about doing the same. so THANK YOU BOTH:) hugs

  22. Happy 40th Erica! I have just turned 58! Loving your videos and on my journey to my authentic self! Loving the grey every day! Namaste.😍😍

  23. I have noticed something interesting lately. My purple conditioner that I mentioned to you Erica, was working wonderfully for a long time. Then, I noticed the yellow streaks in my hair looking more prominent. My white hair was going more and more purple, making the warmer tones look even warmer against the cool purple. So I've stopped the purple and it looks better! Anyone else noticed this? Cindy

  24. Hello. I just discovered your channel and subscribed right away 🙂 I'm also on a very challenging "gray transition" journey. Its a definite hit and miss with a lot of fading and re-toning. Ugh! Anyway, I have been using J beverly Hills Purple Shampoo with Olaplex conditioner that my hairdresser tints with a smoky bluish gray colour. I have been trying to find a shampoo that's natural and gentle. After reading up on several articles, I found that French women use Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury. This shampoo is not tinted purple or blue but instead has natural ingredients that are anti-yellowing. A lot of users even claim that its so gentle and nourishing that you can skip the conditioner. So, I immediately ordered mine from Sephora! It arrived on my non-shampoo day but couldn't wait to try it so just washed a couple of strands around my face sans conditioner and the strands felt soft, no crunchiness (the ends of my hair have been bleached and toned) at all. Hope it will work the same way with the rest of my hair 🙂

  25. I noticed that I have been losing less hair since I ditched the dye. It's been 41 days since my last color. Thank you for the inspiration to start and stay on this exciting journey to silver. Please keep posting these product videos. If you have an updated hair sunscreen product review, that video would be interesting!

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