Green is the New Blue – Crazy Wristwatch Trends in 2019!

Green is the New Blue – Crazy Wristwatch Trends in 2019!

So on this video we’re gonna be discussing
the latest trends in the watch market and in my opinion, personally after years of blue
reigning supreme on the special editions and all the hard-to-get watches, green is the
new blue. [opening music] So it’s been quite some time now where every
single watch in the watch market that has a blue dial brings a premium. For example, the two-tone Sub or even the
all-gold Sub usually has more of a premium with the blue dial. Let’s not even talk about the stainless steel
Royal Oak whether it’s the self-winding or the Chrono. When you add the blue dial into the equation,
I mean we’re talking 5 grand more. So for sure it’s been quite some time that
blue is the hottest color in the watch market. But it seems to be that nowadays green is
taking over that. I mean, have a look at the Daytona. I just did a video on recently, how that green
dial has made such a big difference in the watch. It’s unbelievable. We’re talking fifteen to twenty thousand dollars
premium. How about that AP Perpetual Calendar in stainless
steel with the green dial? Untouchable! Not to mention the chrono version steel AP,
with the green dial. So honestly, I feel that it’s safe to say
right now in 2019 here in this hot ass summer, green is the new blue. How about that Day-Date rose gold with that
olive, green dial? It’s a banger with that green dial. Anything anniversary now has green to go along
with it. How about the Hulk? I remember there was time where I couldn’t
even sell the Hulk. Guys’ wives would sit there and look at it
and they just plain go, “I don’t like the green!” Or guys would tell me, “I don’t like the
green. It doesn’t match with anything.” It’s safe to say, that green reigning supreme
right now. These green dials they’re gonna cost you a
premium. For example, the AP Perpetual Calendar in
stainless steel with the blue dial, again hot watch, blue dial, is gonna run you $60.000. Throw a green dial into the equation, you’re
talking 170. I mean the prices are crazy. The proof is there in the price. Green is the hottest color right now. Let me give you another example, Daytona yellow
gold. A nice looking watch. It’s gonna run you anywhere from 25 to 30
g’s. The second you drop that green dial, 50. I mean, obviously they’re being limited made,
it’s not like there’s a lot of them. Same thing with the Hulk. They didn’t make as many Hulks as they did
the standard Sub. But green is here to stay and I’m not gonna
lie. I like green. In the past for example, the GMT remember
with the green dial, the yellow gold one, a lot of people never liked it. I always liked it. I mean, for one green is a great color. It’s the color of money. It’s the color of wealth. It’s the color of all sorts of stuff, fertility,
and so on and so forth. There’s a bunch of Buddhist meaning behind
it. But green I always liked the contrast and
it always pops especially in gold. Another thing I tend to notice is that green
is not only hot on the dials of the watches. I also notice that a lot of the special editions
that have the gemstones in green tend to get more of a premium than the other ones. For example, the 5711 in all platinum with
the green stones on the bezel seems to get a bit more of a premium than the blue and
the red. So if one of your grain watches happens to
have green incorporated in it, you better get it soon before they become unobtainable. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about green being the new blue. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
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  1. Eric and Watchfinder & Co channel stalking each other by releasing a video minutes after the other for the last few months now 😂😂
    Not complaining though!

  2. still love the BLUE ! green cars un lucky! green does nt match or go with anything clothing wise properly ! also had green school uniform as a kid  hated it !

  3. This is so true! The Rolex Day Date 40 with the anniversary olive dial is said to be thee nicest presidential Rolex has made to this day!

  4. Green stones LOL
    The "green stones" are Emeralds…
    for those who wants to know.
    Btw, one of the sickest 5711's out there.

  5. Eric green is in this year, the gold Daytona green dial is the watch of the year!!! Well I’m not that rich so I’ve have just bought myself a stainless steel ORIS Aquis green dial automatic 43” case great Swiss watch to have in the collection 👍🏻

  6. Green AP PC is a true unicorn. Only 50 made and stands out from every other variant. Even being steel, I see this one commanding exponentially more $ in coming years. Hard to beat an extremely low numbered edition !

  7. On the lower end of the spectrum (but still an amazing watch) Grand Seiko Peacock. Goes from medium green to a deep aquamarine green. It's unreal. Gold GMT hand and GS logo. Striking. 700pcs. Already trading 25% over its retail. Sounds cliche but this really is a watch that you have to see and look at in person and in different lights.

  8. Green is the king, The first watch toke me to this watch game was the rolex green sub. There is a magic with green dial watches

  9. Green is the new Blue cuz people can’t afford Blue anymore. Once Green goes bananas there will be a new hype color

  10. I don’t know bro. It looks good on some of these examples but to say green is taking over may be a stretch. Blue is like black on watches. It’s never going to look dated.

    I do think the RG olive DD40, YG Daytona and that photoshopped Nautilus are fire. I’ve never been a fan of the Hulk. Didn’t want it for 7500 and definitely don’t want it for 14.

  11. Green dials in general (Daytona for instance) are difficult to match, too loud, and lack elegance… But market seems to really like it?!

  12. I think you're on to something. That Nautilus on your cover page today, in gold(yellow I think) with the green dial is bangin'! And I'm not really that much of a Patek guy. But that's lust inducing. It could be an Asian thing too. The Chinese hold jade in very high regard.

  13. The color of the gold in that gold Sub is unbelievable. It looks like it's glowing. It doesn't look half as good on the Rolex website.

  14. Nice vid Eric. I agree green is the color. Blue is the usual suspect but green is nice because for a long time most watch brands stayed away from it BUT now everyone is making a green dialed watch.

  15. Honestly, I’ve never favored the blue sub bezel. Either black or green bezel has been my choice. Although, the blue dial AP’s and Patek’s are beautiful. Green is the choice of many geniuses I heard. Great video!

  16. Jesus and people complain about Rolex prices really? Where is all the hate towards AP now?? Green dial perpetual Calendar for 170K, really?…

  17. Glad green is getting its day! Omega is releasing a Seamaster 300 with a green malachite dial, gold case, and green alligator strap that is gorgeous – $26,500 but such a sick watch…

  18. I would agree that green is the new blue, I felt this coming starting last year. Also been wanting that green AP perpetual calendar!!

  19. High end range rovers in dark green look awesome so why not watches! Money green leather sofa is also another example!

  20. Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe with blue and green dials are very beautiful and exclusive. Green is the color of vegetation, fertility and money. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. Nice glass building in the video.

  21. Eric Palm Court in the Miami Design District is watch heaven. We attended Watches&Wonders this year. We hope to see you next year for thier third annual show next February.

  22. I never own Patek but I own only Rolex Rose Gold Yatch-master but I still trying to buy Patek even Patek is a little bit more pricey than Rolex

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