Grills: jewellery for your teeth

Grills: jewellery for your teeth

Hey guys, welcome to
Milk and Honey. We specialise in
bespoke mouth jewellery. These are dental pieces
that go into your mouth, made from silver,
gold, platinum. Our designs vary,
from full caps, to windows, to lazer etching, and even diamond-encrusted. So the process usually is, our clients reach out to us and
come in for a moulding session. This stage is the most important stage,
as this will determine how the piece fits. Once we have their
impression of their teeth, which is usually a mixture of two putties, that then hardens giving us a really
clean line and outline of their gums. We then pour out a plaster and from this plaster
we’ll receive a clay model of the impression that we have taken. From this clay mould, we’ll then create
the desired design over the tooth. So this is a good example
of a wax-up over a cast. This clay cast will be the
foundation for all our waxes and any design that
we do for the client. Once we receive our pieces
back from the casters, they need to be fitted
back onto the mould, sanded down, and then to finish it off,
it’ll be polished. We then call the clients back in. We just make sure that the piece
is sitting correctly within their mouth – that there isn’t any problem. We recommend that you
clean them regularly. This will help maintain the hygiene
and the longevity of the piece. So this example, is our
top spec 18k white gold. This is a good example of a full-set grill. So a piece like this would
consist of roughly 200 stones. This took about a week dedicated to it. Grillz are quite popular. It’s very custom, I guess – it doesn’t get any more personal than
something built just specifically for you, that only you can wear. I think it’s the personal element to it
that really attracts people, that you know it’s just for you
and nobody else can wear it.


  1. Strange times we live in, but I guess it's no different than tribal markings of the past. We are all in one Tribe or another

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