GS Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 02/13/2019 NBA Season

GS Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 02/13/2019 NBA Season

One Persian one price and one great experience hood ain’t the Vegas starring and Morris firm Steph Curry and klay Thompson a formidable back watch as in the Bay Area set for basketball here At moto wear the Blazer stand twenty-three and eight on the year confiding in the lead Historically scored the ball as well as play Thompson without taking too many dribbles off Pump fake probably doing here that comes from the work he put in in the offseason on the ball handling and then just watching film Being a student of the game. It’s important to play. Well steering sausages saying Klay Thompson’s a guy unlike any other that could just score With limited dribbles and want you out of your shot with them a little bit Curry a weaving dribble down to the inline swings it outside to green who gets seven assists a game fires a three And reeling into Bourne is Newark itch CJ operating us moving on the transition step back from the cab in a free game. They’ll show Damian different looks Stefan’s Second most makes into lead and it’s not first most I think just because it againts he set out, you know, what pardon is doing? Blazers up with 7:40 to go here in the first Warner play wires. Got off to an outstanding start against Utah last night warriors take over KD moving laterally off to straight to the movie knocks down a sickness Maybe taken extra dribble towards the middle before spin it back good high-low Answer Bob in the inbounds of meeting backs out side too dark and he swings a hookup Kanaan Thompson One of the toughest offenders at the tomb in a league outside the mohel but look redirected have that step to change direction Curry fights off a screen to get open from the time to challenge Jake layman who has stepped in at the time out for this crew front Here’s Newark on a screen and pop action straightaway oxidants Layman averages nearly 14 a game over his last 13 contests Durant stutter step triple Drive pull up 10 points. That’s not the stuff that makes it so special What’s the point you the same offensively? Yep, they’re taking care of the basketball better So you love seeing a turnover and you loves outside inside game when like this year. Paul. George is right there Dave did a heck of a job that time to defense wolf comes down away in transit Eight seconds remaining for the lawyers here in the quarter KD eases into a triple The pedometer today, it’s again the gym called red pinchers gym It’s about 20 miles south of Charlotte and it’s somewhere that the water to do imagined Hall in this era of Pace and space the three-point shot. He was I mean What our camera guys using a they using that that special? Biofreeze at a time special edition for this piece of turner scores on a corkscrew hopper Blazers that by one Sit outside a drifting three stars it here the whole Persephone here’s Thompson Up, it comes to green inside pivot follow a hopper. He’s four four four cousins Without a good job of living sit down as well Curry doubled season drives it to the inline late in The inbounds he will get it back tell muscles the rebound trying to spike it the came free to Thompson into the corner Quinn cook Having head up scan. He goes at Bell’s wins it go under school Whoa, what up behind agree with you, man? Let’s think in the future. He’s he’s definitely got those wicked hops Look he’s a competitor letís guys participate so it is not so much about NBA Genesis and we could dump the best we Could put on the show as Newark is put in for 12 isn’t the best of show But well you get the sense he’s getting those opportunities Is that because the defense is taken anything right? So tonight who likes a good Belle Lee and McKinney Positive buying time to the starters in the second in the back of the palm outside Durant wider just as badly We’ll see that very often immediately Lochley pass bow right down the middle. Nobody went some more minutes last year. Do they he was tortured people. Yeah Date was on his way to 30 points and last year’s all-star game Death breaks free bouncing farsighted Dan centering into a meter double clutches to the rim No here come the Warriors on the run back reading into rant to Thompson to to read for the two hands you get to play To Newark he rips it away from Durant saves the possession Damian outside to CJ one to shoot off balance Is able over it was that two defenders like that Thunder lockout off the left foot Keeling away outside us Durant and that’s kind of how it’s been One team makes a good shot the next jump down the decks responds with both articles at the rail Dirk with nine and eight bits which Outside they dumped it to Thompson comes up to green screen CJ Corral’s the drug their performances when you talk about shooting have been the best Sometimes gap I’m a little hesitant to just say Best of all the reporter But the guy who did call Snapping play defense shooting backcourt. He’s ever seen this sit in the classroom was a mark made one this time over Durant It’s way over the rim curry the other way a little hesitation for the kick Swat-bots now can they score? Davey on the way gets into the body of Loony pants upon moment of CJ open three Thompson running Adam too late four of six shooting from 320 points Thompson deep path to direct go outside to KD And he drew leaders on a 700 run And they take a lead here on Curry’s free throws cheap. Try to get the lead back from three. Got it. Draymond Green here Switching left to right along the end line carries pass deflected KD redirects right back to curry for three got it There CJ coming off the screen from the manager repco dislodges the ball Out ahead to Thompson Jerebko on his hip. It’s the big suite in Pete’s going left here without off break off the window It spins off up green came up limping and is still living on the that’s left leg Here’s curry outside for three get to myspace. He’s getting Green directing curry off the giraffe coast great another trip while he got more separate Hurry up to the cup crapped his own pets Laban as and open thrilled it lasers elita-1 Damien drives him right to the cup trying to throw down under it Turner gets to the feet into rat forcing him to drive it, right Into the teeth of the dish now hood as the smaller cook on Faces up leads in over a double team pegs on the iron rolls in right side Columns collects it double-team beneath the rib went into the air and had it stripped There’s brewing in the middle of it and it comes to the Kinney the 1/2 to the cup hill that in death Turner puts McKinney his heels lost the dribble got it back and there’s laymen all his own way on three That’s tough sledding. It comes to layman. He’s got five Lehman’s got three following jumper got Jay Collins the board Kind of ripping away Into the crowd. It’s swatted away by Jericho Recovered by klay Thompson up it comes to lead. Oh and blocked by college who came out. We’re Three up. It comes here to Seth Curry check by his brother his older brother. He works him He drives if he lays it up and in Seth in the front court Hesitates to the top of the arc follow a jumper God set bail to scream KD off the action into the lane snakes a pass Bell goes up and under and in on the end bounce, Damian Seth Working on klay Thompson off to Leyland sets his feet for three chick Damian Turned outside by Looney. It’s only right Right wide open three inch here tonight. Yeah. The only component out right now is Evan Turner That was Damian Lillard for Evan Hill fire a deep. We really gotta Tell missing Looney the rebound We challenged by Collins and that leaves are here, too How about the timeliness of the propellant from Zach Rodney hood pouring it on the teat coming into this game in what five straight overall And it beat the Blazers two out of the last three last year it was this three Less hope it could be done again dad, you’re gonna get some reinforcements as you mentioned Wallendas Kanter joining the Blazers after the all-star break that at first game in Brooklyn the first of seven on the road in 15 days for the Blazers and this Was huge here tonight following those two losses To Dallas at Oklahoma City coming in here against the defending champions then blank there You


  1. Ok look no one talks about the Portland Trail Blazers because we ain't from LA or NY where most of the media and news reports are from but their team and city sucks and they hate to talk about other teams that are better then their team thats why we dont see other teams in their head lines in news and media

  2. i like how teams disrespected draymond on 3 point line.. no one is guarding him.. and by the way GSW fans are crying about refs when they are not in favor with them..

  3. Warriors need more than 4 All Stars to get wins. When 4 All Stars can't get it done, the fans boo-hoo about the refs. If Draymond and Klay are getting punked by a kid like Collins, they need to ask themselves if they still got the mojo. Because they just got owned by a kid who is barely producing off the bench. So hilarious! Wish I'd been there, one of the funnest things to do at Moda Center is trash talk all the bandwagon warriors fans.

  4. man you should include the side events in these highlights. those are also part of the game. like in this game, for me getting kerr thrown out of the game helped the blazers won. just suggesting mah man.

  5. That was some shitty officiating. What looked like a good game turned to shit. The Warriors can just shrug off this L. Portland is not post-season material anyway.

  6. So many salty bandwagon fans here. "We didn't have a full team" Yeah fuck up you still had 4 other all stars. Just take the L and move on 😂😂😂😂

  7. kinda cool how connected seth curry, steph curry and damion lee are. so lee is married to sydel curry, steph and seths's sister. Dope seeing them all on the court at once

  8. It showed that how referee can control the outcome of the game. It ruined the competitive and entertaining game. Inconsistent calls between Curry and Lillard shooting fouls, bogus flagrant fouls led to game changing freethrows. If I were Mike Brown, I will pull out all my starters as protest after Kerr’s rejection. I know it is emotional, but aren’t the Ref emotional too.

  9. Yall stupid warrior fans saying that was not a fragrant foul!!
    Did u still fucking remember durant saved the bal from out of bound, that looks like more IDIOT play!

  10. if Draymond foul isnt flagrant,i dont know what is?In Europe hes been ejected,this is a beginning of GSW end…SUPERTEAM???!!!

  11. Refs were bad here, but the Blazers would have won anyway – they were ON- good win for Portland – should have shown the Steve Kerr ejection, had to watch it elsewhere- when a mellow guy Like Kerr goes THAT Off I'ts fun to see – KD had to pull him off the refs

  12. [email protected] coach Steve Kerr got ejected for arguing with a referee. Draymond Green is lucky that he didn't get ejected for arguing with a referee LOL. Draymond is always arguing with referees. I wish my hometown Cleveland would've kept Rodney Hood who's with Portland. I don't think Rodney is gonna do much scoring for Portland. He didn't do much against the Warriors. I saw a white man center for Portland who got in a argument with Klay Thompson. Klay was lucky that the white man didn't punch him in the face LOL. It's not smart for Klay to be arguing with a basketball player who's taller than him LOL. If I was a Warriors fan. I wouldn't be mad about them getting blown out by Portland. Warriors will probably win the championship again LOL. DeMarcus Cousins didn't play against Portland. If he had played basketball. Warriors probably would've won. I do like Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum of Portland. I saw Portland signed Enes Kanter from New York. New York is retarded for getting rid of Enes. Knicks wonder why they will be a bad team for a long time LOL. They have lost 18 games in a row since they lost to Philadelphia yesterday LOL. I saw a black man for New York dunk on Ben Simmons yesterday LOL. I think his name is Kevin Knox. New York is also stupid for getting rid of Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas. Kristaps was their best basketball player.

  13. you can say anything to gsw at the end of the day they will be the champs and they will just laugh at you. no one can beat gsw in best of 7.

  14. Portland played great game for sure , but game was just sold … gsw played with bench team mostly just to loose game .
    not a gsw bandwagon , just fact

  15. So lemme get this right vs the Rockets a warrior stops outta bounds right in front of a fuckin ref & he don't call it which helps send the game into OT but it's coo, refs always do help the Warriors now apparently they helped the Blazers (if they did) it's a taste of their own medicine, funny how people mad & even go so far as to say the Blazers are only a regular season team like they don't go to the playoffs, every first round they face a tough team, Spurs use to always eliminate the Blazers, it's funny how people forget the Blazer team who beat the shit outta the Rockets in 5 games & on another note, Warriors had 4 stars out there no excuses 😂😂😂

  16. & as for all this 76ers will beat the Warriors comments, please the Raptors beat them what twice now I believe pretty convincingly, Boston beat em 3 times already & the last time wit their new addition Tobias Harris while the Celtics were witout Kyrie so shut that shit the fuck up ya soun dum as shit

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