GTA 5 – Mission #57 – Bury the Hatchet [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

hey man fuck what do you want I’m your friend I don’t want anything man come on your company’s good enough huh same as always yeah thanks I really appreciate that so family ain’t back yet huh nope wow she’s goddamn fool man despite all the chaos of these last few weeks I think I finally figured it out I don’t know sounds ridiculous mom actually it does not sound ridiculous you know because you you’re a killer you know you are a man of action you do not sit on couches you take scores your back man we are back all right all we gotta go do is bust out Brad and then we’re golden man Franklin he makes us multicultural Lester makes it cyber we’re like modern America we just get ourselves a gay friend BAM oh it’s not it I got money it just makes you miserable I want to make movies great great and so where exactly does this leave me in the second act of your life we do this last big job and then we’re gonna dissolve the partnership this is not a game to me all right this is a fucking way of life I got a fucking family yeah I got nothing no one gives a fuck about me I do oh fuck you I saw your grave I warned you and then it turns out that everything I fucking thought about you was wrong everything you’re not dead and you’re not a man well what the fuck are you I’m your fucking nightmare enough with your goddamn threats I mean let me just ask you something all right something I’ve been I’ve been thinking about up in North Yankton exactly who was buried in your place I never gave it any thought you know what I’m thinking I had no clue you treacherous piece of shit you’re fucking dead you’re fucking dead fuck Trevor hey T great [Music] [Music] [Music] fuck you hey come on where are you going you know where I’m going fuck you you don’t need to go all the way to North Yankton to find out what I can tell you over a couple beers back in my house come on we order pizza fuck you fuck your pizza fuck everything it stands for this is insanity oh no no it’s clear and reason thought finally come on go back we’ll talk I’m not gonna listen to another one of your lies hey I’ll lay it all out for you everything turn around I’m going up there to see it for myself you’ll be disappointed but uh-huh I’ll be something it’ll be an anti-climax the graves empty just a bag of sand something like that just smoke and mirrors how are you doing the game is up I’m trying to save you a trip you’ve done me enough favors by your right save your fucking breath Trevor come on fuck you Michael soon enough I will jet Special Agent Norton shit Davi shit he knows I think he knows what Oh think shit shit how I don’t know how he used his head but does he know does he know it all hey he’s on his way up to Ludendorff’s the confirm is suspicious shit then what then who fucking knows what I don’t know I’m gonna go see if I could reason with him but I come but III yeah don’t worry about it this is between me and him besides if it goes wrong up there I’m sure you ain’t far down Daniel is ontology John Buchan Tirana bungee Lama he can charm Trevor it’s great – they’re a plane I can use get me across country sure sure we got one fueled up for a trip south of the border I’m taking it is everything okay man everything is not okay nothing has ever been okay but I got a seat for myself I’m gonna see an old friend all right you’re where I think you are buddy I don’t know why I didn’t see it I guess I guess I didn’t want to I’m gonna find out for sure and I’m gonna do something about it there’s always something wrong with that job what went down after I guess I guess I wanted to believe fuckin fuckin fight circus yeah I’m sorry Trevor [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] who you got in here huh as if I need to ask [Music] listen Amanda we’re going to move to Los Santos start over I made a deal the slate totally wiped clean trust me darling look at me Amanda it was the only thing I could do either everyone dies well one guy gets out I’m that guy his name is Dave Norton nice guy realist he gets the glory I get out it’s not even a decision a man I don’t have a choice do you want to die here where it’s always snowing where do you want to go and live where it’s always sunny [Music] some people out of town you don’t need to know nothing is going to go nothing I did the deal Amanda it’s over maybe we get out be happy be normal [Music] we did it maybe we are home free it’s over [Music] just this one job and everything is done everything is done [Music] [Applause] hey you’re wasting your time how are you float here huh tell me I’m wasting my time go ahead dig it up I don’t give a shit that’s what you look like the guy who doesn’t give a shit that’s ridiculous how are you gonna keep lying for my key huh when’s it gonna stop it happens in the dark comes out in the light give it a rest Trevor there’s nothing there this is it moment of truth oh if I you know well look we do what we got to do to survive this thing it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to oh how was that huh with Bryden the can and me in the ground or or on or or both of us in the coffin Brad got shot you saw it he didn’t make it I got shot I did that’s that’s it I think the only thing that didn’t go as planned was me showing up on your doorstep 10 years later Mikey I mourned you and I missed you I got a fuckin family Trevor we were all gonna die he did die you reptilian motherfucker I didn’t want it to come to this yes you did you’re still have the fucking balls to do it but I do I got more to lose than you never a truer word has been spoken brother now pull the fucking trigger you know you got the gut take the fucking shot who’s that fuck you father John Phillips mr. Chow’s requested a word Hey okay you’re looking for hey how does he mean funded me get the boyfriend boyfriend [Music] so who are your pals Trevor [Music] [Music] [Music] how many they got in this fan you’re out of your element [Music] ah you want a boyfriend huh [Music] oh hey back off [Music] you’re on ice break [Music] you’re making a mistake Hey [Music] HM we’re friends of the war [Music] I ain’t got anything against you people [Music] he’s getting away [Music] we could achieve [Music] oh you got the wrong guy hey can’t we do this boy the weather’s better Trevor come on don’t come this off you got nowhere to go boyfriend alright alright get out the fucking car [Music] driver phillips industries mr. Phillips this is way Chang you know my eldest son Tao yeah the ex nut back down a contract we agreed on how is he still learning the ropes thank you my friends miss you in the engine I was hoping we could talk was that your people ah of course so I had to cut out your operation causes problem for me I want the expanding to plane County but your business and your temperament prevent me from making inroads well too bad I don’t know what you can do about that I’ve already done something we have your lover my lover my Cody Santa you live in your trailer together with the maid and then you were alone in that big house well you’re clearly very close you know how much will you give up for his safety my lover Yeah right it’s a tough break but never want to double-cross a friend and put him in danger but you got to do what you got to do my business ain’t going anywhere I’m serious about this he will die tell him I love him dearly [Music] [Music] you

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