Guanajuato Silver Mines

Guanajuato Silver Mines

wanna watch I was surrounded by various beautiful mines and mining towns some of these mines are still in operation the area became popular because of its prominent stocks of silver and gold a number of these mines give rise to small communities with their own churches and today these mines and small towns still exist the first month at I visited was me Ayodhya here we are at the Mina that is at one point it was the largest operating mine in the world the Mina here that is was the first mine created in one owatta the mine is a 400 meter vertical fall the mine is about a two-hour hike or a short bus ride that can be accessed from downtown just on the road from me and that is the beautiful sanctuary of Mara that got them given the religious period of the time period it was custom amongst miners to build temples near the place of work to fulfill their religious obligations this was the origin of the temple we can see today the sanctuary of mineral of kata is now a center of national religious importance and draws followers from all religions of the country to come see the miracle of Christ of the s second a little ways out of the city is the mine in town of Valenciana during the peak of its operation it was the richest mine in the city in the past the mine produced two-thirds of the world silver that was exported to Spain in Asia the silver from the Valenciana mine helped maintain Imperial Spain in its colonies by Lindsey on is accessible by bus or a nice two and a half hour hike up the hill

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